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these are vibrators. not dildos.

merryprankster2 07/24/2012

For some reason I read this as "It's official, Rite-Aid sells Doritos" Edit: I accidentally an extra word.

CreamOfTheClop 07/24/2012

You didn't want to be seen in the aisle taking a photo. . . so you took it from behind. Badum tiss.

hippiewench 07/24/2012

Is this covered by my Medicare part D?

gooch9000 07/24/2012

That's gotta be fun. Bringing a giant dildo to he register and requiring them to take the security device off the box.

And what's with the security device anyway? Do dildos get stolen often at Rite Aid?

S1ayer 07/24/2012

Wait till they start stocking the Fleshlight.

[deleted] 07/24/2012

Rite Aid's the company that cards 100 year olds for cigarettes.

They probably require a passport, thumbprint and long-form birth certificate to buy one of these doo-dads.

Neg_Karma_Vortex 07/24/2012

Does no one else think this is cool and good? I'm glad Rite-Aid is so sex positive. People shouldn't be ashamed of their sexuality. The fact that this is in WTF is the most unsettling part about this.

kinematografi 07/24/2012

CVS does also.

I only saw the Trojan brand ones there though.

They are right next to the condoms.

shaggy1265 07/24/2012

So does Walgreens

potokt 07/24/2012

i'm banned from rite aid :(

JiveTommy 07/24/2012

In the event of a dildo, we have to use the indefinite article "a dildo", never, "your dildo."

JesusisGodsUnicorn 07/24/2012

Have you ever even browsed ? They have an entire section devoted to "Sexual Well-Being" that is full of everything from anal beads to vibrators to cock rings to jerk sleeves. Everything for him or her. It's... kind of amazing. I had ...

lardlung 07/24/2012

Good. Maybe people will get over their weirdness about it now.

SubtleMockery 07/25/2012

If you excuse me.. I need to uh, get some groceries for my cat..

enjoylol 07/24/2012

The Twister looks a little unpleasant.

MisterDonkey 07/24/2012

the riteaid web site has a "sexual well-being" section of their online store..if buying in the store isn't your style

diggingforstars 07/24/2012

I have the one in the's really loud.

apickett80 07/24/2012

In my store those ended up being located less than 6 feet from the pharmacy counter and in the direct line of sight of hundreds of nice old people daily.

Also I would like to make a PSA, as a drug store cashier, I deal with shit that is TMI all day. Buying condoms is so low on my Weird-Shit-O-Meter that it doesn't even register. Don't steal 'em okay?

snotbowst 07/25/2012

well i certainly hope so. what is this, the taliban?

sonQUAALUDE 07/24/2012

For some reason I read that as doritos and was very confused for a second...

capheaped 07/24/2012

OMG, next they'll be selling lube!!!

_argoplix 07/24/2012

Fucking finally. They don't have Good Vibrations everywhere yet.

Mossbreath 07/24/2012

It's tough enough buying a pack of rubbers. If I catch anyone in line with one of those twister things, I won't be held responsible if I can't contain a fit of giggles.

dumbgaytheist 07/24/2012

For all us Canadians: Shoppers Drug Mart has a very similar collection of vibrators!

Uke_in_the_Rain 07/24/2012

Seeing these on display at my local mall Brookstone was a bit of a shock as well. But at least they look classier than the Rite-Aid ones.

[deleted] 07/24/2012

Those are vibrators...not dildos. Just saying.

co_radio 07/24/2012


[deleted] 07/25/2012

i saw them at cvs, its funny how any thing can be sold in a "family friendly" store just by how the products advertised and the use of light colors and fonts haha.

rkaderocks 07/25/2012

I don't know what you are talking about, these are clearly neck and foot massagers.

FightingPolish 07/24/2012

Took me a while to realize that the space in front of the vibrators was hollow and those weren't tiny little boxes in front of the vibrators on the shelf.

oZEPPELINo 07/24/2012

nah, those are just back massagers

FecalTaco 07/24/2012

and you will not be stealing them.

Strange1130 07/24/2012

Yet, they don't sell plan B.

ipod_leech 07/24/2012

I work at a Rite Aid, and those things are one of the most stolen items (along with condoms). the security spider webs kinda give it away. But its always funny when you get a mid 30's mom wanting to know about them

jomomasdady 07/24/2012

the twister, nice. that's a good one

nwsreddit 07/24/2012

Buzz buzz mutha fucka

LacarmaTheGreat 07/24/2012

C'mon men. Stand up for your equal rights! Demand that Rite-Aid start selling fleshlights!

co_radio 07/24/2012

Haha I awkwardly bought that one on the right at Cvs a week ago.

karlymoon999 07/25/2012

Haha. I work in the pharmacy at a Rite Aid too. Nothing like staring at a picture of a vibrator for 8 hours a day.

ferrous_sulfate 07/25/2012

Soon there shall be fleshlights in Rite Aid's everywhere!

HariBadr 07/25/2012

I work at a Rite Aid part time and we don't have these. Knowing the weird people in my town, we would need the security devices on them.

kingjs11 07/25/2012

Walgreens has a good selection of vibrators and other sexual apparatuses.

reagan2016 07/25/2012

Well, they do have the rite aid for every need

Soopafien 07/24/2012

So does Bed Bath and Beyond...

NecDW4 07/25/2012

For a while, the Vermon Country Store was selling dildos in its catalog.... to old women... they were selling dildos to old women.... ya.

me_lurk_longtime 07/25/2012

Kind of looks like those massagers from dead rising 2

Mokinko 07/25/2012

As a woman, I'd be much more comfortable going into a Rite Aid to buy my items of personal pleasure. The last time I went into a sex shop in an attempt to buy a clitoral stimulator (they were sold out :'( ), I felt a little awkward about it due to the location. However, I'd think I'd feel much more comfortable in a Rite Aid or similar store. It's the sex shops that make me feel awkward.

I'm not ...

RikuKat 07/25/2012


So does Walgreens. They have for years. They used to sell penis pumps for ~$150.

Just had a guy try to return a "personal massager" because it "didn't work". He was told to contact the manufacturer. None of us wanted to touch that thing.

LeonProfessional 07/25/2012

Wow, I thought they were only available online! Hoozah!

Winn_Ware 07/24/2012

So does Walgreens. As an employee I can confirm that they both get stocked and sold frequently. Every customer finds a way to make sure the transaction is a little awkward.

DrCoolGuy 07/24/2012

You took a picture of them over the shelf from behind? Don't be coy.

[deleted] 07/24/2012

They have a terrible selection compared to Walgreens, which sells many different models. Vibe Away

doyduhdoh 07/24/2012

Yup! Their gearing up to release something along the lines of a flesh light as well.

AnnoXDomini 07/24/2012

This is old news..

ludacity 07/24/2012

I have a friend that works at a Rite-Aid. I kinda want to ask her about this but I know it's a gamble. do I ask her?

2Fast2Finkel 07/24/2012

Just fancy "massagers"

zombierror 07/24/2012


person749 07/24/2012

The best thing about it to is that it's for the mind to.

Vamcakes 07/25/2012

by the looks of it theyre fairly popular as well..

skm0525 07/25/2012

I wanna know how you took this picture...

thekingjelly13 07/25/2012

I kept looking at this thinking it said "doritos", then i came to the comments for answers. WTF brain?!?!

[deleted] 07/25/2012


I'm disappointed in the in-store selection compared to their online one.

iwearpurplepants 07/25/2012

Rite Aid used to be Eckerds. That is official.

Pmall3535 07/25/2012

I work in a different chain of drug stores, we sell vibes too. Not all of the store in our chain have the theft things at the door and they don't want to put them behind the counter because then no one wants to buy them. Surprise! They get stolen a lot.

vriris 07/25/2012

Is it spelled "dildos" or "dildoes"? You know, like "tornadoes".

ScallyCap12 07/25/2012

No shit? FINALLY! Are they more affordable than sex shop vibrators??

glitterandgore 07/25/2012

Yup. Bought my fiancées pulse from RA

JTyler82 07/25/2012

Unfortunately, being a pharmacy tech, this is also my view of them. They are stocked right in front of my workstation terminal.

The9thTARDIS 07/25/2012

I honestly thought the title was "Rite Aid sells Doritos" and was trying to find the in the picture.

HarlequinPanda 07/25/2012

If this in your opinion is WTF material and gets this many upvotes, you live in a way too uptight country.

It's just a vibrator, get over it! =)

Happydaws 07/25/2012

Brookstone does as well now.

twodayslate 07/25/2012

Can't beat the Hitachi magic wand for $50 on Newegg.

Loki240SX 07/25/2012

I read that as Doritos... back to bed.

lynsea 07/25/2012

Its a matter of of time before Rite Aid becomes Sex Aid

thedude018 07/25/2012

Saw one at CVS, too.

[deleted] 07/25/2012

Fuck rite aid

[deleted] 07/25/2012

i have one of these. walgreens all the way.

supermallory 07/25/2012

Wonder how many people try to return these two days later...

co_radio 07/25/2012

Awesome now I don't have to wait till the mail arrives when my shit breaks

sxynessovr9000 07/25/2012