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... a polar bear dog?

I_create_sounds 07/24/2012

He must be visiting the southern Water Tribe

destroyergnome 07/24/2012

Anyone else upvote cause of Jackie?

Rabidsquirrl 07/24/2012

Yip Yip! Fly skybison fly!

Brugalter 07/24/2012

Too much Korra?

Madarcon 07/24/2012

The man does not age.

CoriOreo 07/24/2012

The look on Jackie's face is just a reassuring look. Like he is saying, "Yes, this is a dog."

angel_warrior 07/24/2012

Reminds me of this

tashdor 07/24/2012

This picture is perfect.

OmgLolKitty 07/24/2012

That dog sure has a nice Jackie!

potemkinhr 07/24/2012

Not sure which is cuter Jackie or the Chow chow.

misletoe66 07/24/2012

Local delicacy in his home town...

myztry 07/24/2012

mini Naga FTW

elarq 07/24/2012

Is this polar bear dog named Naga?

ThePomelo 07/24/2012

this was posted on jackie chan's facebook page with the caption "Jackie with fluffy Paris in Paris."

frosty20 07/24/2012

I am convinced that this was made for reddit

lysergamide060 07/24/2012

Looks like a Chow puppy. However, if there was a way to get a polar bear dog, I think Jackie Chan would have the means.

ATwarriorPrincess 07/24/2012

looks like lunch.

ipostattheworsttimes 07/24/2012

And they're both adorable!

mkgorgone 07/24/2012

It's a Chow puppy

inwardsinging 07/24/2012

"Not bad...."

peacebuster 07/24/2012

What is that and where can i buy 20 of them in the next 24 hours?!

thecoletrane 07/24/2012

Naga please.

PastyNoob 07/24/2012

That's a ChowChow. Ancient Chinese breed, genetically very close to wolf.

special_k77 07/24/2012

Jackie is sad that no one loves that dog like he does

[deleted] 07/24/2012

Jackie Chan looks way cuter than the dog.

williaw 07/24/2012

Chow Chow Mein.

GrapeSlash 07/24/2012

I love this man...

Tayfoon 07/24/2012

I don't know who's cuter, the dog or the Chan

sekai-31 07/24/2012

when Jackie Chan woks the dog HE really woks the dog.

Stewpid 07/24/2012