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I have mixed feelings about this one. On the one hand it is crazy to even think of but on the other I can see where it would fill a crazy void in the kind of folks that like that kind of stuff and maybe even deter actual pedos from seeking out real kids. Sad that it is a product out there but then again...

analfuck 03/05/2013

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ᶘ ᵒᴥᵒᶅ – Looks like the same model as mine! NSFW

Pope_Pedobear 03/05/2013

As demented as this is, I'd rather pedos have a substitute than take their bizarre sexual frustrations out on actual children.

Amnesigenic 03/05/2013

The fact that there are no tentacles violating it leads me to believe that the Japanese are getting better...not much better...but better.

TheShiftyEyedBastard 03/05/2013

any intelligent person against pedophilia would be all for this kind of thing. any psychologist would tell you that this kind of stuff does not cause people to crave preteens but for people who have desires for underaged girls it gives them an outlet to fulfill their desire without harming anyone. in other words this lets a pedofile release his feelings before they overwhelm him and cause him ...

jbrittles 03/05/2013

I've never wanted to vomit more... not even after reading the Doritos or Jolly Ranchers story...

alpacalyptic 03/05/2013

All you guys saying how disgusting this is need to check yourself. The truth is you all would like to fuck this every now and then.

aceventura2013 03/05/2013

The worst part is I was just thinking about masturbating and was getting slightly hard when I got to this one

Woulddude3 03/05/2013

Not sure if child pornography.. Don't think the new detection program from Microsoft would approve.

FloppyMcSnail 03/05/2013

lets hope it does good instead of bad

x3oo 03/05/2013

The target audience for this one is... Pedo's? Japanese are crazy when it comes to their sexual escapades, but this might be taking it a bit far.

Kaeliri 03/05/2013

This is just insane. I can't believe they really made this. Im actually shocked. Smh.

BordemKillsBabies 03/05/2013

Probably needs NSFW tag?

jagar123 03/05/2013


[deleted] 03/05/2013

wa, holy hell this should be illegal o.o

kokonut19 03/05/2013

Sick it's a kid

Andermic18 03/05/2013

You've got to be kidding me! I'm disgusted. This didn't make me say wtf. I just wanted find the manufacturers and kick em in the dick! Or box! Whichever

Charmaine111 03/05/2013

Trying to upload pics and error message comes up: daily client request exceeded... Any answers??!!! SORRY HAS NOTHING TO DO WITH PHOTO

chewz54 03/05/2013

Don't knock it til you try it.

feedingmydreams 03/05/2013

so disgusting. I dont get how the japanese culture thinks this is ok.

rachelkv 03/05/2013

Where can I buy one?

NoobNeutralizer 03/05/2013

That's enough reddit for today.

Koure 03/05/2013


Adiwik 03/05/2013

UGH! Thats disgusting.. I mean, who would sell such a thing?? There are so many of those disgusting websites out there, which one could it be?

mcfuckbucket 03/05/2013

I would rather have people with a fetish for "Kraken" and tentacles, then creating new pedophiles.. Just my thoughts. Know what, both are equally disturbing actually.

immiD 03/05/2013

Please for the love of fuck put a goddamn NSFW tag on this.

SixStringsSing 03/05/2013

really?............... wow...smh

ajahyou 03/05/2013

That is fucked up!

fnbusch 03/05/2013

Somebody call Chris Hansen.

Giglio 03/05/2013

No no no. I don't care what the rest of you amateurs think about this being an "outlet" for pedophilia or something. It's not cool or ok, and its existence is creeping me out and making me sad.

SinewyStripe 03/05/2013

Well Mary was pregnant at 13 along with many people before the 1700s sooo

Andermic18 03/05/2013


[deleted] 03/05/2013

Nauseating at best. That doll bears too much resemblance to my daughter, who has been watched very closely since birth, because we have had looks and uncomfortable instances of being followed around stores for 8 years now. Anoano is would only satiate a pedometer for so long, or be used as a training tool.

wife_of_fanboy 03/05/2013

I can't say I'm surprised.

[deleted] 03/05/2013

Who manufactures such a thing?

[deleted] 03/05/2013

now to delete my web browser history

evilalmia 03/05/2013

Preteen? That's a fuckin 7 year old. Well maybe "fuckin" isn't the most appropriate word - but it works.

rypetry 03/05/2013

Incredibly disturbing.

docwholover 03/05/2013

Yeah but I hear that outside Tokyo, Japan is totally normal...

NovaNardis 03/05/2013


[deleted] 03/05/2013

What the FUCK !

Gobliterator 03/05/2013

That is wrong !!!!! Really ?

amdrea123456789 03/05/2013

Would this be legal in the us?! Why is it even legal in Japan

uncldolan 03/05/2013

this is barely the tip of the iceberg op. shitting dick nipples says hi [NSFW]

sllvr 03/05/2013

yikes.. very wrong and can't believe its for sale

Cebu1a 03/05/2013

I don't think I have ever closed a window faster, or more frantically.

Taurox 03/05/2013

What the fuck

wolfycanavi 03/05/2013

Why the fuck did i click this one.. i need to learn to read the links before clicking...

Cool_Sandwich1 03/05/2013

WTF'd out loud.

ranktwo 03/05/2013

How is that legal?

Barry_McKackiner 03/05/2013

Dear Japan,




complete_asshole_ 03/05/2013

It does not have any "orifices".

takibiker 03/05/2013

So do I up vote this because I thought it was weird and interesting or down vote because it's so wrong?

Guerrero115 03/05/2013