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How does this not make sense? Jesus was a historical person who taught love and tolerance of other people. Organized Christian religion largely twisted this message to fit their own agendas.

Clev3r 07/13/2012


DookieXplodr 07/13/2012

Fictional characters can still be good role models.

The Dude has impacted my life greatly.

drewbellflower 07/13/2012

Jesus was a real person, although the miracles that he performed may or may not be real. Perhaps the poster thinks that the teachings of Jesus is greater than religion.

CAkEBall 07/13/2012

I think this person was actually posting an image expressing his frustration of hacking up grammars in lisp. He was simply stating Jesus is a child of the class, religion

MyNameIsTylerD 07/13/2012

It makes sense. It's easy to sit here and make comparisons like sandwiches and food and shit like that, but it does make sense. Religion is different than spirituality (they are both bullshit, but there is still a difference). Religion is focused on rules and regulations and tends to bog down Spirituality, which is why you see the most spiritual people in the world tend to be monk types that are ...

frownifdown 07/13/2012

people > animals

felipec 07/13/2012

Makes total sense. Jesus was a progressive who thought we should all get along and the rich could fuck off through the eye of a needle.

Or some damn ridiculous thing.

Assuming the Bible presents an accurate picture of his beliefs, and that he existed in the first place. He probably did.

telperiontree 07/13/2012

If you look at it literally, what it's saying is Jesus is more than religion.

I don't really see how this is that confusing.

dustybizzle 07/13/2012

the commenters clearly fail to understand the meaning of >. sad.

nicepeoplemakemecry 07/13/2012

They're talking about my gardener. I happen to agree.

sirmuskrat 07/13/2012

I have seen a lot of this sort of shit lately. I am suspicious that it is a desperate attempt to separate the bible from the "religion" label in order to skirt around the first amendment. "We aren't teaching religion in school, we are teaching the Bible, and the Bible isn't a religion, it's the word of God!"...

Talphin 07/13/2012

No offense, but the person who commented apparently does not understand Analogy. Back to Middle School~~~

deanilk 07/13/2012

At first I rolled my eyes. There's basically a movement within Christianity that gets the gripe with Christianity as a religious institution. They would identify with many of the problems people (like /r/atheism) have with Christianity. Yet, they still chose to follow Jesus, because in spite of his religion misrepresenting his teaching, they find the story of his life, death, and resurrection ...

greym84 07/13/2012

Rain > Weather

[deleted] 07/13/2012

Jesus > Religion just means "shit I made up about Jesus > shit other people made up about Jesus"

Grinstall 07/14/2012

Maybe he meant $Jesus->Religion, huh?

Wronger 07/14/2012

Maybe, but:

The Beatles > Jesus

Aradiel 07/14/2012

I sometimes think this is the most arrogant belief of Christians. That their beliefs are more than religion, that they are not a religion because they are 100% right and being a religion would put them on the level of Muslims and Ancient Greeks, etc. "It's not a religion, it's a relationship..."

[deleted] 07/14/2012

I've had many arguments with Christians who have said "I don't follow a religion I follow the bible" Makes no sense.

Galactic777 07/14/2012

Wait wait, I can play too:-


steakmeout 07/14/2012

This is what the cover is referring to, its a poet who explains the difference between the two

RailMolly 07/13/2012

Does this remind anyone else of the video that made the rounds a while ago "Why I love Jesus, but hate religion"?

Flamewire 07/14/2012

If this doesn't make sense to you, you are clearly a moron, regardless of whether you believe in God or Jesus.

therightclique 07/14/2012

Reddit > The Internet

gjoh 07/14/2012

Oxygen > air

silent_dave 07/14/2012

If there's a god, I wish he could do away with religion completely.. And give to the doubters unquestionable proof he was there.. If everyone worshipped one god soooooo many fucked up issues would be instantly taken care of. But until then - fuck religion in its entirety.. Peace ya punk bitches

Gzbleezynhime 07/14/2012


achmed6704 07/14/2012 Watch it, I'm an atheist but I see where he's coming from :)

Gemaphlegm 07/14/2012

There's a way for it to be interpreted that makes sense and there are other ways that it doesn't make sense. It's missing necessary information for the message to be conveyed clearly though.

You could mean that Jesus' conduct as a person is better than the conduct that religion advocates. This would make sense, although it's not like Jesus' conduct is that impressive compared to *some ...

v_soma 07/14/2012

I am really annoyed by this new trend of selling religion as "not religion". "I have a personal relationship with a supernatural entity that has laid out a strict way of life and a set of rules to live by, but I don't believe in religion because that's just a set of rules and a strict way of living my life."

It's a marketing spin, and you have to admit, it has hooked many people. I wonder if got ...

Painwalker 07/14/2012

Penne > Flying Spaghetti Monster

JonathonCorey 07/14/2012

Tacobell > Mexican food

metnah 07/14/2012

It puts me in mind of the Discworld novel Small Gods, where Om was rendered impotent by the people's faith in the Church of Om, that is to say, the Omnian religion.

Pulviriza 07/14/2012

i think this is describing jesus-based humanists

Comborepairman 07/14/2012

Wow. Are you people retarded? I mean this message is like, the entire theme of r/atheism and you're treating it like something stupid. All you guys do is use religion to invalidate religion and this seemed inappropriate to you?

Anybody who upvoted this picture should be absolutely absolutely ashamed of themselves.

R88SHUN 07/14/2012

Reddit > Internet

See what I did there?

[deleted] 07/14/2012

one of my christian friends just showed me this

puffpancakemeow 07/14/2012

This is why I like r/athiesm. There is a wealth of reason in the comments. It is wonderful to see logic prevail on both sides.

iamdrewcifer 07/14/2012

That really should be

>Jesus ∈ Religion

Bagelson 07/14/2012


iheartbakon 07/14/2012

We can only assume that the person that made this doesn't understand inequality symbols.

KonyHawkProSkater 07/14/2012

People, this is based off this video.

Awwgasm 07/14/2012

So you guys have pretty much reached a point now where you feel a need to comment on any Facebook post that has to do with religion? Status updates of god, Jesus, prayer are perceived as little Bat signals: a call to arms - 'my illuminating opinion is required!'.
Matter of interest, are we still bothering to deny claims of being self-inflated, anti-social dickheads or are we just embracing it ...

[deleted] 07/14/2012


nowrongwrong 07/14/2012

I'm not religious, but I can at least acknowledge that Jesus - fictional or not - was a man with endless compassion for everyone around him. He didn't preach about stoning homosexuals. He didn't use his position of power to fuck little boys on the regular. He didn't do any of the crazy shit that you see 'religion' doing these days. He was just an all around nice guy, and we would all do better to ...

Rossicle 07/14/2012

Err, has no-one realised she's referencing this YouTube video it does actually make sense.

Thoughtberries 07/14/2012

You're just being bitchy and a bit of a bully by picking on this. If you grow up in a Christian household, going to church and surrounded by the stories, but ultimately decide that religion and god and all that aren't for you, it wouldn't be a huge surprise if you also decided that even without religion to control you, you would like to still be a good person on your own accord. It wouldn't be ...

lananaroux 07/14/2012

If this is how more people thought, then there wouldn't be such a big problem with organized Christianity. If people were to be content in quietly dedicating their lives to being a good person, we'd be a lot better off.

lananaroux 07/14/2012

Poster in purple is a moron. The relationship in the original post is of teacher and misappropriated message.

A better analogy would be Einstein > Atom Bomb.

videogameboy76 07/14/2012

Do atheists befriend religious nut cases on FB or what? Where do you all find this garbage? I have never seen any of this crap on my wall. If I did these ppl wouldn't be my friend. So how is it that atheists seemingly have friends on FB who are crazy religious peeps? Is it opposites attract or birds of a feather. If it's the latter wouldn't fundies and atheists stick to their own kind? Anyway ...

Kdnce 07/14/2012

"Nobody fucks with the Jesus."

Not even religion...

moderndayanachronism 07/14/2012

No no man This isn't just soda it's PEPSI.

doesnotexist1000 07/14/2012

Sandwich is greater than food!

JavaOrlando 07/14/2012

Actually it does make sense. People can choose to follow Jesus but not obey the full laws and customs of the religion. It's just worded stupidly.

jakedobson 07/14/2012

Obviously, it was a typo trying to create a subclass.

class Jesus < Religion
  attr_reader :bible
  def reason
    raise CognitiveDissonanceError

KerrickLong 07/14/2012

Many organized Religions = do the things on the checklist to get to heaven. The priest/leader/pope has the list, so do what they say.

Jesus' true message = believe that he is a real deity who magically took away the checklist through death. Then, honor god by loving people.

Thinkfist 07/14/2012

Jesus is greater than religion.

grapejelly73 07/14/2012

God is not a religion.

Sutanreyu 07/14/2012

it may have to do with this video...

schrodingersmonkey 07/14/2012

It actually does make sense. They go by the ways of Jesus but don't believe in the religion.

haitheree 07/16/2012

that "jesus>religion" image is completely false, jesus is a subcategory of religion meaning "jesus<Religion". I don't even care, but thats a truly dumb mistake

zytheguy 07/18/2012