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[deleted] 02/19/2013

Comment quality is really going downhill in a hurry these days.

Mooseyxhmx 02/19/2013

Thats the blood of a leader

estabon92 02/19/2013

I can't beleive Jackie had to kneel in that until the car was finally stopped.

yessykeena 02/19/2013

My mom's family was there that day (though she wasn't because she was too young). They were some of the last people he stopped to shake hands with and I've heard that my uncle took the last known close up photos of his face (I have no proof of this ... I think it's stated in the Life Magazine 1983 JFK publication, but I don't have it with me to ...

YoshisIsland 02/19/2013

back and to the left, back and to the left...

thedudenextdoor 02/19/2013

He was alive when he reached the hospital:

The first physician to see the President at Parkland Hospital was Dr. Charles J. Carrico, a resident in general surgery.192 Dr. Carrico was in the emergency area, examining another patient, when he was notified that President Kennedy was en route to the hospital. 193 Approximately 2 minutes later, Dr. Carrico saw the President on his back, being wheeled ...

entheoapotheosis 02/19/2013


[deleted] 02/19/2013

Wow. That's absolutely crazy to think of how fragile a man of such high stature is. It's almost like we forget they're mortal, sometimes.

GzuzKryste 02/19/2013 that brain matter?

idunnoausername 02/19/2013

The only comment thread where I almost down voted everyone.

DurantsBetter 02/19/2013

Yup that's brain. I'm looking at brain.

TheStrangeChild 02/19/2013


[deleted] 02/19/2013

Please tell me that's not a large piece of brain.

ArtemisOSX 02/19/2013

Mind blown.

schmoejoe 02/19/2013

The Zapruder film is goddamn intense, especially in slow motion. The shot that takes out half his head is brutal.

Damasticator 02/19/2013

I have never seen so many down-voted comments in one thread. Good work, chaps.

abbAtheist 02/19/2013

"JFK took the picture." M.N. Shalaman

Curious_Mofo 02/19/2013

Where did you get this picture? Are there others? Very interesting.

Funkshow 02/19/2013

Why do I feel like this is going to be removed on a few hours.

Beast_and_the_harlot 02/19/2013

That's the day, when John F Kennedy's joke to his wife every time she gave him a blow job "how's it feel to have a piece of me in your mouth" took on a new meaning.....


Smashy76 02/20/2013

The whole thing was caused by someone virtually unknown. This HUGE moment in history, this legacy, was caused by some outcast who wanted to be a communist...

Domthecreator14 02/20/2013

And thus the presidential convertible was forever discontinued.

onlythis 02/19/2013

As terrible as this may be, there is no denying that it was a great shot.

Lanaru 02/19/2013

For a second I thought I was on /r/MorbidReality.

deadbydesign 02/20/2013

I don't see how this pic belongs in WTF.

[deleted] 02/20/2013

Great post! Thank you!

Hypnosavant 02/20/2013