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Did you climb into it & crawl on the ground, pretending to be a slug?

BrodyApproves 02/18/2013

In case you're wondering - it took about an hour after birth before the placenta dropped out of the horse (it was just hanging there and I didn't get a picture). Once it did drop, it was collected and filled with water (hence the hose).

If it leaked anywhere, then you'd know there's a problem. We got to roll it around looking for holes. It wasn't slimy in any way - rather, it was almost rubbery ...

WalkingTurtleMan 02/18/2013

When you guys get engaged you should use this picture as your save the date cards.

turbie 02/18/2013

Placenta Roast


1 tsp. of shrimp or crab seasoning
1 whole placenta that is not more than 3 days old
1 large onion
1 sleeve saltine cracker
1 cup tomato sauce
1 large red or green pepper
1 clove of garlic
1tsp. black pepper
1tsp. white pepper


Preheat the oven at 350 degrees

Chop the green or red pepper and onion into small ...

philge 02/19/2013

imagine how romantic it would be to make love on top of something that was once tucked away into a horse's uterus

BloodyEjaculate 02/18/2013

You two look so happy, even around the disgustingness. I can tell you're going to be good partners.

gypsywhisperer 02/18/2013

You should make it in the shape of a heart.

snakefur 02/18/2013

Was the placenta desert?

MonksWithSticks 02/18/2013

Oh you guys, always the placenta of attention! I'll^see^myself^out

Dirkinator 02/19/2013

Why's this an NSFW? I know my views are a bit skewed since I work with dead animals (hell I think this is awesome, not wtf lol), but since when is an organ not safe for work?

tigerhawkvok 02/19/2013

Birth is disgusting.

OgGorrilaKing 02/19/2013

You're awesome. No boyfriend I've ever had would have even let me free of the obligation of Valentine's Day to do that, much less joined me and touch a placenta!

I'm usually a "throw rocks at couples in the park" type, but I wish y'all the very best - she's a lucky girl.

InspiredByKITTENS 02/19/2013

Bare hands.... please don't do that...

italianradio 02/19/2013

Looks like you have your Christmas card photo finished early this year.

[deleted] 02/19/2013

Is that a hose or the umbilical cord?

maudefindlay 02/19/2013

Be sure to make this shot part of the slideshow at your wedding reception!

mrsopenminded0924 02/18/2013

Im no horseologist.... But is a horse placenta supposed to be that big

smurfy26 02/19/2013

Why would she wear a white dress to check a placenta?? lol!

my_kingdom_for_a_nap 02/19/2013

I like how you touched it for the sake of the photograph

Kentravyon 02/19/2013

It's a shame you saw this after dinner, you could have eaten it if you had saved room

steamy_asian_rice 02/18/2013

It's still sort of in the shape of a horse....

RainbowDildo 02/19/2013

I wish I had a gf that would rummage through birth byproduct with.

KingKennyCola 02/19/2013

Why is that a group activity?

virusrt 02/19/2013

Because gloves are for idiots.

uglydavie 02/19/2013

Why is this NSFW? It's a placenta

stryken 02/19/2013

Horse placenta expert here and that placenta looks fine.

reagan2016 02/19/2013

Looks like something from the ghostbusters set

sapper2345 02/18/2013

You should have eaten that for vitality.

Whitemenstyranny 02/18/2013

Is your GF's name Julie by any chance?

_deux_ 02/19/2013

I love how you're just casually taking the pose. In front of a massive placenta.

Typlo 02/19/2013

i cant think of a better way to celebrate valentines

mishalalala 02/19/2013

Use it as a Harlem shake prop

Chankerdom 02/19/2013

I've had horses most of my life. The last birth I had was bad. The placenta was green. You'll know when something is wrong! The baby died a few hours later. Turned out the baby was septic. Still don't know why.

guinnypig 02/19/2013

Eat it. Very Nutritious

[deleted] 02/19/2013

Your girlfriend is beautiful. Is she single?

naGdnomyaR 02/19/2013

How romantic.

Fagsquamntch 02/19/2013

Now is the time to propose! Create your own defect in the placenta and place the ring there! She checks it and finds the ring, turns around to you on your knee, hands covered in horse afterbirth. Now you get to tell all your friends and relatives about that! yay

tisiot 02/19/2013

That placenta looks like it would make a good hamburger.

OuchLOLcom 02/19/2013

Eeeeeeeeet iiiiiiiit!

TheRealBabyCave 02/19/2013

After my horse had a foal, we had set out the placenta in the wash bay and came back a few minutes later to find the dog eating it. Nature is so beautiful, isn't it?

ExtremeEly23 02/19/2013

Awesome! I'm a midwife and I love horses so it's like my dream to attend a horse giving birth. I'd love to spend ValentineĀ“s like that!

kenzie00712 02/19/2013

I completely skipped over horse in the title and was seriously confused as to why the hell the placenta was that freaking huge.

411_WAS_AN_INFO_JOB 02/19/2013

Looks like fun, but this isn't what the fuck...

masturbateToSleep 02/19/2013

gloves- not even once

notimea9z 02/19/2013

You should have had sex on it.

Suckydog 02/19/2013

So THAT'S where industrial-strength hose comes from! Huh!

temptingtime 02/19/2013

When I read the first half of the title, I was expecting this to be some cute story about a newborn horse on Valentines day. Was only slightly disappointed.

TheXarath 02/19/2013

Please tell me that durable looking tube is not the umbilical cord...

ZsaFreigh 02/19/2013

Yay farm life!

In college, I did my internship at an investment advisory firm. Now, in SWPA, sheep farmers sell their wool to a co-op run by the Penn State Agricultural Extension. The wool is collected at your county's fairgrounds two days a year. On the day that we were scheduled to take ours in, my dad, who was the only other person in the family able to drive stick wasn't able to do it. ...

vonHindenburg 02/19/2013

Well thats a sticky situation.

Genericdruid 02/19/2013

"touch it, it'll be funny for a picture then we can post it on reddit"

AteoRev 02/19/2013

Romance is in the air. Or... No, wait. It's just placenta. Placenta is in the air.

lil_buddha 02/19/2013

Fuck you two, I am eating!

Gurr142 02/19/2013

"We're checking out the placenta for defects." If you know what I mean. FTFY

ulthor77 02/19/2013

Well I can't think of anything more romantic.

QuentinKubrick 02/19/2013

Cool. I got to do this once, too. Also, inspect the mare for pregnancy by sticking my hand up her vagina. Yeah, Ag school.

minherva 02/19/2013

Awww how romantic ;)

multiluckystriker 02/19/2013

How was the dinner?

Dothh 02/19/2013

I see no gloves...

vinidc 02/19/2013

Looks like the creature from the blob!

brbman2002 02/19/2013

I hear placentas are very healthy to eat, IF you clean them the right way, then cook them

Google_vs_Bing 02/19/2013

Is that red thing... THE UMBILICAL CORD

fap-anese 02/19/2013

Crazy scientologists, always with the placentas

Thereminz 02/19/2013

I'm burning mad, seething mad.

lordlicorice 02/19/2013

Is it just me or is the placenta actually flipping you off?

NEFFEW_ 02/19/2013

What, no pics of the foal? You aren't going to get karma on /r/aww with this pic, I can pretty much guarantee it.

xampl9 02/19/2013

Don't wear gloves or anything.

Darktidemage 02/19/2013

Now when I see people smile I'll imagine them saying "I'm checking the placenta for defects!"

GJOP 02/19/2013


NSuave 02/19/2013

i left out the bit about the horse and was terrified at the size of your gf's placenta. also the fact that she would be rather mobile after passing something like that

ILikeLeptons 02/19/2013

>Just after dinner

Also known as dessert.

UBIQUIT0US 02/19/2013

"You're eyes look beautiful by the glow of the placenta"

dontcallmerobert 02/19/2013

So romantic.

JingleB 02/19/2013

Read this as your gf gave birth and you're checking her placenta. Then I thought to myself damn that girl is looking chipper for someone who just gave birth.

FFSrandy 02/19/2013

your stepping in the goo bipedal turtleman

yourself_ 02/19/2013

A question, OP: Why? The foal is already born, right? So what difference does a defect in the placenta make?

frotc914 02/19/2013

Rub it on your face, it's good for your complexion.

butyourenice 02/19/2013

Dinner and a movie! How romantic!

Vaginuh 02/19/2013 gonna eat that?

Artemisbanshee 02/19/2013

With bare hands

MadhouseMedic 02/19/2013

This could feed Tom Cruise for years.

FireAirWaterEarth 02/19/2013

You know the old saying "Those who sift through newly shed horse placenta, stay together"

daverb 02/19/2013

You should really post this on r/placentas .

cowhead 02/19/2013

Many a times have I seen our horses give birth. Such an awesome experience. :D

Wade0 02/19/2013

I like your GF!

JBro74 02/19/2013

You...You gonna eat that placenta?

harrydickinson 02/19/2013

Why are you two so happy about it?? D: Reminds me of: http://articles.washingtonpost...

ashli143 02/19/2013

:) disgusting

RobbieRage 02/19/2013


ProfWhite 02/19/2013

the defect in this one is bleach.

OnceYouGoJack 02/19/2013

Bow tie => dump this clown.

Seriously though, I can't believe how bright the umbilical cord is compared to the rest.

whaaatanasshole 02/19/2013

>Just before dinner


silverhawk79 02/19/2013

Did somebody call Ghostbusters shortly before this picture was taken?

Falcomomo 02/19/2013

Hahah :D I love how this is in WTF. I am studying equine reproduction and this is like every day stuff for me. lol

riotmaker37 02/19/2013

You had me at horse placenta quality control.

extrememojo 02/19/2013

eat it eat it eat it eat it

herrerabrandon66 02/19/2013

Yeah, so, I read the thread title and my brain saw "valentines day" " girlfriend" " horse" and thought you were on one of those romantic carriage rides and your horse went into labor. Your way is better.

The_mrs 02/19/2013

All Smiles, So Romantic.

James2170 02/19/2013

I'm no doctor, but shouldnt you be wearing gloves?

dhf510 02/19/2013