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Kept trying to read this horizontally instead of vertically and was wondering why it didn't make sense haha.

niiimmaa 06/30/2012

Ok, guys, I have a story about these.

I have a big group of friends and we all got separated by going to different colleges, and since it was summer we finally had a chance to all hang out together. One of my friends' girlfriend had been saving up all of her vaped weed and kief for > 6 months, and decided to make a HUGE batch of firecrackers to kick off the summer.

So the night starts and we ...

TranquilMarmot 06/30/2012

do they work ? lol never had edibles.. just a sapling here

rclark563 06/30/2012

Waste of weed. I only make firecrackers with abv. Also, cooking with bud is for trim/stems/shwag

CharlieTango 06/30/2012

Any other links to easy edibles? I'm just a sapling and this looks fantastic.

Sheepwn 06/30/2012

Firecrackers! My favorite easy-bake edible

[deleted] 06/30/2012

Firecrackers are the bomb!

RyanCannon88 06/30/2012

How bad do these smell while being baked?

goonre7 06/30/2012

Am I the only one who noticed there is one less treat in the last photo?

smurfnuggets 07/01/2012

When you make the firecracker, don't just sprinkle the weed on top, mix it in with the nutella then spread it on the cracker. It gives it a better consistency and taste. It also makes them more potent imo.

[deleted] 06/30/2012

How much weed did you use for each cracker

mexicutioner3 07/01/2012

Try this simple yet potent recipe gets me to an [8] or above every time:

Canna-oil Small Batch Recipe

IngrediENTS and Materials-

(1)trees (no exact amount) (2)any oil, preferably high in fat (3) tin foil (4) oven safe dish


(1) grind trees thoroughly (2) in an oven safe dish, evenly spread trees in a single layer (3) carefully pour oil into dish, you want the oil to be barely ...

milesck 07/01/2012

Did anyone else think that was oregano at first glance? [6]

sriyegna 07/01/2012

Was not aware there was weed in them I thought it was just a new munchie haha.

toaster34 07/01/2012

super pro tip. smoke half a bowl to get a better high. Also it gets it to kick in faster too.

misterH96 07/01/2012

As an ent living with their family, on a scale of 1-10 how smelly are these when they're being cooked?

Scuttlebuttz93 07/01/2012

I appreciate the numbering, but why would you arrange the pictures like that on forum where the majority of us are high, it's like trying to read a manga without being taught that the Japanese go from right to left.

badvice 07/01/2012

What's the white stuff in the last frames? Am I just too stoned to understand?

GottaHaveGreen 07/01/2012

Protip when making edibles: in order to avoid any thc oxidising, cook at 250 ( 121 Celsius ) mill make for more potent yet more steady and fun the high

fetusinablender 07/01/2012

Aww, I love firecrackers. But to any curious ents, DO NOT eat before consuming these. When I first go into weed I tried these aftering eating dinner and got hardly any effects besides tunnel-vision :\

proper_sir 06/30/2012

For anyone making these some advice: 1) use the all natural peanut butter, the stuff where like the oil seperates from the peanuts. 2) grind the weed as small as possible and mix with the peanut butter/ nutela as well as possible. You want maximum surface area!

bratwurster 07/01/2012

Works great with AVB (already vaped bud) as well.

heavyisaspy 06/30/2012

how's the smell while making these things?

cowboykillers 07/01/2012

We call them blisscuits, and make them out of double-choc choc-chip cookies instead. :)

I also grind the weed into a fine dust in a coffee/spice grinder and mix it thoroughly into the peanut butter prior to applying it to the cookie.

Annon201 06/30/2012

Reading these steps from left to right, I was very confused.

mrthecommander 06/30/2012

I threw up when I first made those, they taste SO AWFUL.

garkes 06/30/2012

I do a very similar thing to the OP but I also put my nug in the oven in little foil cup for 15 mins. You then get the weed out of the oven (it will be very dry) and sprinkle that on. I heard this decarbs the weed or some scientific shit and means when you later bake the weed it infuses into the peanut butter better.

shaes913 07/01/2012


[deleted] 07/01/2012

How long do these keep for? Would it be possible to make them beforehand and eat them a couple of days later or will it taste even worse by then? :s

adeadparrot 07/01/2012

I MAKE THESE ALL THE TIME! But I just use Nutella and Maria cookies Then I bake them at 250 for 20 mins

Girlfrient for some reason thought it was a great idea to eat six ended up rolling on the bed giggling telling me her legs didn't work.

Yoshiplaysthesax 07/01/2012

Does cooking edibles make your oven stank like the dank?

Drdoobee420 07/01/2012

lol I though you were doing what I do when I am really poor. I eat pbnj on saltine crackers :P got no bread.

wolfthewhoozzy 07/01/2012

My roomie had one of these and started speaking in tongues and named me Perscrebto. Firecrackers are the shit.

SteveIsAMonster 07/01/2012

Does this smell up your oven

NNGRADEA 07/01/2012

does OP's recipe stink up the house?

SunshineToss 07/01/2012

I've never had these. Is it the equivalENT of a brownie high?

justinaveryford 07/01/2012

Only 20 minutes for edibles? Gotta try this.

gziggy 06/30/2012

Great, although easy to miss out on potency when making these! Try microwaving (or even better, slowly with the oven) the trees in a sealed little foil pouch for just 30 seconds. Google around if you're actually planning on making them for tips.

Harder to gracefully get the dank into the food if you can't pre-render it into a fat based ingredient =/

Harrizzle 07/01/2012

yess firecrackers

AboveTheCl0uds 07/01/2012

I warn you firecrackers are not for armatures they can fuck your shit up for about 6 hours the first time I did them was the worst few hours of my life

thelizardkin 07/01/2012

skippy natural creamy is like candy its so good.

Spartan09 07/01/2012

This may be a really stupid question but that is just straight bud? I'm guessing all of the parts of the weed that makes you feel bad when eaten burns off? I'm REALLY looking forward to trying this tomorrow and i want to make sure i'm ready, and any idea how much bud you should put in each one, i've got 2 g's and am wondering how many little sandwiches that should make

Morris027 07/01/2012

Advice: Decarb your bud first.

uncRudd 07/01/2012

Nooooo! I got serious vertigo the next day from firecrackers!

If you do decide to try this, then I wish you fine times and the ability to walk straight lines.

Taipei4mychunghole 07/01/2012

I saw somebody else say mix the weed in, but also, coconut oil is one of the best fats to mix with. Once I started making peanut butter, coconut oil mixes, I noticed an increase in potency.

withlittleinterest 07/01/2012

You left the part out where they taste disgusting haha

wiggium 07/01/2012

Firecrackers. YES!

Zambeezi 07/01/2012

for a real treat, use graham crackers, nutella, and that whipped marshmallow stuff. ultimate s'mores. just make sure the mallow stuff goes in after it cooks......

davidisthelol 07/01/2012

good ole firecrackers

Out_Of_Spite 07/01/2012

These are also quite effective with AVB

ima_leave_this_here 07/01/2012

Do you have to use Nutella?

bkbill420 07/01/2012

Lets see step 10 woowoowoo

Mr_Education 07/01/2012

What happens at step 10?

w4tts 07/01/2012

[11] is a dangerous place... I usually go tanning when I'm at a [10] or [11]

FunnySpot 07/01/2012

You just made me the happiest person on the face of the planet. Trying these ASAP!!!

hickory93 07/01/2012

"Firecrackers" as my friENTs call the are fucking awesome...the high last forever!

MikeNIke426 07/01/2012

How heavy was the smell during the baking?

DankasaurusRX 07/01/2012

So i just made one with about a gram or more of some really good potent stuff and about .3 of keif i had and its baking right now its almost 3 and i have to work at 5 hope this isn't to much I am a daily smoker so i should be ok i'll let you know how it was

spoomister 07/01/2012

do these really work? i tried making a peanut butter sandwich once with weed and cooked it a similar way, no success and felt like booming while eating them

duqqie 07/01/2012

No. Nonononononono. No. I tried these had a great time then everybody started freaking out and throwing up and I had diarrhea and just no. No no no.

kmadover 07/01/2012

I hope you decarboxylated your weed in the oven beforehand in order to maximize potency...

carbonfiberx 07/01/2012

Going to try this today.

ButlerHands 07/01/2012

It's called a firecracker ;D

The_Common_God 07/01/2012

i made these with 1 gram of vaped material per cracker, blew my socks off

Spacemanseeds 07/01/2012

I've heard them called firecrackers up north

JDore22 07/01/2012

my 11 was on 420 when i suddenly puked mid sesh and ran to the bathroom and had to rid my stomach of flaming hot cheetos for 10 minutes after that i just passed out and didn't wake up until it was time for a massive shit in the morning

[deleted] 07/01/2012

Would a fellow ent be so kind as to explain to me in detail how to make these?

wrapchild 07/01/2012

I had an edible that made me have a freak out. Worst time of my life. I was hallucinating and my heart was pounding a million miles an hour. I have no idea how my heart did not give out. I saw my life flash before my eyes. It was awful. So ents be careful...

NoelVance 07/01/2012

I make firectackers like these with nutella instead of peanut butter. So delicious.

treedaddy 07/02/2012

lol did you eat one before taking the pic?

davidisthelol 07/02/2012