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Getting made fun of for his looks probably influenced his life.

Jacois 04/22/2013

This subreddit has become worse at bullying than /r/cringepics.

CuntsnKittens 04/22/2013

I am so happy you found this

John_Bastark 04/22/2013

If Florida keeps on producing these mutants, I say it's high time we call a meeting and seriously consider getting rid of this place.

JimJones_KoolAidKrew 04/22/2013

Who is this guy? Sorry..

spaceymacey 04/22/2013

What is this from, I recognise it but I just can't remember!

LagunaVII 04/22/2013

i look through the mugshots every so often and I find that at least half of the criminals have deformities or are rather unpleasant to look at.

faolkrop 04/22/2013

Looks like earthworm Jim

amiallowedtosaypussy 04/22/2013

METH not even once

tomfromflorida 04/22/2013

Does anyone know if this is a medical condition? Marfan syndrome or something?

Autumnsprings 04/22/2013

It's Steve Merchant!

trippynumbers 04/22/2013

Why do criminals..look like criminals?

MozzarellaSquirrel 04/22/2013

And people say reddit is above schoolyard bullying...

Just_another_man 04/22/2013


rsh10 04/22/2013

Is that a subtle shoutout to The Stop Girl I see in the background?

NeverNegative 04/22/2013

Floridian here: 90% of our population are aliens of some sort.

banterpanther 04/22/2013

People will go to great lengths for cosplay

thedeftone2 04/22/2013

I felt bad for all those people in the mugshots. You'd think showing them a pic of when they were healthy 5,10,15 years ago a switch would go off in their head and they would get clean...but it won't, cuz they're from Florida

trollindowntheriver 04/22/2013

This explains a lot about my neighbors...

Siray 04/22/2013

No smoking! ಠ_ಠ

diggerB 04/22/2013

They don't look that similar...

FourMakesTwoUNLESS 04/22/2013

I waited for a day to see this since the first post

aracistrabbit 04/22/2013

Is that fetal alcohol syndrome?

superfudge73 04/22/2013


[deleted] 04/22/2013

I gotta learn that beatbox language.

shikza 04/22/2013

No. Smoking.

mlapaglia 04/22/2013

Finally, Florida Man has been brought to justice.

misterbob13 04/22/2013

I bet his parents drank and did shit ton of drugs

iremember12 04/22/2013

Did I miss something or is this just some random dude?

stumblinghunter 04/22/2013


THOR4GR8JUSTICE 04/22/2013

messing with the mail is a federal offense dude.

TruStory2426 04/22/2013

he looks like will arnett from arrested development with his head squished

Zmgo 04/22/2013

Quick, someone found r/findthatMIBalien; we can ruin his life, too, reddit!

PvtJoker1987 04/22/2013

Kinda looks like Bradford cox from deerhunter

[deleted] 04/22/2013

I can hear the Banjo playing now,

-NTnix- 04/22/2013

That is some inbreeding right there, I tell you what.

whosthedoginthisscen 04/22/2013

Fetal alcohol syndrome?

robert_d 04/22/2013

My husband likes to watch Cops. I only watch when it's an episode about Florida because then you know its going to be good.

hashtagmomfail 04/22/2013

what movie/show is this?

brewerbeast105 04/22/2013

I always thought that Men in Black character looked like Tony Hawk on crack.

guardiandevil 04/22/2013

I'd sooner sleep in the same bed as slenderman than this dude.

nuttydoctor 04/22/2013


tdstash 04/22/2013

So thats where he's been!!!!

Duncebagsupreme00 04/22/2013

he looks more like one of the hicks from Point Lookout.

d4haxor 04/22/2013

Omg the similarities are

reesey76 04/22/2013

Looks like Charlie after he and Mac shared the job in the mailroom.

KillAllLawyers 04/22/2013

lol feel sorry for the guy.

budguy68 04/22/2013

Close, but no cigarette.

xiondisc 04/22/2013

Is that a way a normal human can look or is there something wrong with him?

cewelsch89 04/22/2013

eminem and DJ qualls have been busy

attackofbmack 04/22/2013

So thats where he's been!!!!

Duncebagsupreme00 04/22/2013

Poor Jeremy Howard.

skizmcniz 04/22/2013

I thought you were gonna go with Roger from American Dad

rellik420 04/22/2013

Henrik and Daniel's long lost triplet

no7 04/22/2013

Can't stop the girl

Krishkov 04/22/2013

Dude there's no way it's the same person!

The eyes are different colors!

Mikethe4tracker 04/22/2013

No Smoking.

yout1014 04/22/2013

The sequester has been tough on so many.

kellymoe321 04/22/2013

Reminded me more of Roger from american dad

gixer912 04/22/2013

Pinkman really went downhill


I went to school with him, we used to call him "bones"

benbobber 04/22/2013


TheAntman217 04/22/2013

meth; helluva drug

pr9ma 04/22/2013

that is actually played by steve merchant

Harwood8907 04/22/2013

Karl Pilkington compared Steven Merchant to this alien. It wasn't well received lol.

wayfarin 04/22/2013

Man, this is really unfortunate. :(

CallMeMoo 04/22/2013


Failedexe 04/22/2013

Let us travel together to the uncanny valley

FearandloathinginNYC 04/22/2013

Meth... Not even once

Drewheff 04/22/2013

MFW I realize Pepe Silvia isn't real.

inkrediblejoe 04/22/2013

Must be boring at home. Why not look at mugshots

Hefeweize 04/23/2013

The guy at the bottom looks like clint dempsey

colour_golden 04/23/2013

Marfan ain't no joke.

iSunMonkey 04/23/2013

I'm uninformed. What's this guy do? Murder, rape, or both?

prof_mcquack 04/23/2013

Florida, not even once

android151 04/23/2013

Oh my god. This made me burst out in a coughing fit while drinking my iced coffee. I'll leave this picture up will I clean up my mess. >=)

BornaCat 04/23/2013

Does he banjo?

dohhomer9 04/23/2013