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Speaking as person who worked where Kenny lived out his years he does NOT have Down Syndrome. His parents were both white tigers as well as being brother and sister and his previous owner was breeding them together to produce more white tigers he could sell for a profit. When Kenny was born he was deformed due to poor genetics and so the owner was going to put him and his brother Willy (who was ...

Tigertalk6 02/20/2013

Generations of inbreeding are necessary to have white tigers. This inbreeding has effected the expression of recessive genes, causing the deformities. Trisomy, however, is not a result of inbreeding.

TL;DR: the tiger doesn't have Down's Syndorme or any trisomy (most likely)

Drunken_Economist 02/20/2013


[deleted] 02/20/2013

I bet it gives great hugs

Haydenwillb 02/20/2013

Down syndrome is a human-specific disease. This tiger could have trisomy (three homologous chromosomes instead of the normal two) in one of his pairs, but it ain't Downs.

superhappytrail 02/20/2013

I saw a white tiger exhibit at the Ft Worth zoo once. There was an interesting sign by the enclosure. Paraphrasing, it read something like "These white tigers are zoologically insignificant specimens but we keep breeding them so people will pay money to come visit our zoo." I felt bad for the animals, but gained respect for the brutal honesty of their keepers.

Wazowski 02/20/2013

> Contrary to his natural diet, Kenny has taken a liking to potatoes. Zookeepers are baffled.


I know I am a bad person because I laugh at this. I will go to hell.

dummystupid 02/20/2013


[deleted] 02/20/2013

All of the white tigers that exist today in captivity can be traced back to one tiger found in India. The white fur gene is double recessive; they mated the one white tiger with normal orange tigers until one of the offspring had the white fur (very small odds). They then bred the Father with it's daughter producing more white tigers (much higher odds). The reason this tiger, Kenny, appears ...

Limepirate 02/20/2013

They should have named him Corky.

Th3R00ST3R 02/20/2013

10/10: Would be friends with.

crookedframe 02/20/2013

He doesn't have down syndrome, he's just inbred. He was rescued and was living at the wild animal reservation just outside of my town until recently (if i remember this correctly)

AdaleiM 02/20/2013

I want to be his friend.

But he will probably still rip my face off.

boxidea 02/20/2013

10/10, would hug.

Imnotbrown 02/20/2013

Looks like murderface from dethclok

Cabbage_corvo 02/20/2013

He definitely looks inbred. In fact, when I first saw him I thought something about him looked familiar. I used to work on a sexual maladaptive floor of an adolescent psychiatric hospital. A number of the boys on that floor were the result of incestuous relationships. They all had a certain "off" look to their faces, and Kenny has a look that is resemblant of them.

tessyfink 02/20/2013

Well, it looks like this pic is relevant again...

prtlndr 02/20/2013

He looks like Matt Damon

lyingtechnique 02/20/2013

Down syndrome is a human condition...

emperor000 02/20/2013

Awwwwwwwwww. Little guy.

remembername 02/20/2013

I cant allow this spread of disinformation:

JstnJ 02/20/2013

Down Syndrome is also known as Trisomy 21, meaning people with the condition have three copies of their 21st chromosome (though there is another, more rare, form of Down caused by a condition called a Robertsonian translocation, google it yo). Tigers have 19 pairs of chromosomes. So obviously this guy doesn't have DS. Get it right or pay the price >:[

JamesGotALeg 02/20/2013

This is the tiger who got the Charlie Sheen blood.

[deleted] 02/20/2013

This is caused by inbreeding, severe inbreeding

IthurtswheniPvP 02/20/2013

i feel so sad when i see him :(

thisispannkaka 02/20/2013

It's not because it has a "flat face" or looks funny that it means it has Down syndrome. I'd be offended you classify any birth deffect or genetic disease as something completly different.

Swamp_Troll 02/20/2013

This is one of the consequences of producing an attraction for the public to gawk at, if only they knew how artificial it can be in the case of white tigers. I once did work experience at a wildlife park which advertised that they were some sort of legend as opposed to a naturally occurring or inbred mutation, the same place also had a white tiger with retardations.

Larseth 02/20/2013

He looks a lot like Beast... Just sayin'

Skiperton 02/20/2013

he looks alot like the charr from guildwars 2

yosbo 02/20/2013

this thing is reposted so often it has its own meme...

Allaphon 02/20/2013

Looks like someone crossed a tiger with an English mastiff.

AirBetweenUs 02/20/2013

Murderface's spirit animal just happens to look exactly like Kenny

Trentskiroonie 02/20/2013

I feel bad at laughing at his expression for that second then I realized how awesome of a tiger Kenny is.

thefiringbagpipes 02/20/2013

He looks like Bert Lahr who played the cowardly lion in the Wizard of Oz.

babyhatter 02/20/2013

no. this is what happens when you continually inbreed a species to produce a desired trait. he's just a fucked up inbred tiger, he does not have downs.

IamGrimReefer 02/20/2013

For anyone wondering, Kenny (named for Kenny Rodgers) passed away in 2008 after complications with cancer. He passed away the day he was supposed to be put down. The keepers found him that morning, and his brother Willie (named for Willie Nelson) didn't want to move away from Kenny. Such a sad story.

hedonismbot89 02/20/2013

other animal's can't get downs syndrome... We are the only ones with 21 chromosomes

figman2 02/20/2013

Majestic as fuck.

elliotmoose 02/20/2013

For the last time people, Down's Syndrome is a human condition, animals can't have it.

Kenny is inbred, and mentally handicapped due to selfish breeders trying to "create the perfect white tiger." BOOOOO to those breeders. They're arseholes.

batfiend 02/20/2013

We should make him the homecoming king.

jogalleciez 02/20/2013

Blanched potato.

JeremyKean 02/20/2013

Still wanna be his friend.

enterlion 02/20/2013

Make no mistake...down syndrome tiger will still fuck your shit up........properly.

Jyounya 02/20/2013

This is the saddest thing I've seen all day :(

ginger27 02/20/2013

I really, really want to hug that tiger.

cityofcranes 02/20/2013

It's still freaking adorable

plz600 02/20/2013

Really reminds me of Tybalt Leftpaw from Guild Wars 2.

SOWTOJ 02/20/2013

He looks like the tigers in ancient japanese paintings.

Devon_Drumstick 02/20/2013

I think he looks downright beautiful!

AnimeDayByDay 02/20/2013


PostsWhileDrunk 02/20/2013

This tiger looks almost identically to Jamie from Mythbusters.

Bieber_hole_69 02/20/2013

i laughed at this far too hard. am i a bad person?

kcorapi 02/20/2013

I feel bad that my initial reaction was to snort in laughter

DRAGONR3BORN1 02/20/2013

I highly doubt tigers can even get down syndrome.

gburke 02/20/2013

so this tiger doesn't have down's syndrome but it's definitely retarded

theGuatemalanYMCA 02/20/2013


[deleted] 02/20/2013

Still smarter than the average LoL player.

turtiefucker 02/20/2013

A tiger with retard strength? That thing is a borderline superhero.

OMGitsCrabMan 02/20/2013

Looks like an Orc from The Elder Scrolls.

Shniggles 02/20/2013

I dont care what this little fucker has. He is adorable and I want to squish his face.

coolkidmitch 02/20/2013

Wouldn't this just be like the equivalent of a Persian cat? Or pug?

adamjmtz 02/20/2013

Siberian tigers are actually inbred to develop the recessive gene to create the albino fur.

It's a fairly disgusting practice.

Silvertongued99 02/20/2013

My sister-in-law insists that one of her pet miniature dachshunds has Down Syndrome. Many have tried to explain that Down Syndrome is a human specific chromosomal deformity, yet she continues to insists that a vet told her he definitely had Downs Syndrome.

She also insists that her other pup is HIS identical twin sister so...

katcarver 02/20/2013

Yeeeaaah, if you could just stop breeding exotic animals for pets and entertainment.. that'd be great.

DirtyOldTownMan 02/20/2013

This is absolutely terrifying

firezeemissles 02/20/2013

...Luis Guzman?

MeanOldPig 02/20/2013