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Animal abuse is never funny.

Asdayasman 09/09/2012

While I don't condone spraying a helpless animal, my dad and I had a glow in the dark spray paint war when I was a teenager. We spray painted the logos of each others' hated teams above our respective beds. The can said it would wash off. My dad has been staring at a glow in the dark NY Yankees logo above his bed for 15 years.

admiralwaffles 09/09/2012

Fuck that shit. Not only do cats have sensitive skin, but as a stray cat it has to deal with wild animals. They practically made that poor cat a target for nightlife that could potentially really harm it. Not even remotely funny.

TotalBeefcake 09/09/2012

just got a great idea. spray paint a penis on your pal's back while he's asleep.

madarapt1 09/09/2012

TIL there is glow in the dark spray paint.

AmbidextrousAsshole 09/09/2012

Please buy more. I need to support my three children. Thank you.

glowinthedark 09/09/2012


Trayf 09/09/2012

A couple years ago, crows were eating all the stuff in our garden.

So my father cut up a sausage and placed a hook with a line in it. When a crow went and ate it up, we reeled him in, took off the hook and spray painted his wing bright orange.

We let him go, he flew away, and immediately all the others crows jumped him and tore him open in less than a minute.

They stopped coming after that. I ...

rocklemon 09/09/2012

Actually quite a genius idea!

danbakes 09/09/2012

Fuck off with such shit. Report it instead of laughing. It's animal abuse.

Magnesus 09/09/2012

I'm confused by the people of reddit. People make jokes about the holocaust and rape. And then watch a gif of someone being severely injured or killed and crack jokes about it, but someone spray paints a cat (which is most likely false) and people freak out saying "fuck that guy!" and treating it as its more messed up than murder.

Explosives_are_fun 09/09/2012

God damnit. I wonder how many screenshots taken from websites I have tried to click 'Next' or 'Page 2' on. What an idiot.

Raib314 09/09/2012

Somebody give that cat a home

firebat64 09/09/2012

Fuck this asshole. I hope he and his entire family are brutally slaughtered by a large cat, like a mountain lion maybe.

[deleted] 09/09/2012

Hey, It looks like your phone is lighting up in your pocket...

No sir, that is the product of glow in the dark spray, useful for going to the bathroom in the dark.

[deleted] 09/09/2012

If anyone wants to spraypaint strays at their home, here is the paint.

Mapekus 09/09/2012

that doesn't sound poisonous to the cat at all......

shuttterhappy 09/09/2012

ITT: gullible people

OxidizedBovine 09/09/2012

Ignoring the obvious bit about how shitty it is to spray a cat (even though cats are awful), why do they not use GITD spray paint on roads? That would be awesome, right?

octowussy 09/09/2012

Amazon comments always make me laugh. There aren't many, but there are a few and they atelier good

mrgbow 09/09/2012

You all realize this is fake right? The title being "IT WORKz" is kind of a dead giveaway. Even so it's not even remotely funny.

MiraclePig 09/09/2012

who ever would spray paint a cat is a fucking asshole.

lordrosco0826 09/09/2012

I'm imagining something like Mr. Burns in "The Springfield Files" when they thought he was a glowing alien in the woods.

arrrghsam 09/09/2012

glow in the dark stray cat running around the bush would be fucking awesome

WinterSon 09/09/2012

Maybe I should have posted to R/WTF...

Booney_The_Goonie 09/09/2012

Hmm. Retards, they walk among us.

mearvk 09/09/2012


TDEP 09/09/2012

Why. Does this guy, use. So many. pauses, in his sentences. It. Is a, very jumpy... read

RzK 09/09/2012

The Pussy of the Baskervilles

Doctor_cheetos 09/09/2012

Somehow the "Amazon Verified Purchase" at the bottom is the worst part.

thoggins 09/09/2012

I gotta do that to my cat

Horse_Guy 09/09/2012

I cracked open a glowstick before and used it to awesomely glow in the dark before. Didn't realize that stuff burns so much

A_Wild_Missingno 09/09/2012

Spray paint gophers and hunt at night

ironworker3 09/09/2012

Spray paint the snails in the garden so you don't tread on them at night!

disemvowel 09/09/2012

Don't fuck with nature! I hope that cat scars the hell out of you! At least spray a homeless person.

Ecbndts 09/09/2012

I hate this thread.

Livryan 09/10/2012

If you do this: Fuck You

Wabbstarful 09/09/2012

I wish we had 4G in Britain...

hugo97 09/09/2012