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It's what he would have wanted. That and fish sticks.

HasThisBeenDone 08/12/2012

He looks at this picture of his own self, signed by his own hand, addressed to his own person, while bobbing his own head, to his own music, in his own house, because "These beats are dope."

sawceski 08/12/2012

Reminds me of this... Aziz Ansari hangs with Kayne

Edit: Skip to 2:00 to hear the relevant part. Or enjoy the whole video :D

lmench 08/12/2012

I love Kanye West. His music and his personality. He doesn't give a fuck, but then he really does give a fuck. He cares most about his creative output, and I can really respect that. One of my life dreams is to work for him in some capacity, just to experience his genius creative bubble. That guy knows what he wants and has the means to do it.

Also he's fucking hilarious.

hooplah 08/12/2012

Taken from a comedy tv show. BTS Video here This screen grab is funny, but Kim Kardashian dressed as Princess Leia is better.

Pays4Porn 08/12/2012

Anyone seeking more info might also check here:

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RalphWasntHere 08/12/2012

"I knew I'd like this. I'm such a thoughtful guy."

Tsiphon 08/12/2012

Screams from the haters; gotta nice ring to it. I guess every super hero need his theme music.

RelevantKanyeQuotes 08/12/2012

Saw this picture before, Still laughed. 10/10 would laugh again.

Tagman1996 08/12/2012

It's hard to be humble when you're stunting on a jumbotron.

Scoot_Puffington 08/12/2012

My buddy has a picture of himself sitting at his bosses desk on his desk.

here is it:

NotHosaniMubarak 08/12/2012

Douchebag level - 1,000

MrDoubleE 08/12/2012

"Lil B is the greatest rapper of all time" - Lil B

kieferbutt 08/12/2012

am i the only person who feels bad for Kanye?

he's rich and can't enjoy it because he has the insecurities of a teenage girl

manonthemount 08/12/2012

Methinks Kanye learned narcissism from the master

knirefnel 08/12/2012

Kanye wastes oxygen that good people could use

akhunter1974 08/12/2012

I can see him actually doing this.

Slugmeister 08/12/2012

To Kanye: the only man in the history of rap to spend to years talking crazy self fellating shit, and then proceed to back all of it up with the best album of the last 5 years.

dagreenman18 08/12/2012

Why was this cancelled? Regardless of reddits opinion on the humour, this kind of stuff would be hysterical to its target audience wouldn't it?

Hamtime 08/12/2012

I'm reading the Harry Potter series and in the 5th book I recently passed the mental ward scene, and this reminded me of Gilderoy Lockhart.

LuridTeaParty 08/12/2012

Kanye is like the whole world's version of reddit's /r/atheism subreddit.

holyghosttown 08/12/2012

His mouth still bothers me. And i wouldnt feel bad if he died in a fiery plane crash. Bonus if that plane crashes in justin beiber.

keith_weaver 08/12/2012

Yo Dawg, I hear you like to listen to Kanye mixed with some Kanye

LarneyStinson 08/12/2012

this is so swag

kodiakmoment 08/12/2012

It's fun to imagine Kanye isn't a frigormous tool and has just been trolling this whole time.

Of course, it would disappoint all of the hipsters who say they love him every time he does something fucking stupid. All the more reason to hope that's the case.

Phoequinox 08/12/2012

YO, Kanye, I'm really happy for you, and ima let you start, but you have one of the best voices, OF ALL TIME, ALL TIME!

RRuS 08/12/2012

lil did he know, basedgod was fucking his bitch nearby

thegreatwhitemenace 08/12/2012

I honestly believe that people should look at this and think about giving themselves a little bit of love...

Aisthetiks 08/12/2012

reminds me of this

cunt_stuffer 08/12/2012

That bottle of listerine is greeked. Wonder why.

beretta627 08/12/2012

Should read "To my biggest Fan, Love Kanye" That way the joke is preserved to the bottom frame

vondruke00 08/12/2012

That shit real.

fubbington 08/12/2012

I laughed ridiculously when i saw him looking at his picture

YodaMush 08/12/2012

Allow myself to introduce myself.

douglasr007 08/12/2012

I love the look of satisfaction and enjoyment on his face.

aardvark445 08/12/2012

Totally made my day

noahthewale 08/12/2012

Do you think he charged him self for that autograph?

EarthRester 08/12/2012

Notice the bottle of non-branded mint-flavored antiseptic oral rinsing agent.

Ayatrollah_Khomatmei 08/12/2012

F-ing jabberjaw!

beckova23 08/12/2012

Reposts. Reposts everwhere.

BassNector 08/12/2012

Rountree85, my RES tag for you says "Idiot who posts fake shit". Apparently you are a fucking liar, and I know this because my RES doesn't lie.

Every time I see this tag, I will remind you.

sib301 08/12/2012

On the plus side, he doesn't need to buy an antivirus because he doesn't watch porn. He's got his own reflection.

renome 08/12/2012

That guy's a jackass

the_sneakness 08/12/2012

Pretty sure he is just waiting on his clone to mature so he can suck it's dick.

twan398 08/12/2012

He probably masturbates to his own music and his own image too.

d0n0v4n98 08/12/2012

imma let you finish but he's a dickweed

JamesDarko 08/12/2012

It was brave of you to repost this with the title as the punchline.

Go with deGrasse Sagan.

Wozzle90 08/13/2012

Fuckin YAY

love2bakez 08/12/2012