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I'm a distant relative of Maisie Deacon. (Like her father would be my great-something uncle, I don't know exactly.) This story in our family is known as "that fake legend that grew up about how Maisie died". I can't remember too much about it, but I've never seen this picture before, and I don't remember anything about a photograph being part of the story. (I also recall that there were other ...

BrianDeacon 02/20/2013

I cant speak to the authenticity of this story, as this is something I snagged ages ago, but it definitely belongs here none the less!

earthsick 02/20/2013

Now thats a quality post!

CaptainFumbles 02/20/2013

This would make for an awesome episode of Supernatural.

ndtcssh 02/20/2013

In addition to my family's story never mentioning a picture, the story to go with this photo has to be crap. That photo is the old silver-plate kind from the 19th century, isn't it? Weren't those cameras big-ass contraptions and you couldn't just quick snap another photo?

Also, I don't remember anything about an Isabelle Deacon. Like I said, the real version was just that they couldn't find ...

BrianDeacon 02/20/2013

Hmmm... my sister is outside talking to a cloaked pedo stranger. Should I:

A)Chase them off B)Call the police C)Get my parents D)Grab my camera and take photos for my album

Fyrstar2002 02/20/2013

I feel like this story would make a very intriguing film. Has this already happened?

DealWithThat 02/20/2013

I liked this, thank you.

Bigman61 02/20/2013

The only part I didn't like.... they were taken in the morning...but she hadn't been seen talking to it until the afternoon - the afternoon also being when this picture was taken...which was supposed to be the morning?

AnguisetteAntha 02/20/2013

I don't understand. So the picture was taken, then Maisie disappeared, and Isabelle was holding Maisie's skull? So how was her skull removed before the picture was taken? The logic overpowered the creepy for me. :(

jnazty 02/20/2013

If the skull is in the picture and so is Maisie how can it be her skull?

Zazii 02/20/2013

Reminds me of Sinister

sekai-31 02/20/2013

damnit, just had to read it at 1am before bed...fuck you curiosity

the_Pessimist91 02/20/2013

Welp. Not going in the woods behind my house ever again.

gulljack 02/20/2013

Definitely one of the better creepy posts here. I applaud you, good OP.

photogal875 02/20/2013

watched Sinister last night.... So this is a big old NOPE for me.

xDismantleMe 02/20/2013

Real or not it gave me some shivers so its definitely creepy.

kid01-1153 02/20/2013

Now this is a good scary story (even if it may not count as a "story". Concise, no extra bullshit, and written in a way that makes it sound as if it actually could've happened.

TunaCasserole 02/20/2013

don't care if true or not, creepy indeed

talltad 02/20/2013

Brb, going to go find "creepypasta" on the 4chan archive for karma.

I_ama_Borat 02/20/2013

everything about this is fishy. i don't buy it.

cogsvp 02/20/2013

Even though it screams fake, there is something about old photos that have been xeroxed together with old blocky fonts that make my skin crawl.

stimpakk 02/21/2013

Well this defines heebiegeebies.

kitties-are-cute 02/20/2013

OP I'm scared :(

PrincessOfChina 02/20/2013

Who needs sleep anyways?

brakkum 02/20/2013

Wasn't this the very first post in r/creepy?

donkey_punch_kong64 02/21/2013 that supposed to be blood around her mouth? Gonna go hide under my desk forever now.

ReservoirKat 02/21/2013

My mom has always had paranormal stuff happen to her. And she actually had a run in with a "cloaked figure". Came out of a closet and touched her pajama top, and when she ran downstairs the shirt was gone. Didn't remove her skull, but cloaked figures scare the shit out of me regardless now.

gymsatanlaundry 02/21/2013

Did she died

mitchattitude 02/21/2013