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Does it go "boink"?

tripellex 07/15/2013


TheRealArchitect 07/16/2013

I guess Putin never saw one of these.

> "I'd prefer not to deal with this issue at all—it's like shearing a pig—too much squeaking, too little wool" -- Putin on the Snowden issue

edwardkmett 07/16/2013

Sheep pig, sheep pig have you any wool?

kiss_my_balls 07/15/2013

Less "WTF" and more /r/pics . It's neat.

Drudicta 07/16/2013

These were becoming quite popular in Michigan. Very tasty breed. Then the corporate pig lobbyists got them reclassified as "feral hogs." Doesn't matter if the are secured in an enclosure or not. The DNR (Department of Natural Resources) then went around to ensure that all the farmers that kept them had them slaughtered. If they were any found alive, they were shot by the officers. Really ...

Sotty63 07/16/2013

i am outraged i never knew these existed before today! shig? peep?

pgabrielfreak 07/15/2013


[deleted] 07/16/2013

Do you shear it? Is the wool any good?

IHazOwies 07/15/2013

That's cute. But here's a real sheep pig.

SecularPaladin 07/16/2013

Sheep + pig = the perfect meat...

Sorry, what?

champsgonnachamp 07/16/2013

I'm buying my interpreter a sweater made with this wool if such an item exists!

Afghan_Kegstand 07/15/2013

Sus Ovis

While trying (unsuccessfully) to come up with an amusing scientific-sounding name for a pig-sheep, I discovered there is a chimera produced by combining the embryos of a goat and a sheep. It's called a geep.

BradVPan 07/16/2013

It's a breed native to Hungary. Everything has curly hair over there.

Brocephallus 07/16/2013

This is the majestic Shig. The Shig made its first appearance in the movie "Leon the Pig Farmer" when Leon, a Jewish man living in London, finds out that he was the product of artificial insemination gone terribly wrong. Through an intense journey of self discovery, Leon journeys to the north of England to meet his biological father, a pig ...

Sparkelle227 07/16/2013


tangelophile 07/16/2013

Brushed out, I bet he can rock a 'fro!

JustVern 07/16/2013

It's a shig!

aef1991 07/16/2013

This would confuse a lot of rednecks.. Do they bang it or not.

icky_boo 07/16/2013

It's Mangulica, and its fucking delicious. You can buy some here

operativac 07/16/2013

It must be delicious! Especially its bacon!

Anubis010 07/16/2013

Oink oink sheep pig...ahh fuck I can't remember the words and have run out of clever for the day

TheoneintheUP 07/16/2013

I want one for both its sweater and bacon abilities.

Thundering_Hobo 07/16/2013

In case you want to see more, look at the albums of this mangalitza farmer that regularly posts pictures of his pigs:

ProstetnicVogonJel 07/16/2013

Nope. That there is a wooly hammoth, sir.

furyextralarge 07/16/2013

aka fuzzy bacon

Raykahn 07/16/2013


AUUUUUGHH 07/16/2013

reminds me of the German "Eierlegende Wollmilchsau" (word-for-word in English: egg laying woolmilkpig), a figure of speech, which means "You can't have everything"

iceevil 07/16/2013

> Baa-ram-ewe! Baa-ram-ewe! To your breed, your fleece, your clan be true! Sheep be true! Baa-ram-ewe!

Pig has been accepted into the herd and is now one of them.

firespock 07/16/2013

Shave it, cook it, eat it!

The1andonlyZack 07/16/2013

I awnt one!

GISP 07/16/2013

one step closer to bearpigman

numb3r13 07/16/2013

My god.. What is this abomination...?

Porkchops4Evr 07/16/2013


ToXicXxX 07/16/2013

I want one, that looks cool.

[deleted] 07/16/2013

A wild Sheepig appeared!

B_O_A_T_S 07/16/2013

Imagine it would also give milk and lay eggs ...

MrHatebreed 07/16/2013

A peep or a shig

ColleenieR 07/16/2013

People always trying to change New Zealand..

Allanmh1 07/16/2013

But Babe is the sheep pig!

MadmanSalvo 07/16/2013

its a Hungarian pig bred for lard, but lard is in small demand so the pigs are getting rare...

qpid7 07/16/2013

Hipsta pig knows the way of swag!

The_karma_goat 07/16/2013

The other cuddly meat.

freecomplaints 07/16/2013

I want to eat it.

MistaWesSoFresh 07/16/2013


[deleted] 07/16/2013

Why can't we call it the "shpig"?

Davidglo 07/16/2013


[deleted] 07/16/2013

The Shig.

Zombiz 07/16/2013

I need this in minecraft.

Galzreon 07/16/2013

i want to eat it

Geno_is_God 07/16/2013

Wow... What a glorious pig.

SPEED_RACER_ 07/16/2013

Looks like a fat poodle

gingerluvinginger 07/16/2013

We all know the real sheep pig is Babe

sullywully 07/16/2013

Science!! you've gone too far this time!

siflrock 07/16/2013

How is this WTF? I think it's adorable!! :D

eatenbypacman 07/16/2013

Lamb chops?

agomez123 07/16/2013

my stomach wants to know whether it tastes like pork or lamb. Imagine a pork lamb fusion? Crazy good plamb chops

chefsballs 07/16/2013

so does it lay in its own shit like a pig and get covered in dingleberries?

soproductive 07/16/2013

This belongs in /r/aww , not /r/wtf.

Keoni9 07/16/2013

Shig? Peep?

taimaishoo 07/16/2013

When Babe got a little too much Ba-ram-eww with the sheep.

supamonkey77 07/16/2013

I can attest to the fact that they taste delicious. My butcher has them. He buys them from some outdoor biofarm where they basicly live in a huge forrest and feed of oaknuts. They mature much slower than other commercially bred pigs. Their meat is perfectly marbled and has a slightly higher fat content. Basicly its the equivalent of pig what kobe beef is for cows.

Blalubb 07/17/2013

This makes me think of Lambchops Play Along:

"This is the song that never ends, yes it goes on & on my friend! Some people started singing it, not knowing what it was but they continued singing it forever just because..."

RainbowSoulPoet 07/16/2013

So what happened here? Did a pig fuck a sheep or did a sheep fuck a pig?

Toy_Cop 07/16/2013

  • Mangalica. There fixed it for you.

Brumhartt 07/16/2013

So cute omg

Mama_Pills 07/16/2013

Did I just stumble into the Earth Kingdom?

DragonMeme 07/16/2013

Awwww, Piggly 3??

zcold 07/16/2013

Lamb bacon? Count me in

Cervix-Pounder 07/16/2013

Fluffy bacon anyone?

Prototype964 07/16/2013

These pigs are so cool! Interestingly they're a fantastic model of human obesity. My lab is getting involved in a gut microflora and immunology project with this model and they are really fun to work with (other than when I have to collect their poop).

xxiamjusticexx 07/16/2013

Food and Clothing. Amazing. This pig is truly Gods greatest creation.

Bleachisone 07/16/2013

Wow, that is a really cool pig.

SheriffMoney 07/16/2013

This makes me feel uncomfortable.

laur7620 07/16/2013

It's a shig (sheep + pig. Ok that was really stupid. lol)

strawberry36 07/16/2013

a baby one of these would break /awww

borgheses 07/16/2013

Its considered a delicacy

denocturne 07/16/2013

Bah-ram-ewe, bah-ram-ewe...

JonBecker123 07/16/2013

We're getting closer to the age of pokemons.

Ceigee 07/17/2013

Fluffy bacon

LLLETSPLAY 07/17/2013

Oin- baa..?

Luckyducky13 07/17/2013

This disproves Putin's analogy!

Yogis_ 07/16/2013

I want one for minecraft

evrengoldfish 07/16/2013