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Misleading title award goes too..

Puarr 12/13/2012

Am I the only one that does not suffer from acute lip epidermis removal?

osta2501 12/13/2012

I like this comic, but it's bothering my obsessive compulsive tendencies that you meticulously drew a modern key, and yet you drew a keyhole from 1899. Again, it's nothing against you, it's just... HNNNNNGGG

AJreborn 12/13/2012

This is why I fear cigarettes.

istoleyourpope 12/13/2012

Exactly how does the skin from your lip come off when removing paper from between them? Explain this please my head is hurting from this comic.

TheGodsKing 12/13/2012

This happens to me when I eat ice cubes. Also, have a happy cake day!

Miko54 12/13/2012

This seems like one of those things that you learn to be careful about when you get old enough. Maybe the OP is, ya know, in her early twenties.

annekat 12/13/2012

Am I weird to actually like the feeling? (Aside from the bleeding part of course)

LazyNarwhal 12/13/2012

I've had this happen to me before... Blood all over my History test

hihiouu 12/13/2012

Heh... hehe... Moist.

SodiumPoultry 12/13/2012

Equally as painful when you get a cigarette stuck to your lip so not only do you tear all the skin off you burn the end of your fingers on said smoke too

Omnishamble 12/14/2012

Fuck this trite comic for wasting my time.

Ridiculoud 12/14/2012


lobaroja85 12/13/2012

Ouch!! I seriously cringed, great job with this one.

albert_baeza1 12/13/2012

Why so serious?

Lefthandedsock 12/13/2012


DrCatScratch 12/13/2012

did this with duct tape once. never, ever again.

[deleted] 12/13/2012

I can feel your pain through the computer - ouch.

elwood78 12/14/2012


superpastaaisle 12/14/2012


billtina 12/14/2012

And then you turn to your Significant Other and say, "Give me a kiss," with big bloody pouty lips to gross them out.

BenCelotil 12/14/2012

Happened more than once to me. :(

TheEpicDuck 12/14/2012

are you trying to insert a yale key into a mortice keyhole?

moscow_troll 12/14/2012

Moist lips... That's my KISS cover band.

Spironois 12/14/2012

yeah... i also learned this, once. i was sorting out papers in my car as i was about to step out and do some political canvassing <.< and then i got a bleeding lip yay

hellokittyfann 12/14/2012

I think this was how the Joker got started.

SilentHipster 12/14/2012

Something similar happen to my friend sister who had been taking some weird medicine, in the end her face fell off. Actually most of the skin she still has 2-3 layers left

tipyourpizzaguy 12/14/2012

Rule number 10: Be light on text

If the story isn't obvious without all the extra bullshit written in, it doesn't belong here as per the subreddit rules.

Thecrumblingcookie 12/13/2012