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Nice tattoo overall, but I think a little more detail could have been added to the feet and toes, they don't look very natural.

Freuds_Cigar 05/30/2013

Paco is super awesome, I ended up posing for it because I couldn't find the exact pose I wanted so that was fun too - I can brag that that is indeed my big booty :)

I'm a baker, love to bake bread and I wear tons of red and white polka dots and fun vintage aprons. Paco did a bluebonnet side piece on me like 5 years ago, so there's a fun lil bluebonnet tattoo on her side, too :) A lillll ...

elenaaaaaa 05/30/2013

dude those hands...

jimmydean885 05/30/2013

Nice tattoo, silly photo.

BeneathAnIronSky 05/30/2013

woo! electric 13 is my tattoo place!

RnRa 05/30/2013

I would be happy with this kind of tattoo. I like having pinuppy expressions too, but the little things that people are mentioning wouldn't bother me.

derbyna 05/30/2013

I'm a cake decorator myself. I love this!! I think it's cute and an original take on a sailor Jerry style pinup. And I love that you posed for it! Even cooler.

keysandchange 05/30/2013

Paco Cendon owns and so does this tattoo.

jarofpiss 05/30/2013

I got tattooed by Paco once at a convention. I have a lot of tattoos and I have to say, that dude was the fastest tattooer I've ever met. He also made me feel super comfortable and was just really fun to talk to. Keep up the good work Paco.

jl0g 05/31/2013

No offense but her ass is kind of ... saggy

capitulum 05/31/2013