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I found a vid of Mike & Cropper -

greenymile 08/03/2012

there's a disney/pixar film in here somewhere

eclement 08/03/2012

Firefox and Internet Explorer as friends

shortandsweet9 08/03/2012

I love this. 10/10 would cuddle the fox


'Precisely,' said the fox. 'To me, you are still only a small boy, just like a hundred thousand other small boys. And I have no need of you. And you in turn have no need of me.To you, I'm just a fox like a hundred thousand other foxes.But if you tame me, then we shall need each other. To me, you shall be unique in the world. To you, I shall be unique in the world.'

annamalis 08/03/2012

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QualityEnforcer 08/03/2012

Do foxes make good pets?

OnusAside 08/03/2012

Foxes might be the new "it" pet. They seem to be all over reddit recently.

I say this in jealousy of your cousin Mike.

mrsparkuhlah 08/03/2012

fox cuddles: probably the cutest fucking thing i've seen all day.

mnbam23 08/03/2012

Looks like he's smirking.

ferrari1320 08/03/2012

Clicking on the link "What a cute do- oh ca- huh what?"

bahhamburger 08/03/2012

Which one is your cousin?

KingOfCopenhagen 08/03/2012

He needs to be careful snuggling up to that fox like that, it creates a serious risk of being absolutely fucking adorable.

redditor-for-2-hours 08/03/2012

Your cousin Mike should do an AMA about living life with a fox.

ChelseaIsCrazy 08/03/2012


TeamKitsune 08/03/2012

aww thats so cute. i didnt think foxes could be domesticated to that degree.

jlb0494 08/03/2012

Years later that fox went on to be the star of one of the most popular internet browsers around...

yamatoshi 08/03/2012

Looking at the thumbnail, I thought "that looks like a fox" I clicked it thinking "it has to just be a red colored dog"

And it is a fox. That is awesome! He looks happy too, that's amazing!

codevii 08/03/2012

Can foxes really be domesticated?

TristanPEJ 08/03/2012

This is so badass

onicholas21 08/03/2012

More pics of cropper!

AlwaysWet 08/03/2012

Ok- I'll be that kid before you all go running out and picking out your new pet foxes...

It's no bueno to own such an exotic pet usually

That being said, this guy looks content, as long as this guys state hasn't made it a felony to own such an animal - as mine has.

shandelier 08/03/2012

Your cousin is a furry?

passwordislove 08/03/2012

This is my favourite subreddit because it confirms that there ARE good people in the world.

hbombto 08/03/2012


nickzilla49 08/03/2012

I wish I saw this on here instead of Facebook... I see a BUNCH of cute pictures stolen from here on my facebook.

darkwavechick 08/03/2012

Get him a big fireplace and a pipe and I'll get me a glass of milk and some cookies. I want to hear all his stories

H_war 08/03/2012

Take all my upvotes!

RelytNosredna 08/04/2012

This has got to be one of the cooler things I've seen. Now I can continue convincing my boyfriend that we can indeed have a fox for a pet. :p

arii7 08/04/2012

Very cool picture.

Bikenutt 08/03/2012

The fox looks like it's giving the muttley laugh.

ByronsReward 08/03/2012

That is a red fox, and I am a green-eyed monster.

FruitPlatter 08/03/2012

That is freaking awesome!!!

DonnaEliz 08/03/2012

Is he aware that this is NOT a cat? Is everyone aware that this is NOT a cat?

gotnatalie 08/03/2012

I love this picture and am insanely jealous! I'd love to cuddle a fox like that. :-)

[deleted] 08/03/2012

Is that a fox?

EPICMON 08/04/2012

So jealous!

Jessica2590 08/03/2012

Automatic upvote for red foxes. Of both the 4 and 2 legged varieties....

Cinemaphreak 08/03/2012

No.... Isaac Asimov is dead already

ScannerBrightly 08/03/2012

Aww you sir get a upvote!

Carterage678 08/03/2012

I've always wanted a pet fox...

To_The_Knacker 08/03/2012

Awwwwww, fuck that's adorable

RockyPowPow 08/03/2012

He should be named Trodd!

thechuu 08/03/2012

Cute. My pomeranian always keeps one eye half open when he snuggles, too. :3

[deleted] 08/03/2012

He probably thinks he hit the jackpot. Free food never having to hunt or go hungry can sleep without having to have guard up and can just relax and enjoy his day.

heimdal77 08/03/2012

That's not Copper, that's Tod!

strawcat 08/03/2012

Awwwwe I want a fox! But will it eat my cats? I'm torn...

[deleted] 08/03/2012

Oh. I need a pet fox.

thepartyscene 08/03/2012

That fox looks kind of like its plotting against him

Kuczaj 08/03/2012

After freeing slaves, Abe freed foxes? I've got to admit, going from hunting vampires and zombies to sleeping with foxes shows a crummy career trajectory.

Radico87 08/03/2012

I LOVED the sweet.

OneEyedB 08/03/2012

I... would love to have a fox in my house. Just saying.

Sanhael 08/03/2012

Where can I get one!?

[deleted] 08/03/2012

I prefer Firefox as well.

pjedirg 08/03/2012

100% Awesome

DwelveDeeper 08/03/2012

That"s fucking awesome! I want a fox, dammit.

tmt1993 08/03/2012

Anyone know if there is restrictions on owning/maintaining a fox in wisconsin or who I should contact?

SWgeek10056 08/03/2012

No the Hound's name was Copper, the fox was named Todd

Seth_Bader 08/03/2012


LifeasV 08/03/2012

That is one foxy grandpa!

berkinberk 08/03/2012

I WANT to be against the domestication of wild animals.....but seriously this picture is too fucking cute for that crap!!:))

madlionz 08/03/2012

you have a fox for a cousin?

stpaul82 08/03/2012

Like a boss. haha

Dorordian 08/03/2012

Sly fox smiles and think "soon".

Depraved1 08/03/2012

Which is why foxes should totally be tamed as pets!

classy_stegasaurus 08/03/2012

The fox is like, "Yeah that's right, hug me bitch"

[deleted] 08/03/2012


[deleted] 08/03/2012

This man. This man here...has a FOX. A FOX GUYS!

fareklol 08/03/2012

Mike: "Do a barrel roll!" Cropper: "For the millionth time..."

finishes_a_sandwich 08/03/2012

Omg! Does the hound live next door!??

Blue_Kitten_Charm 08/04/2012

I like to imagine that your cousin is the fox

bainesworld 08/04/2012

God that would be sooooooo awesome. They are so cute.

readingscarystories 08/04/2012

Holy shit! That's a fucking fox!!

dodecaheytheredron 08/04/2012

Firefox encountered a problem and shut down, I guess.

dwightmoody 08/04/2012

As a guy whose nickname is Cropper, I wish him all the best!

cropperesp 08/04/2012

Dogs will get very attached to the person who rescues them from injury or a bad life, even to the point of becoming possesive/aggressive against others that might come between them and their savior. Seems like the fox is similar in that respect, it's not Mike that's likely to ever get bitten.

Cultjam 08/04/2012

I want a fox best friend :(

Fuck_Arcade_Fire 08/04/2012

I remember I read a story ages ago in a compilation of quirky and strange stuff (may of been a r.ripley), is it true that that the fox had neurological problem which caused it to be able to be domesticated?

ewan90 08/04/2012

If I could upvote more than once I would. First time I actually said aww to an aww post.

cpivagib 08/04/2012

I've seen a video of them before, that fox is ENORMOUS.

ReleeSquirrel 08/04/2012

He's beautiful - glad to see one saved.

[deleted] 08/04/2012