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"The blood of this baby will help me regain my youth."

prepping4zombies 08/30/2012

95/4, so average age of mother at birth = 23.75

Low, but not super low. It's possible that in future generations this experience will be much more common thanks to better health care, though most will be older than 95 when meeting their great great gandchildren.

hippogriffin 08/30/2012

That's very cool. My great great grandmother was 100 years older than me. She died at 105. One day she tells her daughter to gather the family to say goodbye. The day after the family gathered, she died in her sleep.

Guruking 08/30/2012

I'm still trying to get over the fact that you are able to wake up in the morning and say "Today I'm going to go visit my great grandmother."

striderdoom 08/30/2012

Your great Grandma looks incredibly healthy for her age.

DrKushnstein 08/30/2012

its mindblowing to think about. Someone born around ww1 meeting someone that could potentially live until 2100. Did your great grandma ever meet someone that was alive when slavery ended?

Mikerk 08/30/2012

Very cool. I wonder what the "record" is for most generations covered?

JCJen7 08/30/2012

All she can think is "oh hell, it's not like I haven't seen one of these things before."

HotwaxNinjaPanther 08/30/2012

She looks SPECTACULAR for 95!

xSnarfx 08/30/2012

Love it! Your great grandma looks really good, btw. And your daughter is adorable!

sherlocktheholmes 08/30/2012

Kinda late but here was my 5 generation span shortly before my great-grandmother passed.

MasterBettyPain 08/30/2012

A few months ago, we all got a picture taken together: great great grandmother, great grand father, grand father, me, and my daughter. Edit: we are all 25 years apart too... I'm was 25 this year when my daughter was born, dad turned 25 same year I was born, grandfather turned 25 when dad was born, and great grandmother was 25 when my grandfather was born. All first born too.

doughecka 08/30/2012

Fantastic photo of a beautiful moment.

JediHippie 08/30/2012

Great great grandmother who is only 95? Are you fucking 16?

howdoishotReddit 08/31/2012

The older you get the more ape like you look. Statement equally true when you replace the word "older" with "blacker"

uthinkisay 08/30/2012



lisabadcat 08/30/2012

let's say 100/5 generation is ~20

so all the women have had childrens pretty young

evermore88 08/30/2012

Man, you guys start 'um young dontcha

TheGrandestPoobah 08/30/2012

You grandma she is so hot, please give me her phone number, maybe we can hang out sometime. I would love to meet that lovely woman. You know, please tell her I want to meet her. Maybe we can become friends, and we will see what's next

[deleted] 08/30/2012

She's thinking "another one to add to the collection".

Demigodzi 08/30/2012

Which one is which?

theapeboy 08/30/2012

Wow. I was only fortunate enough to meet 3 of my grandparents. Now, at 20 years old, I only have 1 left. I can't even imagine what it would be like to meet my great great grandparent. You and your daughter are very blessed.

adelie189 08/30/2012

gosh...I knew my great grandmother (mom's maternal side) but I couldn't imagine meeting my Great, GREAT grandmother.

I'm almost 26 years old. My great, great grandmother (dad's maternal side - that I know through traceable history) was born in 1855 and died in 1935. Not even close! Her daughter (my great grandmother) died in 1986....just 5 months away from my birth!

sexi_squidward 08/30/2012

This is always great to see. I can't even imagine being able to hold my great great grandchild, that's gotta be such a unique experience. Really puts everything into perspective.

EmGaiz 08/30/2012

Is it not an amazing feeling? My great grandmother passed when I was barely eighteen. It was very moving for all of us to be in the same room together - four generations of ladies!

Romatix 08/30/2012

My great great grandma died around the time I was 10. It was cool being able to know her. Right now my nephew who is 2 years old has a great great grandma and a great great grandpa still alive.

theloraxe 08/30/2012

I'm eternally grateful to know my great grandmother.

jkdeadite 08/30/2012

Something tells me this lady can still turn over her vegetable garden with a pick axe in 7 minutes. That 2 days faster than the average 20 something internet denizen.

MilhausMN 08/30/2012

Your Great Grandma looks like a character! I bet she's a lot of fun. It's very cool that you have so many grands still alive in your family. I only got to know 2 of my grandparents. The other two died before I was born.

emerkaza 08/30/2012

These people are all dicks. This is a beautiful picture.

tmaeee 08/31/2012

This is a great photo, OP! My own great great grandmother was born in 1896 and passed away when I was 12 years old in 1993. Her stories were amazing! Her grandfather fought for the South in the Civil War and he told her about the cold and hunger and disease. Her own husband fought in the first World War and died in an accident during the Great Depression and she always suspected that he committed ...

[deleted] 08/30/2012

I can only hope her shirt says "Rocawear"

DGChainZ 08/30/2012

O wow this affects me in no way whatsoever and I am completely unable to appreciate this picture.


[deleted] 08/30/2012

I love this. :3

CeruleanBlue5 08/30/2012

I'm here for the face-swap.

Spinal_Ooze 08/30/2012

Life :) :)

cccjfs 08/30/2012

Oh shit dude..that old lady is fuckin DOPE.

Derporanious467 08/30/2012

I cant wait for my daughter to be born in a few months. My great grandmother is coming to town and is camping at my mothers place for the rest of my pregnancy because she is so excited for the birth. I think she is still in her eighties but id have to double check that...

JUJUBEES21 08/30/2012

Damn, you guys procreate on a tight schedule.

My Grandmother passed away a couple of years ago at 94 when I was 20. I'm about to turn 24 and in absolutely no hurry to have kids, not to mention too busy.

LoveOfProfit 08/30/2012

That's a beautiful picture. We have pictures of our girls with two of their great Grandmas, and I absolutely love them. Here's one of them from my daughter's recent 3rd birthday party. Not as classy as yours, I'm afraid, but I love it nonetheless.

SammieB1981 08/30/2012

that's just beautiful.

Shackle_Me_Not 08/30/2012

Is her name Caroline?

xwexcollidex 08/30/2012

I could swear I saw the same pic here months ago.

[deleted] 08/31/2012

That's really cool. About a week ago my newborn nephew from my half-sister met his great great grandmother. She is 94 and she was the first dean of girl students at the high school I go to. At my direct sister's graduation, she attended and got to meet the principal. They announced her during the speech, and you can imagine the look on people's faces when he said she was 94.

cinemadness 08/31/2012

My daughter had the pleasure of meeting her great great grandmother just this last Christmas, though the age gap isn't quite as large (my daughter is 14, my great grandma 88). I have my fingers crossed that there isn't a great great great grandaughter/mother meeting any time soon...

tophatpainter 08/31/2012

I have 5 generations. My youngest is 2 and her great great grandmother is 84 and still going. I'm going to give her her 3rd great great grandchild in February.

clair2901 08/31/2012

She looks brilliant! You're really lucky you got this opportunity :) My granny means the world to me, she's so inspirational and I really fear that I won't be as lucky as you to get an amazing shot like this.

Kassiopeia 08/31/2012

95? Lies! She doesn't look a day over 70!

420Qween 08/31/2012

She wasn't born during the French Revolution? Not impressed.

jared091787 08/31/2012

We have four generations in our family. I took the picture, of my grandma, my mom, my sister and her daughter. It was awesome.

Toiletpaperqueen 08/31/2012

You are a good parent for not running this picture through Instagram.

captainfranklen 08/31/2012

Is it just me or do they have the same eyes?

Geoffvster 08/31/2012

I hope your child remembers atleast her great gradparents. I remember some of my great grandparents, and they are some of the fondest memories i have.

Changesomething 08/31/2012

It makes me so happy to see people who know a great grandparent. I was lucky enough to have known my great grandma and great grandpa. Unfortunately both died in 2005 (ages 98 and 101).

[deleted] 08/31/2012

Fat baby legs! Fat baby cheeks! So cute!

God, I'm such a dweeb. I turn into a babbling dork whenever I see a baby. It's pathetic.

robert_ahnmeischaft 08/31/2012

My children never got to meet any of their great-grandparents on my side (all four of my wife's grandparents survive). My last surviving grandparent passed a few months after my oldest's birth, and they never got to meet. My 2nd greatest regret.

chloraphil 08/31/2012

My mom always reminds me that we were a 5 generation family. (I'm not sure why.) but apparently when I was born there was a lot of newspapers in MN and WI that would run stories about our family. I wasn't aware that it was such a big deal.

Revertit 08/31/2012

lookin good for 95. doesnt look a day over her 70's

Cutsprocket 08/31/2012

upvote for rocawear

pourfarmer 08/31/2012

between my side and my wife's side of the family, my children currently have 5 natural great-grandparents still alive.

my mom's parents are in their mid-70's and my eldest child is 5, so we have a slim chance of hitting the 5 living generations span sometime in the late 2020's (i hope it's not sooner than that...)

superflex 08/31/2012

I guess that stuff happens.

pdxchris 08/31/2012

I haven't read all the comments, but I may have a bigger age difference between my son and his great-great grandpa. This is Ernie, who just turned 100 this April, with my son Jackson, who turned 1 four months earlier.

brucecampbell3 08/31/2012

how much dna do they even have in common? (serious question)

leafmealone 08/30/2012

They're both adorable.

shuknjive 08/30/2012

Wouldn't a great-great-grandma be four generations? Grandma=2 generations great+great=2 generations 2+2=4. Correct me if im wrong im just a little confused.

kaajit 08/30/2012