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Whoa, whoa, whoa. There’s still plenty of meat on those bones. Now you take those inside, throw 'em in a pot, add some broth, a potato. Baby, you’ve got a stew going.

Civic_Defender 09/22/2012

Man, that brings back some memories. I had dogs who would bring back road kill to the front door. Many the time I opened the door to rotten deer or wombats. Naturally, the worst one ever they brought back was when I was in the throes of morning sickness and in a hurry. They ditched this rotting wombat body in the drive so I had to move it before I could get the car out. When I went to drag it off ...

FiMack 09/22/2012

Skag carcass.

avree 09/22/2012

Good god what is that a skeleton of, another dog?

crazyparty 09/22/2012

Oh good, damn Lochness monster can't ask for no tree fiddy anymore.

FortyMikeMike 09/22/2012

Are...are your dogs velociraptors...?

Failed_Palindrome 09/22/2012

This is a present, you should probably hang it on the fridge to show how proud you are.

QJ18 09/22/2012

Did it drop any good loot?

Meatslinger 09/22/2012

You can still make a pretty decent broth out of it

Stevedale 09/22/2012

Where do you live, that such skeletal creatures can be found???

WildSyrup 09/22/2012

Over 8 hundred likes and only one commenter mentioned the fact that the dick is still intact on this carcus. The statistical meaning of this is hilarious.

dulanamous 09/23/2012

Young deer or massive dog. Worst my dog has ever dragged home was a "mostly dead" possum. Had to take her to the vet after that, thankfully no problems.

NiteShadeX2 09/22/2012

that right there is a rancho chupicabraj

dillbass 09/22/2012

Your dogs are fucking creepy

imacarpet 09/22/2012

at least he left some for you

keduncan1134 09/22/2012

Can't believe nobody noticed the Os Penis still intact with testicles...

wewewawa 09/23/2012

Is that its penis?

scrizzlybear 09/23/2012

Pretty sure that is a failed human transmutation

On_ne_sait_jamais 09/23/2012

Finish him! FATALITY! Kabal wins!

[deleted] 09/22/2012

When I was in elementary school we had this dog that we'd taken in after my sister found her wandering around the woods near her apartment. God, that dog was friggin' weird--opening doors and drawers by herself. She'd watch television with us at night, eyes on the screen the whole time like a human. But, our house was surrounded by forest, so she always brought nasty stuff back home like rabbits ...

zhaopian 09/23/2012

Apparently they also brought it to the front page.

chmduquesne 09/23/2012

When you live on farm, you get used to that.

It's equivalent to your kid running up to you with a picture shouting "Look at what I just drew!".

JewelzJade 09/23/2012

Oh my gosh! Was the deer ok?

fuckyoubarry 09/23/2012

Looks like that's dry enough it won't smell like much, but if you leave it in the trash shed, bears WILL come rip off the door looking for it. Which is awesome if you like bears in your shed, but most people are a little squeamish about that or something.

mjfgates 09/23/2012

It's a gift for the family

TwoEightThree 09/23/2012

That is no deer I've ever saw

Wonkey-eye-0_o 09/22/2012

I'm surprised a Redditor hasn't figured out what this is yet.

Norma5tacy 09/23/2012

Did your dog just kill and devour a fucking bear?

chilloutntoke 09/23/2012

WTF! Do you live in Jurassic Park?

VictorShakapopulis 09/23/2012

So big the whole skeleton couldn't fit in the picture so we could tell what it is... or... used to be.

dangoodspeed 09/23/2012

That is quite the boner you have there.

HugoStiglitz 09/23/2012

And then after, puppy kisses!

rincon213 09/23/2012

but, but, WE LOVE YOU!

daze32 09/23/2012

Enough there for soup. Don't be thankless. Complete the circle of the bond between man and dog; he helps you hunt for food, you keep him warm with fire. Don't be a bitch.

DrJeckylMrHyde 09/23/2012

fucking dinosaurs

[deleted] 09/23/2012

My brother and I did something similar when we were pretty young. We were playing in a creek, and found some animal bones. It seemed like a good scholarly endeavor to bring them back to my Grandma's house for further study. I don't think she was too pleased.

enki1337 09/23/2012

They're just trying to help out with tonight's stew, relax.

muppethead 09/22/2012

looks like it's giving you the middle finger

_adi 09/22/2012

Hello monstrosity, do you know the times?

Vivarius 09/23/2012

I'm no expert, but i think it might be dead

jwoodsutk 09/23/2012

Alas, poor Yorick! I knew him,

tttulio 09/23/2012

I hope you rewarded your dogs aptly for that.

chunes 09/23/2012

now think of all the times the dog will lick EVERYONE in the house. lick their hands before they eat, like their faces lick his fur.... contracting and... eww

kidbuu42 09/23/2012

Whatever did that, lives nearby.

misterbinny 09/23/2012

Is your dog a dragon born?

UkulelesRock 09/23/2012

What the hell is that and how do I make sure it will never rise again? Acid? Sledgehammer? Fire?

Does fire work on Skeletons? I can never remember if the generic "Undead are weak to fire" applies to skeletons or not.

CitrusSeven 09/23/2012

You breed Dragon Slayers?

hastasiempre 09/23/2012

Son, its not disgusting, it's just reality, take a deep breath and appreciate life.

UraharaZR 09/23/2012

I live in Australia and all my dog brings to the door are the cats squeaky toys. Where the fuck do these Redditors live?

paperconservation101 09/23/2012

LOL! "Cinna(min)", my brothers Scottish Red Lab, went to the field with my brother yesterday (he was setting up for Pheasant Hunting to be conducted this morning).

Found a dead mouse in the field & brought it back to him.

It's like she was thinking "I am supposed to hunt & retrieve. My humans Thunder-Boom stick has not been making noise. *I must bring something back to my human or we ...

Freelancer47 09/23/2012

I'm almost heartbroken picturing the dog's faces when you tell them they can't have it. "But we thought this offering would please you, pack mother!"

FinnTheFickle 09/23/2012

Throw that bone in a pot, you got a stew goin'!

Koozey 09/23/2012

The things dogs put in their mouth.....

vVvMaze 09/23/2012

When I was growing up (Vermont) my dog (a basset hound, for fuck's sake) would bring all manner of nasty shit to the door: a half-rotted calf head, a cow hoof (with a good chunk of the foreleg attached), beaver tail, whatever he could find.

treerex 09/23/2012

You win the internet for tonight.

mfskarphedin 09/23/2012

Shit is all I can say to that

Carmenia 09/23/2012

I think they must've mistaken that for the newspapers.

fellownord 09/23/2012

You pet then and say "Good Dog!" That is a gift, they must hold you in high regard.

binky779 09/23/2012

You don't have dogs, you got skags

Paradox 09/23/2012

Hey, that's mine, I seen it first! Dibs damn it!! >:(

Venrexx 09/23/2012

Scully, what the fuck is this?

ExodusRex 09/23/2012

Is your dog the Lich King?

pizzaroll9000 09/23/2012

I think your cat is sick.

afuturehead 09/23/2012

theres some still meat left on that, take out the grill

backspaceU 09/23/2012

Man what the hell! Do your dogs hunt cows?!

benesatto 09/23/2012

They are sending you a message ... It's their couch. You get down and lay on the floor.

[deleted] 09/23/2012

My husky doesn't bring me carcasses, but he does swollen squirrels whole. Most Of his poops come complete with a tail.

Kimuraa 09/23/2012

At least they ate the head off it :(

El_Hamerino 09/23/2012

atleast cats bring you fresh shit... :/

smagrag 09/23/2012

I really hope thats not an animal.

ABjerre 09/23/2012

Hey, look! It's momma Elric!

TheSumOfAllSteers 09/23/2012

Thats a dead dog. you can tell be the penis bone.

Phyics_Son 09/23/2012

Poor Bambi....

speeder111 09/23/2012

Your dogs have never been prouder.

bio_lol_gist 09/23/2012

Well, thats one way to become an archeoligist... 0_0

QuinnyBoy99 09/23/2012

wtf? whats this??

Hirokomons 09/23/2012

I was just trying to have breakfast, clicking through links. It's too early to see the /r/wtf label...

EzekielBread 09/23/2012

Just be glad they didn't roll in it as well.

AkihabaraBoy 09/23/2012

yep same thing our old dog would do he'd go out and find something just like that and bring it home to sit and chew on the damn thing. Freaked us out when he brought back a skull.

mctowelie420 09/23/2012

"...send it to the cornfield Anthony!"

Geotis 09/23/2012

is that a kangaroo? lol

Motorsagmannen 09/23/2012

Think about that next time they want to give you a doggy kiss.

Stewpid 09/23/2012

atta boy's!

fakelife2 09/23/2012

Clearly a Dead Space slasher. Run.

planetyonx 09/23/2012

Ooh, not pretty! Small, dead mice or birds are cool from a cat, but... I did not know dogs could also bring little "gifts".

Sharain 09/23/2012

It looks like that thing literally has a "boner". It's got a bone sticking out of his crotch!

casendilla 09/23/2012


donrane 09/23/2012

You can imagine how pleased that dog would have thought you would be. Not the reaction it was expecting.

theNorthernSoul 09/23/2012

Dat deer dick

[deleted] 09/23/2012

Holy mother of god. And not a scrap left to nibble on. Selfish dog.

dpharm 09/23/2012

I wouldn't let them lick you for a good 3 days.

[deleted] 09/23/2012

Do you live next door to John Wayne Gacy?

The_Baddboy 09/23/2012

Wow! that's quite an offering!

Bajalove 09/23/2012

what is that even...

Wolf_SF 09/23/2012

Is your bear perhaps named "My dogs"?

Gurkaan 09/23/2012

Did you say thank you?

ArtsyOes 09/23/2012

Dogs, the only fucking animal to kill something bigger than they are without any armor or protection . Strip it of it's flesh, then crush and eat it's skull like a snack...and not act like total badasses about it. Dogs are cool. Also I had a Saint Bernard that used to like to kill skunks...her nose was stained green the majority of her life. Sweet and usually smart dog aside from that though.

FreezerBurn94 09/23/2012

It's the deer from that guy's yard!

death_style 09/24/2012

Damn you. I have ribs thawing for dinner.

MamaLickaBooBooDay 09/24/2012