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Give us more information OP, we don't know if the mechanic was an asshole or what. For example a head gasket would cost like £10 but would be several hours of labour.

HoracioDuck 06/28/2013

Not uncommon. Car parts aren't that expensive usually. Mechanics' time, however, is very pricy.

NinjaBuddha13 06/28/2013

A dealership once offered to replace my cabin air filter for $90. Wondering what that was and how difficult it would be to replace, Youtube. Opened the glove box, there is cabin air filter. The filter cost me $5.

On a side note, they showed me "my" dirty cabin air filter. the one in my car was not the one that they showed me. never went back.

th33ntertainer 06/28/2013

It was a missing gas cap.

saxet7 06/28/2013

Success Kid



^^These ^^captions ^^aren't ^^guaranteed ^^to ^^be ^^correct

CaptionBot 06/28/2013

Here is what the linked meme says in case it ever becomes unavailable:

Success Kid

>|Post Title :| My first attempt at fixing a car myself. I hope I'm not back here in a week with BLB...| >|-:|:-| >|Top :|MECHANIC QUOTED ME $150 | >|Bottom :|*FIXED IT MYSELF FOR $15 * |

[Image ...

memedad-transcriber 06/28/2013

Reminds me of the time I took my car to a Goodyear service shop for an annual inspection on a 3 year old car. I informed the mechanic I removed the wiper fuse because i needed it for something else (my shitty radio.) The asshole mechanic gave me an estimate for $649.00, I flipped the fuck out. All it needed was a wiper fuse and new blades. They wanted to redo my entire electric system when it ...

NiceBreakfast 06/28/2013

As a guy that runs a repair shop... Good for you. Tech time is expensive. Trust me.

One10soldier1 06/28/2013

I just replaced the upper control arms, upper ball joints, and lower ball joints on my Ranger. I borrowed the required tools from the local shop and it cost me about $110 for parts and $70 for an alignment ($180 total). I called up the dealership to see how much they would charge for the service. They ball parked me at $1200 - $1500. feelsgoodman.jpg Also, thank you to the good people of youtube ...

[deleted] 06/28/2013

Worked as as a Heavy Equipment Mechanic Apprentice of sorts for a large rental and repair company. Our labor rate was about 170 an hour, parts were naturally expensive for the customer and I only made 12 dollars an hour out of that. They still charged that rate even if I was working on it and it was something super simple like an 1000 hour maintenance. So basically they made a lot of money off of ...

jestjokin890 06/28/2013

The issue is you're paying them for the time it takes, and they charge extra if they have to buy the part.

My dad's method was always, get a quote, find out how much if he supplies the part as well, and if he can do it himself for less than a few hours work, he would.

Turpskadey 06/28/2013

$150 sounds reasonable

Fuckedfromabove 06/28/2013

Fixing cars is easy unless something goes wrong, which can happen pretty easily. Then a quick job turns into a nightmare.

marbarkar 06/28/2013

My mechanic (an honest guy, often fixes stuff with duct tape and bubble gum and only charges a couple bucks for "shop supplies") offered to do my brakes for $300. $70 in parts and tools and a couple hours later they were better than ever. And I get to keep the tools (large C-clamp, siphon and parking brake wrench that I didn't need.)

HI_Handbasket 06/28/2013

Seriously, what was the problem and what was your fix? We will tell you if you're good or not?

10_96 06/28/2013

My car has had issues twice in the past year. The first time, it was because there was some sort of electrical leak and my battery would die overnight every time. I called a bunch of places and asked how much it would take to just check out the problem, not even to repair it, and every place quoted me $90-100 to run the test. One place offered it for free but dude had a heavy accent and didn't ...

Vidyogamasta 06/28/2013

Yeah dude mechanics do that stuff, usually by saying whats wrong with your car with techno-mechanic-shit language that noone knows what it really means so it sounds serious and too hard to fix yourself and it sounds expensive so they can get away with it ya know?

mazu747 06/28/2013

Fuel filter?

CYPitSlowly 06/28/2013

I'll one-up ya. Quoted for $650, fixed it for $4 (a connector wasn't plugged in)

stikshift 06/28/2013

Don't worry you won't be back, you can't post if you're dead.

FirexJkxFire 06/29/2013

On average most mechanics will charge about 10 times what the item cost for labor. This is pretty accurate. There are a few things different but with my brother being a mechanic he tells me how much they charge for small things all the time.

Tacotuesdayftw 06/28/2013