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100% possible. Honestly if you had planned on getting color in the first place, it would have looked very similar if not exactly the same to this before coloring.

Tattoos have three stages, lining, black shading, color. The color goes over the black shading.

GoldenGonzo 08/21/2012

Absolutely! A GOOD artist can make anything happen

OpiateCocktail 08/21/2012

That can easily be colored in; it's very light. Find a good shop and get a consultation. They'll tell you what they can do and go from there.

trippindicular 08/21/2012

There's something awfully endearing about this tattoo. I hope it turns out well!

Flint_Westwood 08/21/2012

Absolutely, have an artist take a look and he/she will give their recommendations on what do to, but you can do this without a doubt.

sdelaney83 08/21/2012


MrMelty 08/21/2012

Almost all of my colour tattoos started out with just outlines and shading, then sessions for layers and layers of colour. Enjoy your new tattoo!

Malcolm1276 08/21/2012

Yeah, there is tons of potential for shading.

[deleted] 08/21/2012

Dearest Brits (and all others who spell it "colour"),

Its spelled COLOR!! No need for that extra "u"... just trying to make your lives a little easier..



P.S. Feel free to apply the same rule to "favourite"

BordFree 08/22/2012