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What is the hell is a womb stretch?

northern__arc 11/23/2012

The real wtf is his fingers, he should wash them.

Cool_sandwich 11/23/2012

If you have to ask, you can't afford it.

RedditBeGentle 11/23/2012

Titty chewing and some finger fiddles on the side for me please, oh and a plain insertion to go.

BBWDomina 11/23/2012

Is this a price list for a male whore?

Also.... womb stretch.... 0.o

eak125 11/23/2012

Wait, lube costs extra? That's counter-intuitive.

Vorpal_Hammer 11/23/2012

Okay, what the fuck for real here.

Why are they charging so damn much for finger diddles?

IrishManStain 11/23/2012

Is this card old? I know Vaseline is far more expensive these days.

payphonepromise 11/23/2012

Your friend's co-worker's hands are diirty.

josawalk 11/23/2012

I'm french and what the hell is a "french tickler"? I'm a bit worried to ask actually.

korainato 11/23/2012

Whats a womb stretch?

Emmyeh 11/23/2012

Manicures: $125

UncleRobbie 11/23/2012

Okay, did some research, and a womb stretch is when your penis is so long is hurts the woman. So they're charging extra if you have a long penis.

Pykoh 11/23/2012

I'll take 3 finger diddles please

miicah 11/23/2012

Well I can bring my own Vaseline. Cash money in my pocket.

Asherbaby 11/24/2012

What is this?

Light_inc 11/23/2012

...I guess if that's what you're into...

[deleted] 11/23/2012

If you go to the Mustang Ranch brothel, they hand you a menu like this. No prices though. Everything must be negotiated. (I know this from a tour of the onsite museum)

MsModernity 11/24/2012

Where does he work?

Evilgeek 11/23/2012

I might have an idea..

Runforrestrunrunrun 11/23/2012