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How badass is that? I salute you, sir. You are a gentleman and an ENT. :P

theKeifMeister 02/15/2013

What website did you get it from?

XtraLargePope 02/15/2013

I'm trying to do this with a laser cutter by myself in a few days. Will surely deliver.

1757 02/15/2013

does yours actually work? because i ordered one a few months ago and ive never been so disappointed with a vaporizer in my whole life :P

Garblefarb 02/15/2013

That's awesome! Good for you! I didn't know they were making pineapple ones now! Almost makes me wish I didn't already have an MFLB! I want something to match my pineapple grinder.

gingroff 02/15/2013

just got mine the other day! Cheers!

Ballistic_Walrus 02/15/2013

Awesome! I love mine.

gravityfriend 02/15/2013

great company run by great people. quality vape, would smoke again

Jicaboo33 02/15/2013

I'm envious. After purchasing mine at a smoke shop, I saw that I could have ordered it, waited just a few days to have it, and it would have a pineapple like yours! Very nice, man!

prometheus5500 02/15/2013

So, how is the MFLB compared to say an Atmos? The guy at my headshop told me why the Atmos was so much better, but when I asked him some specific questions about the battery and heating time he said that he never used an Atmos.

ShoogerBear 02/15/2013

I didn't even know this existed. If only I needed another one...

anoxy 02/15/2013


SpleWge 02/15/2013

My regular mflb came in the mail today too

Gucci420 02/15/2013

What the hell.. My MFLB doesn't have a pineapple on it!@!!@

Faded_Yup 02/15/2013

Anyone know how torch lighter pipes fair up to one of these? Saw them pretty cheap on amazon.

ricktr0ll 02/15/2013

got mine the other day. Huge fan, I haven't smoked my usual after work bowl in over a week, I've just been vaping my ass off.

backwardsman89 02/16/2013

I just bought mine last week. IT IS AMAZING. Very private and awesome. :) also I'm at a good [7].

NamesRed 02/16/2013

Where can one purchase one of these ?

loganfergus 02/16/2013

DOPE af!!! I'm jelly mine isn't custom swag like that.

juicydrewc 02/15/2013