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You shouldn't have to ask at all. That should have been priority number 1 when he woke up.

callmeRichard 07/29/2013

After warning #2, start putting his things in the puke.

sevpay 07/29/2013

So I created an account just for a response to this post, this is a sink in my (douchebag) roommates room:

RizzutosNOTAWORD 07/29/2013

Things like this are the reason why I live aloneā€¦

my_good_guy_acc 07/29/2013

When I was unbelievably drunk a couple Christmases ago I spewed in my friends bathroom sink (the toilet was occupied and I couldn't wait) I managed to fill the whole sink, which I know I fricking gross but I was kinda proud . . Anyway, in my drunken state I had to put my hand in it to 'unblock' the drain. I cleaned it properly with cleaning products and everything, also my arm. Well, I though I ...

Ihavepills 07/29/2013

Kick... Kick him in the nuts.

aVedde 07/29/2013

Jeez, the same thing happened in my dorm this passed year. The bastard threw up all over my dishes and refused to clean it up for six hours after he woke up. It was only until everyone else in the dorm gave him shit that he decided to clean it up and even then he did a half ass job.

THATGUY0960 07/29/2013

My ex-roommate had food poisoning and threw up all over our upstairs bathroom, didn't clean any of it then moved out the next day.

Invisible96 07/29/2013

Hahaha. Try living with two feline roommates.

Fnr32 07/29/2013

My old roommate did that. Not only did he lie about it, but he also kept what little deposit we got back.

pradbitt87 07/29/2013

Let me tell you about the worst roommate I ever had.

We lived in an 8 bedroom house and one of us was going away to study abroad for a semester. I told the crew, "don't worry, I know someone who is transferring here next semester and can definitely take John's room.". I knew him as a friend of a friend and had hung out with him a bunch of times.

So we give him the room that happens to be ...

chromebook1 07/29/2013

I rented a place with my best mate and he did exactly the same.

This was the final straw and I decided I couldn't live with that savage anymore.

Mr_Jams 07/29/2013

The only option is to diarrhea in his sink.

Jonaldson 07/29/2013

yeah, thats the worst. my friend puked all over my carpet and then left before i woke up!

myckethemligt 07/29/2013

drunk puking or sick puking?

PriscillaPresley 07/29/2013

He's still waiting for his mommy to clean it up.

againstthegrain187 07/29/2013

Who pukes in a sink?

Why not the toilet? Why not a trash can? You'll clog a fuckin' sink like that.

JackPoe 07/29/2013

Vomit is something you clean when you are still very drunk, all so you can hopefully forget the experience after you finish, wash your hands, and pass out.

Badgerfacts 07/29/2013

"bothersome?" STFU!

dpski 07/29/2013

Puked in a friends sink yesterday after accidentally swallowing too much pool water (I am a bad swimmer apparently) and it was clean in the next 15 minutes. It's just what you do man.

standupstanddown 07/29/2013

My roommates and I had a party and a guy was taking shots out of the gin and rum bottles all night. He threw up all over the bathroom and himself, then pasted out against the tub. Woke him up and told him to come back and clean the next day. The next morning, he came and cleaned it up. Of course he looked like he wanted to die.

springer5150 07/29/2013

I'm a residential counselor for adults with severe mental illness. This is a weekly occurrence. Also, with poop.

theweirdbeard 07/29/2013

Who just leaves puke sitting around? I drank too much once and puked all over the floor and toilet, immediately cleaned it up even though I was almost too drunk to stand up, felt like shit and had puke on my shirt. Then I took a shower and fell asleep in the tub for a couple hours.

TrimPot 07/29/2013

My 4 year old knows the proper place to puke is in the toilet.

B200pilot 07/29/2013

Can I one-up and say my first-year college roommate did this... but with my suitcase?

cabiel 07/29/2013

I'll tell you what that is right there... that's a paddlin'

[deleted] 07/29/2013

Take a dump in his bedroom and don't clean it until you finish a whole day on reddit

Myshuroff 07/29/2013

'twas bothersome and had to ask more than once. Why not just get teh puke and launch it at him?

Dysopian 07/29/2013

Scoop it out and place in his car without mentioning it?

frothface 07/29/2013

hey buddy, i'm going to make this a bigger issue for you if you don't clean it up. I'll make it so you need to do a FUCK TON of laundry if you know what i mean.

rubbed my brothers pillowcase and favorite shirts in his puke, he never dawdled again

stupernan1 07/29/2013

I had a roommate do this once.

mirpanda 07/29/2013

Put some gloves on, scoop it up with one of his cups and pour it on his bed...

InevitableAsshole 07/29/2013

I read that as 'pukes in your skin' and was left trying to comprehend that for longer than I would care to say.

reuben_duncan 07/29/2013

was there a tiger in the bathroom though?

altarr 07/29/2013

Damn, these comments made me thank god that my roommate is only incredibly bad at picking up after himself/leaves a mess all over the kitchen.

Semordonix 07/29/2013

So when can I move in?

Count-Basie 07/29/2013

Well at least you found out about it right away. My friend puked in my bathroom sink once and washed it down the drain. I didn't find out about it until the bathroom started to smell like rotting corpses everytime I ran hot water.

chopin2197 07/29/2013

i would think if you vomited in someone sink you would vomit and then immidiatly turn the water on and somewhat clean it out.

katesedit 07/29/2013

This happened in my college apartment last year. Except, instead of a sink, it was an entire bathroom. And it was the day before a health inspection, and we got fined $200.

nocaptain11 07/29/2013

should've poured it on his bed/mattress

Doctah9 07/29/2013

Who the fuck pukes in a sink anyway? That's what toilets are there for.

weabot 07/29/2013

Shit in his

falilth 07/29/2013

My roommate left his puke in our sink for three whole days. Left the window open for a few nights to air the room out, and that's how I woke up with ants in my bed.

IamTheFishman 07/29/2013

I don't always puke...but when I do I clean my shit up and act like it never even happened

sm_delta 07/29/2013

It's in the most convenient place to clean, too. Ha!

1brennan2 07/29/2013

That's nasty. Maybe not the kind of person you wish to associate with.

True story, related to this topic:

My roommate once puked on the wall and did not clean it up at all, despite being asked repeatedly the next day. He is now serving life in prison without the possibility of parole for killing a baby.

spctrbytz 07/29/2013

I had a roommate that puked all over our floor two days after moving in. He wasn't drunk, just super baked and ate way too much chinese food/milk/ice cream, and probably some other shit. He just kept sitting there with his girlfriend at the time and I'm like OK dude, went and bought supplies for him to clean it up. He decided to give it a quick wipe up and go back home until school started. ...

sixbluntsdeep 07/29/2013

he was hungover let him sleep it off big cry baby.

kenuffff 07/29/2013

Fucking grow a pair!

bacchus88 07/29/2013

Shit on his pillow. Or, just urinate on it if you're feeling more mellow.

Idiot_Wrangler 07/29/2013

had my brother puke in the backseat of my car and he never cleaned it

treebears 07/29/2013

I'd have scooped it up into a bucket and poured it on his lazy sleeping fucking head...but that's just me.

TheTallGuy0 07/29/2013

Was he ill or somehow bedridden?

GroundhogExpert 07/30/2013

Wouldn't it be his sink too? If he is your roommate not just a freind that came over.

theopolous 07/29/2013

Roommate did this in college with his trash can

EdibleBatteries 07/29/2013

This happened toe but the guy left and didnt clean it i noticed later and told him to come back and clean it he came the next day..... I really wanted to wshh his ass

morningbowl44 07/29/2013

I did this. I didn't get a warning though. My friend's mom cleaned it before I awoke from my blackout. Still feel terrible about it.

AnonymousActor 07/29/2013

I had a roomate that hurled in the bathroom. He started in the sink, made it to the toilet and a little further. There was a constant stream of chunk from sink past the toilet. it stayed for weeks.

phillypbass 07/29/2013

I would go to the landlord and ask for the security deposit to be split into your half and his half.

360walkaway 07/29/2013

That reminds me of the time I drunkenly threw up into a friends living room while we were watching a movie, casually got up and went home without saying a word.

He kinda sorta took his revenge when he surprise-barfed on my shoes a few weeks later. He didn't even seem all that drunk, just nonchalantly mentioned that he's going to throw up, threw up, then passed out.

We really suck at ...

ICameForTheWhores 07/29/2013

this is absurd

sickcunt23 07/29/2013

I once puked in a sink at someones house who I didn't know at a party. I washed all their dishes in my drunken stupor. They weren't even mad.

BiggerLongerAndUncut 07/29/2013

Brother's GF did this ... a whole week went by in their duplex before somebody made a move about it. It was not her.

DreamingMerc 07/29/2013

I had a roommate once who pooped somewhat near the toilet bowl, but not necessarily in it. He was gross in every aspect of life. It didn't take to long before the house was infested with mice and roaches. I fucking hated the place.

urwfjsjfsfstgs 07/29/2013

THIS HAPPENED TO ME TOO! Birthday bar crawl for him. I wake up in the morning, he's gone home and there's dried puke in the sink. " I didn't think I puked last night" well if not you, then it was one of your friends. I was pissed. And of course I couldn't leave it there for the whole weekend, so I got to clean it up.

Wildkarrde_ 07/29/2013

At least he didn't clog it with puke, like someone in our neighbours' flat.

grey_ushanka 07/29/2013

One of my terrible college roommates puked in the kitchen sink on the dishes one morning as I was walking out the door for clinic. When I got back 9 hours later, it was still there. I had guests staying with me that week. They were disgusted.

elizabethmeghan 07/29/2013

Clean it up with rags and put them in his pillow cases.

woohab 07/29/2013

damn. my SO's friend puked in a decorative glass bowl of ours once, and he immediately got up to clean it out. since we had a ton anyways, we tossed it instead. but at least he offered.

megatron1988 07/29/2013

I had a roommates friend puke in my sink my freshman year. Mw and my three other roommates barged into his dorm pulp fiction style, he cleaned it with his barehands

DylanTheChamp 07/29/2013

So he was probably hungover. And what would happen if you try to clean up puke when dangerously hungover? You're gonna puke again. So now you got twice the amount of puke on your hands. Use your fuckin head, OP.

Chombler 07/29/2013

Rub his nose in it.

BostonStone 07/29/2013

I would....MURDER....congratulations on your restraint, OP.

I cannot imagine many things more disgusting or inconsiderate. O____O

laceyiq 07/29/2013

LPT: Never puke in a sink unless it is a disposal. No matter how hard you try, if you ate anything other than soup before, you will never be able to just rinse it down. You will have to pick that shit out.

MirkOutSwirvOut 07/29/2013

My future brother-in-law does this with the portable toilet in the RV we take camping, but instead of puke, he shits and doesn't clean it out.

Kelzer66 07/29/2013

I nicely asked my roommate to do simple things; over and over and over again. He did not listen at all, and that is why we are not renewing his lease. He threw a hissy fit when he found out he could not stay here. Now he's doing stupid things to try to avoid me. Little does he know - we don't have to give him his security deposit back. Silly children hahaha

Triple_Felon 07/29/2013

I lived with around 10 guys during university and we had a big Saturday night as usual. By the afternoon people started mentioning that whoever threw up in the sink upstairs really had to go and clean it. It was only when I went upstairs and saw the half chewed mcchicken pattie that I had the flashback and remembered I had McDonald's that night.

[deleted] 07/29/2013

You needed me for this, I'm known as the puke fairy in my circle of friends, I've cleaned sick out of sinks, toilets, bowls anything you can think of, hell I've even let someone be sick in my hands to avoid getting sick on the carpet.

QuitePossiblyBritish 07/29/2013

Yeap. Been there!

reccoon 07/29/2013

My roommate did the same thing to me once, except he didn't tell me it was puke. I got home from work and was pissed about how dirty the sink was (weeks of dishes and food matter). I swore off the use of my own kitchen because of how unsanitary he would make it. I had a girl coming over and wasn't going to let her see it like that so I cleaned the whole thing out. The smells that came out of ...

a-c-moore 07/29/2013

I once vomited in the sink. 18 beers within the course of a college basketball game. There were 8-9 min left in the game which is 20-30 in reality. I am down to 2 beers and I chug them. I can feel them coming up from my cold gut and struggle to force them back down. I do and cheers went all around. I sit down and the beer wants a curtain call. I rush to the bathroom, which is 5 steps away, and ...


My roommate did the same thing and the sink was full of dishes. And then he actually blamed my other roommate for not doing the dishes

okay_johnson 07/29/2013

You should find his phone and call his mom. He seems to be around that maturity level still.

Hoffman81 07/29/2013

I had a roommate once who pulled something like this.

We had a new years eve party, things got out of hand. He ended up puking on the hand towel in the bathroom. Okay, no problem, it's NYE.

I left the following morning - pukey hand towels still there - alright, he's still passed out. I was gone a week, a full fucking week. When I got back, the puke covered (and now rotting) hand towels were ...

Musclecar123 07/29/2013

You should have pooped on his pillow.

SteroidSandwich 07/29/2013

If he's sick maybe he's just not up to it?

jdb12 07/29/2013

HAH, my roommate pukes on his floor next to his bed, and leaves it there for 2 months. we found it after we kicked him out after he couldnt pay his rent for 3 months. he had girls in his room between these two months and im pretty sure all of them banged him

teambroto 07/29/2013

Ha. At least he puked in the sink. My boyfriend and i's roommate tried to go outside but was so drunk he couldn't open the screen door, so he puked on the door. My boyfriend hates alcohol, so he was pretty pissed. We told him to clean it up, as my boyfriend had to leave through that door for work at 3 am. The roommate pushed the puke around and went back to bed. So my bf and I had to clean up ...

whatsitsbucket 07/29/2013

Shit like this makes me so thankful that I bought/can afford my own home without roommates. Being a adult and not a college kid is so rewarding.

Spikebone 07/29/2013

I had a roomate that made a sausage and marinara dish for his girlfriend and let it sit with the leftovers in it until it made the whole kitchen reak. I told him he needed to clean it or I was throwing the pan away and he said fine throw it away I'm not cleaning it. Real cool when people don't clean their own messes

rshot 07/29/2013

If he does it again it's escalation time. Take a subtle dump on his pillow.

Beardyhead 07/29/2013

This happened toe but the guy left and didnt clean it i noticed later and told him to come back and clean it he came the next day..... I really wanted to wshh his ass

morningbowl44 07/29/2013

I had a roommate in college who came home drunk one night. He proceeded to vomit in the bathroom sink AND the kitchen sink (which contained dishes). In the morning, he bragged about how he's never thrown up in a toilet. I didn't understand then, and I don't understand now. That's one of the functions the toilet serves.

Fuck that guy. Fuck everything about that. I found a new roommate the next ...

Doctor_Insano_PhD 07/29/2013

I'd be pissed if I even had to ask once

wizardlegs 07/29/2013

Scoop it up in a bucket and pour it on his bed. He'll be forced to clean it up then.

Mrswhiskers 07/29/2013

Punch him in the mouth like a man. Society coddles people like this because the person affected just gets online and griefs about it. Guaranteed he won't do it again and he'll learn respect for other people and their things.

AlphaDt5 07/29/2013

What's even worse is when an asshole makes YOU seem like the bad guy for asking for something.

zelric 07/29/2013

The fuck? Can he not just run the sink a bit????

The_Amazing_Shlong 07/29/2013

One time, during a party at a friends house, I got really sick and projectile vomited all over his toilet. Didn't make it all in of course. My friend was wondering where I went because I disappeared for so long. I couldn't even stand up straight but I still cleaned up my fucking puke from around his toilet while in a drunken stupor.

UnappreciatedComment 07/29/2013

Was the guy's name Matt by any chance?

tchaiks 07/29/2013

Did that once. Had to fish it out with my hands after I recovered from the bug two days later.

CaughtMeALurkfish 07/29/2013

Rub his face in it.

Iokuas 07/29/2013

Get some rubber gloves, scrape out the sink, throw the shit on his pillow.

You did ask him multiple times, after all.

MyReligionIsPhysics 07/30/2013

My buddy did the same thing except he snuck out of the house before I woke up.

sethghecko 07/30/2013

whatever happened to Forever Alone? It isn't even featured on that site. That was the best of them all.

theshalomput 07/30/2013

The LiveMeme Transcription:

My roommate this weekend. I found it bothersome that I had to ask more than once.

Scumbag Steve



^This ^message ^is ^not ^guaranteed ^to ^be ^correct. ^| ^FAQ ^| ...

LiveMeme_Transcriber 07/30/2013

Could have ended this meme after the top line. I don't understand people who puke in sinks.

[deleted] 07/30/2013