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I have more if there's enough interest.

MrFort 07/23/2013

I was scared to go outside because the wind was blowing the leaves on the trees, like the Happening.

xPrestigeWWx 07/23/2013

Why the fuck would one need to have a late pass?

I don't know about t̶h̶e̶ ̶U̶S̶ Australia, but I think that when you're late the situation should look something like this:

  • You're late
  • You enter the school
  • You go to your classroom
  • You say "Good morning. I'm sorry I'm late Mrs. XYZ."
  • Teacher says "Sit Down"
  • You sit down
  • End of fucking story

I don't really get why you need to have ...

rzyua 07/24/2013

I always just put "I had to poop"

kidnamedscottmescudi 07/24/2013

Anyone have the link to the post of the guy who saw someone standing in the road dressed as the guy from silent hill on a foggy day?

Trevdoogle 07/24/2013

At the end of last year, a student gave me one that said she was chased by a velociraptor.

Muskogee 07/24/2013

That's a valid excuse if you ask me

BobNakamura 07/23/2013

My HS was the same, and on the last day of each school year the headmaster would read the funniest ones from the senior class. There was some pure gold there.

Liberal_Gibbon 07/24/2013

To be fair, Silent Hill 2 also scares the shit out of me.

grimeyes 07/24/2013

Reminds me of when my brother, his two friends and I walked to school on Earth day. Reason for being late - Earth Day. We realized that we all usually take buses so we didn't save any gas from being used...

ijimbodog 07/24/2013

I turned 18 in December of my senior year of high school. It was great writing absent notes like "asherrd was sick yesterday. signed asherrd"

asherrd 07/24/2013

You go to a Victorian public school.

LevelupTFM 07/24/2013

Ya know, I too think of Silent Hill every time I see thick fog. I just hope not to hear the sirens that come after it. ಥ_ಥ

The_Emprah 07/24/2013

We used to have these at school. A good friend of mine came up with a few gems - 'I felt like a comma in the sentence of time' and 'my cat broke down on the way to school', the former being my personal favourite.

vogelybear 07/24/2013

Read that as latte passes.

parhelion12 07/24/2013

One time the theme played on my ipod's walking-to-school-playlist while I was walking through the fog, to school. Went home.

rath_of_the_kutolah 07/24/2013

Evidently they have yet to receive their shipment of big red "Illegitimate" stamps.

As a frequent tardyboy and consummate afraidofthedarker I approve.

Cormophyte 07/24/2013

No train dwarf?. Do you even archer?.

diceyy 07/24/2013

Didn't know there was a jdif school

Swaga_Dagger 07/24/2013

That's a great reason, actually. If I saw that, I would nod and be like "You did right."

DarkRubberDucky 07/24/2013


Craziemaker123 07/24/2013

My buddy used to do this all the time. Some of my favourites were:

Abducted by frog people

Catching up on Breaking Bad

'No time to explain, I'm late!'

Adventuring in a parallel universe

and, 'The bus was late' - He was a boarder.

Emyks 07/24/2013

I think this is pretty valid. Silent Hill is scary as fuck.

HeartlessAtAFuneral 07/24/2013

This is a legitimate reason to be late. And a more than good enough reason to stay home if you hear church bells or sirens through the fog

Lupawolf 07/24/2013

One year I was "Class Rep". This meant that I was responsible for picking up the student roll and giving it to the first teacher of the morning. Astute readers will notice that under this system, it was not empirically possible for me ever to be late. My class started consistently 5 minutes later than every other all year. You're welcome fellow teen night-owls.

Ariadnepyanfar 07/24/2013

How large is your school / how densely populated is your town/city? I find it fascinating that they need a dedicated machine for receipts just for late arrival students. And what does that slip of paper even prove? that someone acknowledged how late you were? why not just up to class and have the teacher be like "oh, hey MrFort. you're late" and mark it in his attendance sheet?

So ...

yooman 07/24/2013


CREM_BRULAY 07/24/2013

My school had this too, the compass system thingo.

I pretty much always put "doctor" or "late" because I was so incredibly unimaginative, unlike OP.

calluum 07/24/2013

Glad my school didnt do that, if you were late to school, fuck it, walk in and walk around the halls until the next class, or dont show up at all they didnt care

Toonsxo 07/24/2013

Here, this should help.


Rgriffin1991 07/24/2013

Signed, Epstein's Mom

PurplePeaker 07/24/2013

It was foggy where I go to school to about 11 today. Would you happen to go to school in rural NSW?

Atekae 07/24/2013

All we have to do is go to reception, sign the late book and if you're in the late book more than once a month you get detention. Unless you had a note from your parents then it didnt count towards detention.

keanehoody 07/24/2013

My 1st grade teacher looked like the Wicked Witch of the West....but mom still made me get on that bus.Man up will be just fine.

swampthing117 07/24/2013


[deleted] 07/24/2013

My late slips used to make the administrator laugh: "Polar bear on the railway line. train thus delayed"

"Got out of bend and fell into a vortex"

"Saw some strange lights in the sky and then I appeared to have lost an hour"

lorri789 07/24/2013

Get to school.

Hear an air siren.


JDLovesElliot 07/24/2013

This excuse is completely valid.

coolguygeofry 07/24/2013

I think I would like to avoid my inner demons as well.

SteroidSandwich 07/24/2013

Hey when you have silent hill fog rollin in there's no shame in running inside and cowering under a table. Pyramid Head is out there....and he will rape you.

New_Hampshire_Ganja 07/24/2013

I refequently did this in high school, my personal favourites were

"paparazzi attack"


"bomb scare"

patters22 07/24/2013

This is why they try to ban all the violent/scary games in Austraila. Apperently you guys can't simply handle them.

deafrave 07/24/2013

I totally sympathize with that kid... couple times I've woken up in the morning here and it HAS looked like Silent Hill!

Hezkezl 07/24/2013

I was actually late once and told my teacher I couldn't find the building in the fog.... It didn't work ..

S_Nickels 07/24/2013

I once skipped class in high school because there was a snake on the sidewalk on the way to class. My teacher loved that one.

lmvo23 07/24/2013

my high school did this. when i was a senior i would say the craziest things i could such as, I was off saving the galaxy from aliens made of cheeze wiz.

yea_tht_dnt_go_there 07/24/2013

Used to be so scared of my school bus' hydraulics making loud noises that I'd wait across the street until they left the school or at least were gone. Late to class for almost the entirety of 3rd grade.

abalonetomatoe 07/24/2013

Bro, I'd never be on time again

[deleted] 07/24/2013

Maybe you guys should go to school so you can stop making those spelling errors

mnmmnm 07/24/2013

Funny as hell... The funniest part is that I'm a teacher too... and my name is Mr. Fort...

forticus 07/24/2013

The purpose of late passes is so an office official can mark it as excused or not and make a note of it. Having a computer generated piece of paper telling the teacher that the student is late, when (I would hope) they can see that by them walking in late, is just plain stupid.

edit: 'a' in the wrong place.

bjwest 07/24/2013

Good job vilifying video games even further.

franstoobnsf 07/24/2013

10/10, would overlook.

Subspace_Lani 07/24/2013

Outside is spelled wrong...IDK if you should be late for school anymore!

lab3ll3 07/24/2013