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looks great! love the runic lettering

adamislost 08/04/2013

For my next one I was thinking about getting Mjölnir or Yggdrasil on my other arm! I love norse mythology.

LumpierCheese 08/05/2013

I really want to get a Midgard serpent tattoo, so this is really awesome!

omar_strollin 08/10/2013

Hey! I have a tattoo of Huginn and Muninn too! Nice =)

amatyr 08/04/2013

Hell yeah!!!

I just have Mjolnir :)

ModiHammarstedt 08/04/2013


I'm Icelandic, and I've been thinking of getting something Norse Mythology related for years. My first tattoo wasn't though, I couldn't think of anything that I liked enough.

[deleted] 08/04/2013

I would never have thought to look for a tattoo parlor in Provo!

nuixy 08/05/2013

I was surprised too!! Jake is a super great artist! I'm bringing him all my big pieces from now on!

LumpierCheese 08/05/2013

Thought and Memory. Oden's birds. How beautiful.

Codebeast 08/05/2013