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I think it's important to remember that it wasn't just Jews killed in camps, but HUMAN BEINGS. Individuals and not just masses, each with a story, hopes, fears. This is a really moving photo.

wise_whywolf 08/05/2013

but we all know it did not happen. *Being sarcastic people.....

myspamhere 08/05/2013


[deleted] 08/05/2013

While sickening and sad, I think it's good for people to see things like this. A sobering reminder of this part of humanity, thanks for sharing, op.

moramarc 08/05/2013

It looks like there's many layers of scratches.

Why didn't they paint the walls so as to not alarm the new batch?

Edit: I know, guys, "herp derp they all gonna die don't matter" or "Nazi don't give a fuck" but in actuality the camp administrators went to great lengths to maintain the illusion that it really was just a shower, because that way their prisoners went willingly. The prisoners ...

Anomander 08/05/2013

Such a terrible way to go. I would much rather die in my sleep.

Iutufis 08/05/2013

Did they really think that was going to work know.

FuzzyBearDick 08/05/2013

This just made me real depressed thanks for that. On side note my parents took me to Europe for the Summer when I was 4 years old, and one of the only things I remember from that entire trip to was Auschwitz, and the ovens they had for cremating adults and then one right next to it for cremating children. I am 28 years old now and I still remember those ovens clearly to this day. Pretty ...

fishbummin27514 08/05/2013

Shit gave me chills.

zagmar 08/05/2013

Animals killed in gas chambers in so-called "shelters" also do damage at times in their panic to escape.

orv54 08/05/2013

Id masturbate and lick the scratches


could you imagine not only dealing with the crippling agony of the gas slowly killing you, but the also the noise of people scratching their nails on the walls? shudder

Boseth 08/05/2013

Is this that downvote everyone thread?

Killbox- 08/05/2013

This is fake, gas chambers were never used to kill people at Auschwitz, they were used to delouse mattresses etc, a fake gas chamber was made after the war for propaganda reasons. Several scholars (including Jewish ones) studied the site very carefully and found no evidence of mass gassing. The victims are real but they were worked and starved to death or executed with guns, the reason you see ...

Meltypants 08/05/2013

Keep this image in mind the next time you hear some a-hole political pundit compare the party he/she disagrees with to the Nazis.

MacLeodDaddy 08/05/2013

It blows my mind how they tried to deny that the holocaust even happened. Just a sad attempt to save face

srm97 08/05/2013

I get that people weren't happy about dying and stuff but there's no call for scratching a perfectly good wall.

BeastmanBob 08/05/2013

Well, there's my full-body shudder for the day. Ghod, what horrifying shit people can inflict upon one another when someone in power says that it's the right thing to do.

lizardfool 08/05/2013

just looking at this picture makes me feel sick... I would love to visit Auschwitz though, it probably gives you an entirely new perspective on life

d-fiz 08/05/2013

What those jewish hieroglyphs are saying?

Svolacius 08/05/2013

Curious number of six nailed markings.

PingTway 08/05/2013

Cool. Should make a movie out of it like Chernobyl Diaries.

JerkinAllTheTime 08/05/2013

Still can't believe someone compared Guantanamo with this place today.

staticwolf 08/05/2013

Fuck, I was just in that room TODAY and I didn't see this. Freaks me out to think I missed that.

jonsayer 08/05/2013

Mohs hardness of finger nails: 2.5 Mohs hardness of concrete: 8.5 These people were superhuman and we killed them off because they had Wolverine claws. Sad day :(

Dreuh2001 08/05/2013

Fuckin obama

jiggy_fish 08/05/2013

Turn Around. Nothing worth reading

[deleted] 08/05/2013

All I hear are nails on a chalkboard and deafening screams, then absolute silence.

Squalor- 08/05/2013

Why did Hitler kill himself? Because he looked at his gas bill.

DaPinkRunna 08/05/2013

oh man... terrible...

lilar 08/05/2013

Been there, seen that. Even scarier IRL.

JBleezy 08/05/2013

First things first, I am high right now.

When I opened the picture and saw those scratches, I instantly closed my eyes and I was there. Watching those people. I could feel the scratch marks.

salter666 08/05/2013