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i got some shit yesterday that was laced with THC.

bad-tipper 08/17/2013

I don't think people really understand that even if their dealer/supply line was fucked enough to do that, they would lose a fuckton of money lacing their weed with something thats worth more for the weight. Weed is like $10 a gram and something like meth is what, $100 a gram?

OnlyinVegas 08/17/2013

My cousin is convinced that all weed is laced, and won't smoke it until he's seen me smoke it, and then waits an hour to see if i die, just ridionkeykong

ouchjak9 08/17/2013

I've smoked weed that was dipped in opium. Called thai dip sticks. That was in the 70s though.

jayemstyle 08/17/2013

It's noobs who are used to smoking indica and then they try sativa. They tend to freak the fuck out :P.

Oshlavv 08/17/2013

Marshall: I think our sandwiches were laced with something

Ted: You mean like, hard meats? Why do you say that?

Marshall: Whenever I eat sandwiches I get paranoid, and I'm not paranoid. TED WHY AM I NOT PARANOID?!

*conversation probably not spot on, but I didn't feel like looking it up. I know it's at least close.

KeepSantaInSantana 08/17/2013

I dunno dude, that kind of shit happens around the border more often than you would think, like some loser ass cholo trying to give his mexican schwag a little kick with something..

roofustherodent 08/17/2013

Laced with heroin, cocaine, crack, speed, mdma, whatever? No. No one does this unless it's intentional and their own shit.

Laced with synthetics? Definitely possible. Rare with weed, less rare with hash. They use acetone to disolve synthetic cannabinoids and spray/mix this in with the product, increases weight and potency.

M2exellence 08/17/2013

I got laced shit twice. One time I knew the other time I didn't. Some crackhead lace my weed with pcp.

NeverMindMe94 08/17/2013

Its more like, hey do you feel respiratory depression and tingling in the extremities? It may have been dosed with an opiate. Are you over stimulated and have a racing heart beat? It might be meth! Are you seeing midget clowns with dildos on their heads? That my friend maybe PCP. But are you really just out of your mind, unable to concentrate, and have a crappy memory atm? Then you are just ...

austinhxc 08/17/2013

I was too damn high last night.. I felt my heart working 0_0 Thought I was going to die LMAO {4 atm}

ImaStupidCookie 08/17/2013

This was me the third time smoking... The first two where like 4s and then it was like [9]

The_fat_Stoner 08/17/2013

there was always this "cool kid" who said "I don't smoke bro I got laced shit one time never again" when really they just smoked way to much and got super stoned and freaked out and just assumed it was laced.

TheSmokingWizard 08/17/2013

what's with all these memes popping up here today??


ccmmssjl12 08/17/2013

I've heard of weed actually being laced only one time, and it was just the person providing the bud being a dick and not telling my friend that he put cocaine in it. If I remember correctly that was her first time smoking too :/

Samuel_L_Jewson 08/17/2013

Unless the weed is laced. But I can't imagine anyone lacing weed and not telling the people he's about to share it with, that'd be fucked up.

TheJuniorIdiots 08/17/2013

Epik meem bro :DD

DougSmellsFunny 08/17/2013

I hate it when people say its never laced because I've actually come upon some before. Someone else smoked me out and let's just say it wasn't only weed... They sarcastically said "Be careful it's laced!" and we all had a laugh--turns out he wasn't joking. Be careful when toking with people you don't know.

But yes, if you buy some, I can almost guarantee it won't be.

regzilla 08/17/2013

Too damn high? Blasphemy there is no such thing!

I_accidently_words 08/17/2013

Here be the truth!

Derek-707 08/17/2013

I smoked 2 bowls consecutively because I couldn't feel it after the first. I hadn't done it in maybe 8 years. Well, I was at a 10+ and kinda freaking out and had the same idea but after a while just realized I did too much for getting back in to it after so long.

So, I can explain the feeling. Chest beating, throat feeling like it was on fire without there being pain, trying to do something but ...

LosLocosTacos 08/17/2013

My good buddy thinks he got laced shit, no while we all go enjoy sweet green, he stays in and does shots

NSskier90 08/17/2013

I have a buddy that always brags about how he has "visions" of "people" who "aren't there" every time he gets "high." Either he doesn't know what high is and he is just making it up or his shit is laced.

Drakea89 08/17/2013

it is possible that a dealer accidentally gives you a bag of "revenge weed" as i've heard it called

KSWL 08/17/2013

I have smoked pcp before. (inadvertently on some just terrible terrible weed, a few times even)

I was so fucking high two days ago, that I spaced out for like an hour and almost felt as though it was laced. That's how damn good the weed has gotten, when you smoke about a 2 gram blunt, of medicinal quality smoke.

TrillPhil 08/17/2013

Probably the chemicals used when growing it. After I started having problems with the weed i was getting from one dealer, tried two others and both were completely fine.

cancerusnugget 08/17/2013

I have unknowingly smoked weed that was coated in a fine oxy powder that made it just look frosty. Never again.

Stiddlefrix 08/17/2013

In the "hood" where I work as a paramedic. It is common for people to smoke weed dipped in PCP. It is usually something that people seek out, but is possible for people to buy it unknowingly. Always fun dealing with those people. They can go from zombie to murderous psycho in an instant.

sealjosh 08/17/2013

I get that people lose money if they lace shit but I know of one account where it happened. My friend was waiting on some weed with this guy and he asks my friend if he wants to smoke a bowl till more weed arrives. Well they smoke and my friend wakes up at his house, which is out side of town, he was laying face down with a bloody nose and didn't know what the fuck was happening. His aunt called ...

Siik_Drugs 08/17/2013

No my weed is laced, It's got fucking DMT in it so I need to clear my grinder before I get more bud because of it. Didn't realise until I became the sun god nadarkadesh last night at 2 am.

morgangangful 08/18/2013