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Him pooping could kill small children

Nednederlandar 12/27/2013

I would not want to fight a duck that big....

drummerboy2749 12/27/2013

Khal Drogo would ride this horse

PoggiPoge 12/27/2013

When I did my large animal internship at an equine hospital we had a percheron gelding in the stable, and across from him we had a mini horse. Those two would whinny back and forth to each other all day. It was freaking hilarious, because the mini was really high pitched, and the percheron was really low. My two favorite horses I worked with the entire time I was there. The percheron was ...

dropkickpa 12/27/2013

19 hands high is equivalent to what in feet? I am guessing he is 8.5-9 ft tall.

Kayo2289 12/27/2013

That is a big ass horse.

Aaod 12/27/2013

It's never been more difficult to get off of your high horse.

zosotrn 12/27/2013

19 hands huh? That's 56 testicles for you Australians.

deagle1330 12/27/2013

Just imagine a fully armored Knight charging you on that horse. Gives you a lot of appreciation for Pikemen that had to have the steel to try and break the charge against horses like that.

constantinevi 12/27/2013

I want my barn 30 square ft, my hat 10 gallon and my horse 19 hands high.

jarrydjames 12/27/2013

Are the Persians hiding inside it?

alufiend 12/27/2013

10/10 would ride into battle

milkrolos 12/27/2013

Agro! (Shadow of the Colossus)

Spyger 12/27/2013

"Look at my horse!! My horse is amazing!"

TheycallmeMomonga 12/27/2013

Hey, is this Moose? Windmere farms is right down the valley from me and it's always fun to drive by and see the big boys out in the field! They are stunning, and super sweet, in person, too!

schroefoe 12/27/2013

19 hands high!?! That's equivalent to about 11 bananas!!!

Edit: Bananas for Scale.

Jv932 12/27/2013

Can you imagine how much that horses load is worth!

Snoopy_the_Pilot 12/27/2013

All it would take to kill the people in this photo is one loud noise. Or maybe a rustling plastic bag.

YesHunty 12/27/2013

Black Beauty on Roids

SugarJ88 12/27/2013

Based on the size he could be part elephant.

m0rris0n_hotel 12/27/2013

Now this is a horse worthy of Lu Bu.

joker_RED 12/27/2013

What are those dwarves?

mar10wright 12/27/2013

No need to read past the first comment. Save yourselves the time.

heymanitsmematthew 12/27/2013

I would totally ride this into battle.

Sample_Name 12/27/2013

hmmm... how do i know those aren't little people?

YupFuckingYup 12/27/2013

Khartoum... Khartoum...

Halcyon13 12/27/2013

He is the Fabio of all horses.

Woozlebuttons 12/27/2013

He belongs in game of thrones

Todders077 12/27/2013

but how many bananas is it ?

omenent 12/27/2013

Think he's compensating for his tiny 14 inch penis?

liberaljedi 12/27/2013

I'd blow that horse if he asked me.

nuqqet9k 12/27/2013

majestic as fuck

Tom_Hanks13 12/27/2013

What a magnificent animal! If I owned this guy, I'd, I'd,... Well, hell, I'd just tell everyone that he was mine, all mine. Yeah, goddamit, that's what I'd do.

obidieboyeaux 12/27/2013

Absolutely beautiful horse! Wow!!

darkhorse65 12/27/2013

Oh mer gerd hes fuckin gorgeous

imthee_fatale 12/27/2013

Talk about megafauna! Horses have certainly come a long way since dainty little eohippus and co. What a mighty and handsome beast.

Prosopagnosiape 12/27/2013

Hey. Hey guys. Let's breed back megafauna. Like just keep breeding animals larger and larger. Megafauna was awesome. And delicious, so delicious.

Personally hanging out for the giant wombats.

paul_harrison 12/27/2013

I would ride him to battle. Our manes can flow majestic in the wind together.

LHeeezy 12/27/2013

Y'know what I like most about this picture? How, just by stance alone, you can tell this horse knows he's a fucking champ.

BoSquared 12/27/2013

Majestic as fuck

SomeSpareChang 12/27/2013

I accept our supreme horse overlords.

[deleted] 12/27/2013

Now that's a warhorse!

sinlad 12/27/2013

"What's that in fingers?"


"I want this horse. Get me this horse."

"That horse is booked."

"Tell him... Tell him we'll give him an associate producer credit. We'll give the horse an associate producer credit!"

"What's an associate producer credit?"

"It's what you give your secretary instead of a raise."

I'll stop now before I quote the entire movie.

mwproductions 12/27/2013

Twist: Those people are really short

Terminator846 12/27/2013

I swear to god if any of you say the word "banana" I will lose my fucking mind

woodview 12/27/2013

Handsome looking fellow.

kickingbird 12/27/2013

can we get a bannana for scale?

xigbar304115 12/27/2013

That is a skyrim horse if i ever did see one.

diddlydavid 12/27/2013

Of course it's a horse. Of course.

dyadtriad 12/27/2013

Anyone know if huge horses like this are susceptible to health concerns arising from their size?

Burlapin 12/27/2013

Here are my thoughts as I saw this picture:

Now that is a horse. Look at that god damn horse. That is one nice horse.


poeticpoet 12/27/2013

My god....How much glue do you think this horse can be converted into?

Striderfighter 12/27/2013

who measures in hands?

SuperBrah 12/27/2013

That horse is missing 4 legs

TyrantGoat 12/27/2013

Where is his cock?

35h46hjj6 12/27/2013

Definition of majestic

codemeister666 12/27/2013

Look at my horse, my horse is amazing.

user_level 12/27/2013

I've always said that I get a horse one day, it has to look menacing and has to be big enough that I, at ~5' 8'' and 215lbs., look small. I'm between Clydesdale and Percheron as of right now.

hilkito 12/27/2013

I'm confused. Where are there no bananas for scale?

Overlord34 12/27/2013

19 hands or 12 bananas high.

72chevelle454 12/27/2013

This changes my whole perspective on "Would you rather fight 1 horse-sized duck or 100 duck-sized horses?"

GudSpellar 12/28/2013

Most. Kick-ass. Horse. Ever(ish).

cmcman12 12/27/2013

He's majestic.

Whole_new_me 12/27/2013

Guess that's better than 19 FEET....

sensistarz 12/27/2013

I don't know how tall those people are. May be a matter of perception.

Banana for scale please

Seviceth 12/27/2013

Anyone who falls off this high horse is getting really hurt

Meloman2 12/27/2013

yes you are correct, that is a horse

B0B_HAS_BITCHTITS 12/27/2013

Regal as fuck

pdy18 12/27/2013

It's not really a horse; it's a broom.

xigua22 12/27/2013

He looks expensive.

spicedpumpkins 12/27/2013

Motherfucking majestic.

Kelzer66 12/27/2013

Majestic as fuck horse.

KelMage 12/27/2013

I'm in love <3

r1pREV123 12/27/2013

how many bananas is that, approximately?

ChuckNorriso0 12/27/2013

I love how his hand is on the reins as if that would stop the horse from murdering them if he wanted to

LakeofFire 12/27/2013

Is that a F-450 or 550?

Thailure 12/27/2013

I can't tell how big it is without a banana.

julienheadley 12/27/2013

Let us now use this giant ass horse for scale instead of bananas.

Bojangly7 12/27/2013

Is this an expected height for this breed or is this horse an anomaly?

bolognaSandywich 12/27/2013

It's a Pygmy Dire Horse.

Paranitis 12/27/2013

if a horse is this big does it have a shorter life span? Or is it prone to more health problems?

cthulhucultist1 12/27/2013

Christmas tree for scale.

Tperk96 12/27/2013

That's no horse... it's a space station

shoganaiyo 12/27/2013

10/10 would ride into battle.

turtle_beach 12/27/2013

Wow! Majestic as fuck.

My sis was a horse trainer, which meant I was indirectly exposed to a lot of horses and horse related events, as well as having to clean out a lot of paddocks and stables (which was less enjoyable).

I'd have to say your beast is one of the proudest, best looking examples of the breed I've seen.

ChristPuncher79 12/27/2013

Fuck that's majestic!

crazyeyes64 12/27/2013

Look at my horse my horse is amazing

rocketqueen3422 12/27/2013

Imagine riding into battle on that glorious bastard

acsmth50 12/27/2013

That is one HUGE horse!

sekret_identity 12/27/2013

That's one good-looking horse

AtomRed 12/27/2013

What is that in meters?

guy_lovejoy 12/27/2013

Shadowfax step aside.

mynikkuh 12/27/2013

That may be the most handsome horse I have ever seen in my life. Can you ride him?? He is so beautiful. I wish I could ride him.

atteleen 12/27/2013

Majestic as fuck

JerseyDevl 12/27/2013

Look at that horse. That horse is amazing.

TopCommentThief 12/27/2013

19 hands high is 1.93 m or 6'4" or ~ 10 bananas.

totally_rocks 12/27/2013

And to think that in some countries (France) these horses are eaten.

lbmouse 12/27/2013

Can you ride this horse? Seems like it would be hard to saddle-train him if he didn't feel amenable to such a thing.

coffeecupschooner 12/27/2013

Twist, the people are hobbit sized & this is a normal size horse.

lovingthechaos 12/27/2013

What a beautiful animal. 10/10 would pat.

StirFryTheCats 12/27/2013

Not just a horse; a noble steed!

lavendula13 12/28/2013

Only if he showed his banana for scale.

saggytortoise 12/27/2013

Someone please tell me in leaves flaming hoof tracks

WulfSpyder 12/28/2013

19 hands? Sure is 'murica in here.

Domin1c 12/27/2013

Is it named Havok?

Sargent_Meowenstein 12/27/2013

At the annual sales meetings for the fire truck manufacturer I work for I tried to get them to name the new heavy duty truck model the Percheron. I'll show this picture next year.

Cerebus42 12/27/2013

Wow, awesome picture! I can't believe how small those people are. Thanks for including the horse for scale.

snellim 12/28/2013

"I'm too sexxy for my saddle, too sexxy for my saddle...."

Texan1982 12/28/2013

I think we need a tank for scale.

smw2102 12/28/2013

I wonder if he knows he's gorgeous. You think he lords it over all the other horses? Do any female horses in the vicinity automatically want to have sex with him?

Swish007 12/28/2013

This is a horse that legends come from! We need Brad Pitt for scale!

gearhead454 12/27/2013

Can we get that measurement in bananas, please?

gdgyankees 12/27/2013

Are those people really tiny?

eponymuse 12/27/2013

I see you too follow Cowboy Magic on Facebook ;)

hotdoghands 12/27/2013

Beautiful! That horse looks like it could be Agro from "Shadow of the Colossus."

YtseDude 12/27/2013

I'm 6'2", can I ride him???? What a gorgeous horse! Makes my appendix QH look like a shrimp!

allbiznessa 12/27/2013

They're feeding that thing a lot more than oats.

Metal_Badger 12/27/2013

Banana for scale, yo.

Pitseleh_1 12/27/2013

Yes but how many bananas?

nivekpsycic 12/27/2013

Someone post that black and white picture of the big ass horse

meatystick 12/27/2013

So majestic and powerful

cream12 12/27/2013

wow is he stunning! black beauty!

blackbird163 12/27/2013

The words horse and supreme world champion makes me think that the things in this picture are worth quite a bit of money

besidesthat 12/27/2013

that's what i imagine knights rode on

Pikathew 12/27/2013

That is one stalwart horse.

BigMoney7 12/27/2013

I wish I was as sexy as that horse. Stupid sexy horse.

HellYeaBitch 12/27/2013

Look at that horse, that horse is amazing.

CriDFU 12/27/2013

Have horses always been this big or is this some kind of super huge freak???

Feelosophizer 12/27/2013

That's a big horse.

Pastoral_Areola777 12/27/2013

That horse could pull tanks

hecktate5 12/27/2013


vjt960 12/27/2013

He's beautiful.

ManInTheMirage 12/27/2013

That is one hell of a majestic horse.

FawkesFire13 12/27/2013

Wow he's a stud.

ImBoredCanYouTell 12/27/2013

Banana for scale?

anarkhist 12/27/2013

Gandalfs horses' offspring.

ilikepeopl 12/27/2013

But he hasn't a weiner!

NutcaseLunaticManiac 12/27/2013

Majestic looking mother fucker

fekks 12/27/2013

Is this Blue Ribbon Farm's Hercules? My brother works for the Percheron Congress. These horses will be at the Livestock Show in Denver this January!

NOLAWinosaur 12/27/2013

Majestic as fuck.

mjsande4 12/27/2013

This gives 'majestic as fuck' a whole new meaning

LaserBison 12/27/2013

How do you measure in terms of 'hands'?

no_YOURE_sexy 12/27/2013

Is he autistic or gay or atheist or something?

It takes more than a good pictures to make it to the front of /r/pics.

TheGreatGatsby2827 12/27/2013

need banana for scale

pyroaries 12/27/2013

Sorry reddit doesn't measure in hands. Banana for scale please

Mojo507 12/27/2013

Need a banana for scale, like every other post. Thanks for using people!

jorrylee 12/27/2013

Yea but how many banana's high is he?

dngwall 12/27/2013

Wow! Look at the muscles on the horse! He must be really powerful.

dearsweettea 12/27/2013

beautiful horse, i'd like to see this horse stomp the hell out of those people.

sour_creme 12/27/2013

Are those fists?

jonnyyboyy 12/27/2013

his neck. its so.. thick.


lolwuuut 12/27/2013

Needs a banana for scale.

Sith_Apprentice 12/27/2013

steroids! that thing is swollen like those genetic cows

Service_Is_Down 12/27/2013


356afan 12/27/2013

I feel compelled to learn skills in mounted combat, invent a time machine, go back in time, and ride him into battle. In full kryptek kevlar armor for both of us, of course.

Autorotator 12/27/2013

That horse is terrifying

COCKSUCKER4000 12/27/2013

Where is the banana for scale?

Flawlles 12/27/2013

That's a lot of glue.

rockyTop10 12/27/2013

Why do you need some obscure measurement such as "hands" to measure a horse? Why the fuck can't you just use meters or feet?

Fucking stupid yo.

skinny_b 12/27/2013

Roidz breh

_Trilobite_ 12/27/2013

horse is sticking its chest out

ukfashman 12/27/2013

Is his name Butt Stallion, by chance?

MBille 12/27/2013

For those not acquainted with the world of horses, what the barbarious fuck is "19 hands"?

defcom5 12/27/2013

According to google, 19 hands = 1.93m (TIL 1 hand ~= 1dm) The horse looks taller than that, though. Either it's really small people, or hands used to measure horses aren't the same size as standard hands... wouldn't surprise me.

homonomonohomo 12/27/2013

I used to have a percheron who stood 18 hands tall. They look almost identical.

jeep777 12/27/2013

How many horsepower ?

terrymr 12/27/2013

A horse fit for our people.

pnsmcgraw 12/27/2013

Nineteen hands high? How many bananas is that?

Ginganinja888 12/27/2013

I bet some of it's ancestors have seen some battles.

CommanderUnstoppable 12/27/2013

You know the saying "I could eat a horse"? Yeah... There's no way I'm THAT hungry :|

pottrell 12/27/2013

Can I get a banana for scale please?

Koalify 12/27/2013

Can we get his height converted into bananas?

Cocoa_Pebbles 12/27/2013

Now that is one BEAUTIFUL horse.

JustComeHonorFace 12/27/2013

Mr hands would have died instantly.

Bunyungtung 12/27/2013

Is hands really a form of messurement? Please tell me you are kidding. You cant be that retarded....

Godzilla0815 12/27/2013

He must be one of the Mearas.

boneratchurch 12/27/2013

19 hands? what fucking imbecile measuring system is that? jesus christ

boatliker88 12/27/2013

I would ride that motherfucker into battle

FrostbiteHero 12/27/2013

I know nothing about horses, but dam that is one magnificent beast.

UncleLester 12/27/2013

The following day, they rode out to hunt down the sixteen Colossi.

MoarDakkaGoodSir 12/27/2013

If this thing and Shadowfax fucked, that would be the most glorious Zebra ever

TXRiverRat 12/27/2013

Look at his horse. His horse is amazing.

CarADD 12/27/2013

Banana for reference

mattillac 12/27/2013

How many bananas is that?

DontCare_ImDrunk 12/27/2013

Now imagine its penis...

dohdat 12/27/2013

We need Shaq to stand next to this bad boy.

OrangeSn00py 12/27/2013

But dat ass though

my_cock_in_barack 12/27/2013

I worked on a farm with 2 Belgium horses. I stand at 6'5 and i was getting nervous around them. Cant imagine how this guy is.

codekb 12/27/2013

I would mount that

Fillmore_Skanks 12/27/2013

But can he run barrels?


I hit ctrl+f and am disappointed in you people. How big is his dick? We must know.

I_want_hard_work 12/27/2013

That man is also shorter than both his wife and daughter.

Electrophonic 12/27/2013

My, what a small family.

Paz436 12/27/2013

/r/spaceclop have fun with that

666PSYCHOTIC 12/27/2013

I could tell he's supreme champ. Look at that pasture. Posture!

ThatGuyInTheCar 12/27/2013

I would have imagined it being lanky, but shit... this is a good lookin horse (no.. uh.. homo? beasto?).

krimsonmedic 12/27/2013

Majestic as fuck.

Jtones0009 12/27/2013

majestic as fuck.

friendlygiant96 12/27/2013

mother of thror. what a beast.

Ol_Man_River 12/27/2013

If I was a god I'd take the largest horse there ever was and the biggest strongest man there ever was, thrown armour on them and send them into random historical battles. Just to see the reactions from people.

IsActuallyBatman 12/27/2013