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You could always work at home making 2500-5000 $ a week. At least thats what I've heard from multiple success stories from a google ad. They don't even require experience.

Pocketcheeze 02/27/2013

Maybe your attitude of "blame everybody else for my problems" is the reason you don't have a good job...

brodoyoueventhrift 02/27/2013

Where jobs grow on little jobbies.

ihatethelivingdead 02/27/2013

My parents have been pretty supportive, but I still feel like a complete failure.

Dinosaurcoloringbook 02/27/2013

College is fun and I'll certainly encourage my kids to go there, but if you're looking to get hired after high school, there are tons of trade schools.

I guess it really depends on what you want to do. WTF is the point of a communications degree anyway?

Warlizard 02/27/2013

It's funny because my parents do the same thing and I went into my major based on their advice

Donkeyhips 02/27/2013

Sounds like a classic case of picked a bad major.

throwaway517842 02/27/2013

If job companys didnt require 2yrs minimum experience on a job that is listed as "beginner" we may be alrite.

drivers205 02/27/2013

The trope "You're guaranteed a good job with a Bachelor's degree" hasn't been true at all for the last 30 years. I wish my parent's hadn't convinced me college was the only way to go, because although it worked for them, college these days is a great way to saddle yourself with meaningless debt early in life.

isperfectlycromulent 02/27/2013

"My daddy always said a man who can't find work ain't lookin' hard enough." -Jayne, Firefly

sunchipsskyrim 02/27/2013

I'll be honest, if my kids came back home after college in a crappy economy, unable to find a job in their major, I'd fully support them living at home continuing to look for a job in their major...while working underemployed(I live in the Chicago area). I agree you cannot always find a job in your field at any given time but if you have a college degree and can't find ANY job with that degree ...

SKSmokes 02/27/2013


  • Get a degree in a field in high demand, like mathematics
  • Don't blow off your work while you're in school (a 3.5GPA is not hard to obtain if you do the work)
  • Become friends with your professors; they can help you find work

yurimxpxman 02/27/2013

Feel like the idea that "college = high paying job" is bullshit. Like everyone fell for a sales pitch...oh wait.

zzyzx2 02/27/2013

This "Every kid needs a college education" mindset has screwed over an entire generation.

Not every occupation needs a degree. My best friends wife has some kind of music degree and she's outraged she doesn't have a job and a lot of debt.

Student loans are a scam. Colleges have been promoting high attendance with easy, cheap money to simply earn more money for themselves. Even Obama has ...

ajustice83 02/27/2013

I love the delineation of a "real" job. You could be working your ass off, but it doesn't get you any respect because it's not a "real" job. Da fuck?

helloboots 02/27/2013

THANK YOU FOR SAYING THIS!!! I just graduated in Dec. and it's taken me 2 months to find a job... a really really shitty job... as a waitress... I have a B.A. and I was yelled at by my parents for taking the only job offered to me in 2 months! I applied to over 200 places, this one restaurant was the only place that called me.

berrie88 02/27/2013

Upvote for title.

chemworldx 02/27/2013

I know how OP feels, the biggest problem being my parents don't understand the job market at all. When they got their degrees in the 70's it was actually a special thing, as not as many people had them. Now you are competing with every single other person.

r3venan7 02/27/2013

It was only after earning my degree that I realized the following:

Universities are basically businesses, and their products are degrees. More than anything they want to sell degrees, and they do this by telling young people what they want to hear, and promising them their dreams. Enrollment is their business, not nurturing people to be attractive to employers.

If you've ever wondered why ...

sbowesuk 02/27/2013

I say we stop paying their social security see how they like it.

mecrosis 02/27/2013

To be fair, you did graduate in 2003.

hackiavelli 02/27/2013


[deleted] 02/27/2013

Unless your parents are Baby Boomers, they didn't "create" this. The Baby Boomers [IMHO] created it, the early Gen-Xers are doing their fair share to keep it going downhill. Gen-Ys used to be complacent about it, but they seem to be getting better.

dpenton 02/27/2013

I always hate hearing ppl say we are the worst generation ever and all that. It was their generations and the ones before them that have led to such a fucked up world for us but it's our fault that we haven't fixed it even though most of their generation are still in their powerful positions.

Achack 02/27/2013

What I like is when I'm home for a month during vacation and they pressure me and bitch at me to find a job. A lot of places hiring processes takes a month.

Erulastiel 02/27/2013

Yup, that it's it. Keep blaming your problems on your parents. Damn good job.

OffalAutopsy 02/28/2013

I hear this from my friends often, and I wonder were my parents hte only ones to no judge me, and support me when I moved home after college and couldn't find a job...

It took 3 years, but I moved out, now have a cube 9-5, and make very decent money. My mom never once called me a failure, or charged me rent. She encouraged my job searches, and even lent me money to travel if the company ...

wolfmanpraxis 02/27/2013

This image is wrong on two fronts.
Firstly, nobody is a failure for being unemployed, and any job is a real job.
Secondly, Our parents didn't create this shit economy. It was made by a very small group of very wealthy people. We are as much to blame as the generation before us.

minus000 02/28/2013

My uncle is the same way. He's a bio chemist, and thinks that finding a job is just ohh so easy.

JTyler82 02/27/2013


[deleted] 02/27/2013

Does no one realize that personal accountability and a willingness to do whatever it takes to be successful make you... Ah, fuck it.

catinanarwahlsuit 02/28/2013

i work construction and i double majored in college and ive had this construction job since end of my senior year of was deffff worth it

manunited91 02/28/2013