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I wish that owl would fly to Reddit and carry away all the cat posts.

udder 10/25/2012

Barred Owl. I just started a subreddit called r/trailcam yesterday . Could you post this there too?

logically 10/24/2012

It's okay, the cat ended up clawing the owl's eyes out and running back to safety. I saw it from across the pond.

nutbar 10/24/2012


[deleted] 10/25/2012

The owl is just being polite. "SIR, I FOUND YOUR CAT!"

SgtFury 10/25/2012

We have a couple of barred owls in my neighborhood. We don't let the chihuahua out at night after the neighbors pekingese went missing.

shofet 10/24/2012

Poor kitty...

kpep 10/24/2012

As a former resident of both a rural town in Kansas AND Maine - I find it funny how many people think the cat put up a fight and/or got away. These things (like most owls) are like flying snapping turtles. That cat not only flailed miserably before being tormented alive, but it probably passed out sometime before it bled out. I've witnessed it happen to 2 cats and known another person who lost ...

SamuraiJakkass86 10/25/2012

A rare species of Cowl...

FoxNewsReporter3 10/24/2012

it reminds me of my dead cat.........

ultraheo044 10/25/2012

Damn nature, you scary!

medicinalkfc 10/25/2012

that's absolutely horrid - don't know whether to give you an upvote for the photo or a downvote for the owl

[deleted] 10/24/2012

Noo!!! Put the kitteh down!

WeCameAsLlamas 10/25/2012

That's what happened to my wifes cat Bonkers. Please come back and take her other cat too...

tripl3troubl3 10/25/2012

Kitty :(

Joebrauk 10/25/2012

On a related note: fuck owl's.

Killin all my bunnies growin up... Assholes.

Trapline 10/25/2012

I can't believe that NO ONE brought up the idea that things like this is why you're supposed to keep domestic animals under supervision. If you care about your cat, then keep it indoors. Where it can't be eaten by local preditors or killed by cars, diseases carried by ferals, or come to other sorts of harm.

daisydestruction 10/25/2012

I like to think that the owl was startled by the flash and dropped Mr Whiskers.

dirtymoney 10/24/2012


[deleted] 10/25/2012

That...Isn't going to end well

1arrow24 10/25/2012

This makes me think a little differently about the owl I've been hearing out my window every night. I was glad because I figured he'd be eating any mice trying to get in the house. Maybe, he's trying to eat my cats.

riversofgore 10/25/2012

I want to kill that owl. Slowly.

Maddoktor2 10/25/2012

What I would give to see how this played out.

solitary_sheep 10/25/2012

oh look! the kitty is sleeping!

wergerver 10/25/2012

The Owls are not what they seem.

Deep_Black_Joe 10/25/2012

This happened to one of my cats when I lived up there.... I miss Tigger.

caffeinatedkitty 10/25/2012

Good Guy Barred Owl. Takes out feral/outdoor cat that would kill birds even though other birds mob the hell out of him if they find him.

ArgonGryphon 10/25/2012

So THATS what happened to Mr Whiskers...

Tahlkewl1 10/24/2012

Can anybody tell me, is this a domestic cat? And/or what do you think will happen to the cat or the owl? I would guess that the owl may be in for some hurt from the apparently conscious and obviously distraught cat, and the cat is probably got some severe cuts from the owl's talons. Is it common for owls to be killed from attempting to catch cats?

Jrook 10/25/2012

Dem eyes. Terrifying

JungleSumTimes 10/24/2012

The owl is telling me "YOU'RE NEXT" with his eyes.

sectorfour 10/24/2012

That owl must have been STARVING to try and take something that big. I doubt the owl killed that cat.

Veni_Vidi_Vici_24 10/25/2012

Reddit needs more owls

ableskittle 10/25/2012

We have neighbours who got 2 kittens including one who was sickly - and shut them out of the house at night. I always sleep with the back door open so within days they were sleeping on my bed. One day the little sickly one just went missing. Everyone in the house was commenting on how it must have been given away... I didn't comment about the humungous owl I have seen resting on our back verandah ...

Nogitsune 10/25/2012


monkeyjazz 10/25/2012

This is what happened to my first cat, Isis. She was a manx and in the dark looked like a rabbit. She however did not overtake the owl as she was rather tiny.

Peachy88 10/25/2012


vivalalexy 10/25/2012

Alright, this might be just me..but after I´ve seen this picture, browsing /r/aww is not the same, everytime I see a picture of a cat my mind pastes this owl behind the cat.

Bozowski 10/25/2012

HOO you lookin' at?

MrFeelBadButtHurt 10/25/2012

Where in Northern MN?

BlaKnave 10/25/2012

Is that a bobcat?

retrobuddha 10/25/2012

Hooters and pussy! Hurray!

wowee_wowee 10/25/2012

is that a Rancho Chupacabraj?

92DSMer 10/25/2012

Poor kitty...

i_like_turtles_ 10/25/2012

"What the fuck...?!"

SailorVanIndium 10/25/2012

That's intense. The owl looks like something straight out of Hades.

bonny_peg_o_ramsey 10/25/2012

I don't know how the owl intends to kill/eat its prey, especially if it didn't get it on the initial attack. Cats tend to put up a fight.

Siethron 10/25/2012

If this cat wasn't declawed, how good are it's odds against that owl? I've seen cats bend 540° on a pivot to swipe at something, and they have some serious claws. Yes, I know owls have serious claws too but most things it picks up with those can't fight back, and he's got this cat by the ass, not the head.

project_twenty5oh1 10/25/2012

Has anyone seen my cat?

Merritt07atWork 10/25/2012

Did the kitty die? :(

Skyrimgirl321 10/25/2012

Cat: "Dude, I got so wasted last night. You will never believe what happened to me."

trm90 10/25/2012

Excellent >:-D

Temptress75519 10/25/2012

That owl has such a great facial expression. HOOT HOOT

PrimevalDelano 10/25/2012

bye kitty

djjuden 10/25/2012

Damn! Not even one "Owl and The Pussycat" joke?

mirandapd 10/25/2012

We think this is why my friends house went from 6 cats to 3 in just under a couple months

swiheezy 10/25/2012

I hope the cat is okay...

redgroupclan 10/25/2012


FunkyOrganika 10/28/2012