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Elephants' skin makes them look like they're wearing pants that are too big.

cloud_watcher 08/17/2012

I've never actually seen the bottoms of an elephant's feet before (I know, weird thought). They're pink!

upquark22 08/17/2012

X-post to /r/elephants :)

supportbones 08/17/2012

I'm not into butts, but that is a really cute one.

QueenCole 08/17/2012

woah woah woah!! NSFW tag please

witty_and_new 08/18/2012

I'd tap that.

krokee64 08/18/2012

Looks like some of the old guys at my gym.

[deleted] 08/18/2012

I just came from r/nosleep. I needed this.

12Parsex 08/18/2012

There is no animal cuter then a baby elephant.

DeanTrista 08/18/2012

That's pretty much the cutest thing I've seen all week.

[deleted] 08/17/2012

And that's some enormous wood it's riding.

briguy19 08/17/2012

Ughhh?! Wrinkled, small and hairy? Yes. Cute. Right.

Kozunaki 08/17/2012

uhhhh. what

peenpoon 08/18/2012

this needs to be a wallpaper...

bootyburps 08/18/2012

Look at its little feet!

uchpuch 08/18/2012