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Anybody else accidentally read that as Robert Pattinson?

ginger907 11/30/2012

I could definitely see a CFL doing that. But only if it was filled with large knives and machetes.

Dariex 11/29/2012

700 club perpetuating bullshit lies? Get outta here.

Sandy_Shores 11/29/2012

The way it has the deep cavernous split but not the blood and shiny-ness of a new cut makes me think it's some kind of long-term medical problem, like gout or diabetes.

[deleted] 11/30/2012

Let me guess:

Guy steps on light-bulb. Light-bulb atacks him with a sword.

It could happen.

Mr0Mike0 11/29/2012

But there's no way a CFL could have done that:

backwardsd 11/29/2012

It could, a combination of the chemicals inside, and a (un)healthy dose of bacterial infection could result in a wound that large.

zombieguy224 11/30/2012

The better story would be to tell how he stepped on a cfl bulb - arent they usually on the ceiling?

drunkfetus 11/30/2012

Total bullshit. It wasn't a light bulb. Try snope'ing it next time.

Steorra 11/29/2012

thats one bad ass light bulb. I wouldnt fuck with it.

BarrySandusky 11/29/2012

I lived in Virginia Beach where Pat lives and I swear that man has been showing signs of dementia for at least the last 5 years. Once or twice a year he says something that is just so looney it gets a lot of press and you just have to wonder about his mental functioning.

my2penniesworth 11/30/2012

Isn't this an old urban legend? (well, not real old. just... internet old)

AnguisetteAntha 11/30/2012

I could see stronger bulbs doing that, especially the ones with condensed gas in them. I highly doubt a CFL could do that unless you tried to get one tiny shards of glass out of your foot with a chainsaw.

thatoneguy249 11/30/2012

The best part about this is all the comments saying essentially, "No, this is real, I saw a picture on the internet of a horrible wound and the text on the picture said it was caused by stepping on a CFL, so it's not a hoax".

It's meta-dumb.

CommieBobDole 11/30/2012

The wound looks too clean..

Mi220ry 11/30/2012

Do Christians in the US have a plan to burn down the rainforest, hang all the gays, send all the black people to Africa, and force rape victims to marry the men who rape them?

beeteeoh 11/30/2012

This isn't even slightly interesting.

[deleted] 11/30/2012

This has little to do with the cut and more to do with the mercury that is in the bulb. The mercury is killing his flesh.

the22nitschke 11/30/2012

That looks more like a stage 4 decubitus ulcer from a bed rail. I saw something like this in a video in nursing school. Looks horrible.

skieryne 11/30/2012

who's bright idea was it to step on a lightbulb?

ODBBigBabyJesus 11/30/2012

some of you guys have never broken a florescent bulb before have you... This could have been the after math of an initial cut then an infection afterwards from the crap in the bulb.

josh95mx 11/30/2012

That's so funny, I use jagged knifes and shit for light bulbs too!!!

Marcus_McTavish 11/30/2012

Ooof. That's gonna leave a mark.

mhuxtable 11/29/2012


[deleted] 11/30/2012