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i could shoot her in the face pretty easy.

dropkickninja 09/23/2012

So her hands hang down way past her knees? Must be awkward.

colsatre 09/23/2012

The person who made this image seems to have gone to the Rob Liefeld school of art, the proportions are terrible to the point of being distracting.

StarTrekMike 09/23/2012

I'm not sure if this is some lackluster attempt at de-sexualization-- but in addition to the apparent deformities already mentioned, this design still employs the fatally-flawed "boob plate" ( Back to the drawing board.

Jarl_Vos 09/23/2012

Figured I would outline what I think she would look like without armor....needless to say, WTF?

ThatOneLumberJack 09/23/2012

This is from the iOS game "Juggernaut: Revenge of Sovereign" if you were wondering . Free to play and entertaining if you have the patience to level up.

Edit: Game is titled "Juggernaut: Revenge of Sovering, not Sovereign.

Salchicha 09/23/2012

Most people are talking about human women when they talk about too much or not enough armor. This mutant doesn't really count...

Kale187 09/23/2012

now find me one that doesn't have the chestplate molded to look like a pair of tits for no reason

llamafinder 09/23/2012

If I can see that it's a woman then there's not enough armor.

Inquisitor1 09/23/2012

Where are her shoulders?

safjx 09/23/2012

Samus in the middle ages?

typtyphus 09/23/2012

Sure, you manage to properly protect her, but at the cost of altering her anatomy and making everything below the neck into an abomination

BipolarHernandez 09/23/2012

That looks retarded.

CaveExplorer 09/23/2012

New female hero for HoN.

So much armor you can't tell its female.

Drasha1 09/23/2012

The anatomy is fucked up, it still frames her breasts like they need to be on display, she isn't wearing a helmet, it has the common problem in games that seems to decide that all characters need to have hundred pounds of armor on each shoulder, and I'm not a fan of how they kept the neck exposed to protect her femininity.

Raven776 09/24/2012

God damn boob-plates. So fucking silly.

also_hyakis 09/23/2012

Holy crap does that armour look ridiculous. I especially like how her tits are armoured, but waist is relatively exposed, making her centre of gravity all weird. Also her shoulders must be at least as ridiculous as the ones of space marines from Warhammer.

Mortarius 09/23/2012

Still has tits molded on the front of it. ಠ_ಠ WHYYYYY

HKYK 09/23/2012

See, she still has breast shaped armour. The entire purpose of the shape of a classic breastplate is to deflect blows away from the vital organs. The indent between the breasts would only help to direct them into the centre.

ilikepie59 09/23/2012

To anyone trying to desexualize women's armour- good. Seriously. Awesome. I approve.

Just stop making giant molded boobs and I'd be a lot happier.

bobbieluvsya 09/24/2012

the indent between her breasts is a weak point in the armor.

clamps12345 09/23/2012

I like it, other than the fact that (judging by the size of her head), her limbs only go to about the knee/elbow joints. Also her shoulders might be broken.

Junkshop23 09/23/2012

Is that Lara Croft?

ActuatedSathman 09/23/2012

Good thing that, even if she gets decapitated, her shoulders are intact.

ImUsingDaForce 09/23/2012

Samus has a helmet.

sgt0pimienta 09/23/2012

Medieval Samus.

PantoneGhost 09/23/2012

Her body would also be crushed by the weight of that much armor.

pawsick 09/23/2012

I started counting the number of shoulder pads but ran out of fingers...

fuZZe 09/23/2012

Any armor chestplate that is molded into a boob shape redirects sword blows down into the weak point covering the breastbone, which can cause massive injury.

Xalts 09/24/2012

Pauldrons, the best form of protection that exists.

rumnscurvy 09/24/2012

I pity the horse that has to carry her.

If you want to learn how a real lady dresses for battle, please consult [Hayao] (<a ...

Arknell 09/24/2012

No helmet? Just a stupid tiara? If someone slashes a sword across her face she's fucked.

THAT_IS_NOT_OCD_14 09/23/2012

You realize her arms would have to be about 8 feet long

El_Knavo 09/23/2012

You can see the outline of her boobs, FUCKING CHAUVINISTIC PIGS

MoreSteakLessFanta 09/23/2012

Unless she has ZZZ size boobs, I think the giant armoured boob section is somewhat pointless.

Actually, given the proportions, I think it might actually be an extremely attractive female midget standing on top of a huge gorilla.

complex_reduction 09/23/2012

she must be low level

[deleted] 09/23/2012

Where's her helmet?

pandapied 09/24/2012

Warhammer 40k does it better.

CubaHorus91 09/23/2012

she probably gets better armor stats if she just wears what evers under the armor

vitorizzo 09/23/2012

What about the ground medics in Starcraft 2? They pretty much where the same armor as the marines.

OneBrokeGamer 09/23/2012

Looks like Lara Croft...

rediculus 09/23/2012

Disproportional as fuck

rawreffincake 09/23/2012

That armor is as useful as nipples on a breastplate...and they didnt even get that right.

JangSaverem 09/23/2012

My only qualm is how even though designers always try to say "Hey look, she's not a slut with pieces of cloth and scrap metal on her! She's a tough gal, with huge armor, just like the guys! Yea!"

And then they make a habit of making armor for women that has obvious tits for no reason other than "Gotta have SOME sex appeal, right?"


Everybody is complaining about the ~ unrealistic ~ anatomy. I guess stylization and exaggerated eye-catching shapes are out the window then?

also, on the subject or armored women, how about the Iron Knuckles?

LithiumBullets 09/24/2012

Fallout 3 does it right. Female Paladins in the Brotherhood of Steel have the same type of power armor.

science_diction 09/24/2012

10/10 would wd40

fuckingchoob 09/24/2012

She could litterality crush her own head by the looks of it.

RandomUpAndDown 09/24/2012

Boom. Headshot.

galenwolf 09/24/2012

still we see boobies, a great armor is made for both sex, like the samurai armor.

El_Motor 09/24/2012

Still impractical; that tit armour would crack her fucking sternum if she fell down.

StealthSpheesSheip 09/24/2012

Bitch couldn't lift that.

smashkondi 09/24/2012

Her body is impossible

[deleted] 09/23/2012

Guys... I don't think she has enough shoulder plates

HckrSvn 09/23/2012

Chastity: level 1000.

wesley4122 09/23/2012

Shoulders would instantly dislocate from the weight of those shoulder pauldrons.

NEMESiSupreme 09/23/2012

Those pauldrons...

Juiceman17 09/23/2012

Um... Metroid comes to mind...

NapolianDino 09/23/2012

looks pretty stupid

DiNovi 09/23/2012

Everyone knows the less you have on and the smaller you are, the stronger.....

Nathan561 09/23/2012

She has no helmet on.

SleepingOnMoonshine 09/23/2012

She has a very, very long neck.

[deleted] 09/23/2012

It's female Taric!

soul40k 09/23/2012

next thing you know, people are going to complain about it not being realistic enough

Dan_Gleasac 09/23/2012

What about Samus?

bigbangbilly 09/23/2012

Inaccurate title. That's an exoskeleton!!!

JROXZ 09/23/2012

well duh.. we couldnt see boobies if they had heaps of armour

_CitizenSnips_ 09/23/2012

she must have wikked shoulders

GeoMtch 09/23/2012

either her head is tiny compared with her body, or that armor must have 6 inches of padding inside.

zachariah22791 09/23/2012

She must be a Space Marine.

A40kKindOfGuy 09/23/2012

There's no way she'd have such a serene expression with 500lbs of armor hanging over her (presumably) small frame.

agoodz 09/23/2012

I still think this looks cool. Yeah its out of proportion, but sometimes, for a cartoon, that still looks cool. Think of Fable. Big hands/arms, huge belt buckles/feet. The characters looked cool that way, IMO.

Lunchbox5000 09/23/2012

Basically if you thicken the waist and double the size of her head, you'd approach the proportions of a regular human being.

CptOblivion 09/23/2012

That's not armor that's a robot body that they stuck a human head on nixon style :P

blaghart 09/23/2012

The artists responsible should be fire for giving her shoulders bigger than her boobs.

Cynical_Bastard_ 09/23/2012

Still sexy.

krispwnsu 09/23/2012

That, is honestly stupid. Her hand would barely reach 3/4 of the way down the "arm" and the weight alone of the armor would render her useless.

CapnKetchup 09/23/2012

she must have 3 sets of massive elbow joints built into some REALLY long arm structure. or else a really really small body proportionate to the arms

eithris 09/23/2012

Boy, that escalated quickly.

Fleeting_Divinity 09/23/2012

Jungle Kayle FTW.

[deleted] 09/23/2012

Looks like a mechsuit ~~for~~ from Megaman X, but with boobs.

bigbrwnbear 09/23/2012

Her shoulders must be pretty messed up. Partially from the unrealistically heavy armor...

...but mostly from the fact that they seem to be deformed.

[deleted] 09/23/2012

Its the concave boob plate thing. It's completely unnecessary, swords, arrows, anything else would just ricochet into the center- notice how real armor is not concave.

blackpanda9 09/23/2012

shes not even wearing a helmet! So unrealistic!

SamstA64 09/24/2012

What Game is This from please tell me!

Eyke21 09/24/2012

that human looks grossly miss proportioned... too bad I'm lonely enough to still think she's hot.

GreenFox1505 09/24/2012

dat shoulder pads.

[deleted] 09/24/2012

The waist area seems rather thin... Another couple inches of plating wouldn't hurt, I think.

Also, maybe a helmet?

fizzlefist 09/24/2012

If the perspective weren't weird and the anatomy strange, it'd look alright. Also, did Blizzard have it's way with her pauldrons?

FormerlyEAbernathy 09/24/2012

Those pauldrons have made me physically aroused.

Detsuahxe 09/24/2012

dat neck mmph

jetset314 09/24/2012

Im assuming power armour and her hands stop around the elbows - or she's tucked up in the torso and is a midget in reality.

Snarfbuckle 09/24/2012

eyebrow armor looks fantastic

mutmekep 09/24/2012

I actually love it.

iDoiStuff 09/24/2012

Perhaps it's.. Magical armour? Oversized for protection and intimidation, she controls it from inside using magic.. Or something.

Cause there's no way her hands reach to the end of those gauntlets..

Deddan 09/24/2012

So... she protects everything except the most important part of her body... nice.

[deleted] 09/24/2012

Women have plenty of armor. It's the men who have too much.

WeLoveKanjimari 09/24/2012