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the bird blocked the license plate that the camera was trying to get because he was speeding. lucky as hell

jessejamess 07/19/2012

Finally the answer to "What is the air speed velocity of an unladen swallow?"

ItsDanaFTW 07/19/2012

The bird is the one who was speeding!

[deleted] 07/19/2012

parked car is parked.

veloBOSS 07/19/2012

Is this photo from 1978?

hate_sf_hobos 07/19/2012

Good guy bird!

Biggrodd 07/19/2012

Is it me, or does the car look like its parked?

deadtom 07/19/2012

Is that a fucking Sigma??

Worst car ever.

PhilthyLurker 07/19/2012

Someone needs to go around putting blurry transparent bird stickers on all speed cameras. Make them flying different directions and different species.

midnightrider 07/19/2012

TIL they had speed cameras in the 80s.

Mackinstyle 07/19/2012

Hey, speed cameras are designed to go off when speeding away, not into your face as it is considered dangerous.

So, that leads me to believe there is something else that triggered the camera to fire? someone want to comment as I have no experience in this area...

3LollipopZ-1Red2Blue 07/19/2012

Common Myna. Here it is in flight.

Based on this, and the fact that distribution of this bird as an invasive species is essentially limited in the US ("Road Closed" sign is American), this photo is most likely taken in Hawaii, or perhaps Florida.

This bird can be mistaken in Florida for a Mockingbird, since both have ...

chemistry_teacher 07/19/2012

Post it to perfect timing.

toodrunktofuck 07/19/2012

What do those numbers actually represent?

The top row looks like speed (72) The second maybe time? GPS location? Serial number

This looks like a mobile speed camera, so I'm guessing the GPS data must be kept to prove where the camera was?

Majus 07/19/2012

For one fleeting moment I thought the bird was a flash of light and that the car was a DeLorean.

brutis89 07/19/2012

cant be real. hes not even driving. hes on the wrong side of the car!

papaslew 07/19/2012

The fact that you got this photo means that they still got ya though buddy. Rear plate shot? Or a shop with the speed camera data up the top there? ;)

TeHSicKaZsr20 07/19/2012

Taken in New Zealand.

M0b1u5 07/19/2012

Looks like that bill prevented you from getting a bill!

ARC_Prisoner 07/19/2012

He's not the bird Gotham needs, he's the bird Gotham deserves.

[deleted] 07/19/2012


greedyiguana 07/19/2012

To the people who live in countries that use these things....are the cameras themselves heavily monitored? Do they get effed with all the time or what?

TheThingToSay 07/19/2012

I'm pretty sure this is not a speed camera. I looks like a private investigator's photo.

e4excellence 07/19/2012

Wrong side of the road bro!

Wooomp 07/19/2012

What a wingman!

ericlarsen2 07/19/2012

They are simply measuring the air speed velocity of an unladen swallow.

xceph 07/19/2012

That bird looks like its from the 80's

randomripper 07/19/2012

Am I the only one who thought it was just a glare of the flash?

TheATC 07/19/2012

GGBird blocks license plate

ElOsoDeAgua 07/19/2012

Way to give the MAN the bird.

[deleted] 07/19/2012

Good Guy Bird - stickin' it to the man!

ThirdLap 07/19/2012

Looks like this camera got


cock blocked...

feor1300 07/19/2012

Ahhh touché my friend.

policies94 07/19/2012

oh thats a bird!

Anaract 07/19/2012

I have issues with this, why would a camara be positioned when it would also be blocked ongoing traffic, and speed camaras are in pairs too het each side normally where's the other, and how did you get the photo if it was blocked the machine wouldny know where too contact

bowtieflyer 07/19/2012

What they dont show you is the flash blinded the bird tempararely so it hit a car

asnof 07/19/2012