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Maybe it's a defense mechanism, but all I see is a derp face. Still, not bad.

Winter-Stardust 01/25/2013

It's from a child's perspective which is why it's so weird to look at.

robboelrobbo 01/25/2013

I don't find this creepy at all, due to the light seeping up through the floor boards.
I picture him saying something like. "Dude, wee need more Ice... and you gotta come down here, shit's getting crazy."

Mr_FuM 01/26/2013

By the same artist:

Nokken. A creature from scaninavian folklore that lures people into water and drowns them.

Musstad. "Mouse city". Another piece about the plague, this time showing the decay.

[The ...

Electricrain 01/26/2013

I would laugh and kick that motherfucker back down the stairs if he poked up looking like that.

jewunit 01/25/2013

It translates better to "Pestie" in a female version, "Pestie on the stairs".

MordantSupernova 01/25/2013


somguy9 01/27/2013

Pesta gave me nightmares as a kid. Reading about her in elementary school scared the crap out of me.

Lakituz 01/28/2013