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Great build!

I'd love to use this as a wallpaper, but to beat out the other contenders, it would need a bit more light (the shaded side is just too dark -- you probably need a second light source), and would need to be rendered at a higher resolution.

Other than those 2 small critiques, I love it :)

Chezzik 09/26/2012

Is there a map download anywhere? :)

[deleted] 09/26/2012


[deleted] 09/26/2012

It's beautiful I gave you an upvote by the way

Fufufu7 09/26/2012

Fantastic job, this is really very, very beautiful. Is it based on a real-life place? If so, I want to go there sometime :P

elmonstro12345 09/26/2012


benster56 09/26/2012

I must live there. Map download? Seed? Please, I want.

Epix115 09/26/2012

Reminded me of a cenote (sacred sinkhole) I saw in Chichen Itza. Here's a pic:

jadezx 09/26/2012

Will there be, perhaps, a world save distributed? That is a truly amazing landscape!

kalikars 09/26/2012

Now we'll have to see if Christian Bale can climb out of it!

pottrpupptpals 09/26/2012

That's more of a cenote than a crater.

Jonthrei 09/26/2012

Reminds me of River's Heart in WoW.

captainzigzag 09/26/2012

This is very beautiful.

Abyakuya109 09/26/2012

I don't believe that is a crater- an impact won't make a depression with those dimensions. I think you rendered a sinkhole.

TenNeon 09/26/2012

I would love it if there were naturally-generating waterfalls like this. They would be similar to ravines, but more of a challenge with the caves hidden by the water.

I_Was_LarryVlad 09/26/2012

sooooo is there any way to find a seed for something like this?


SlowedMule 09/26/2012

Imagine things like these in real minecraft.

Scarletclick 09/26/2012


[deleted] 09/26/2012

This is fantastic! I humbly welcome you to post this to /r/MinecraftPhotography!

Anthony_Hopkins 09/26/2012

Wow. My friend made my front page.

LiberalEqualsWin 09/26/2012

I assume this was your (excellent) creative process:

  1. Destroy world with TNT

  2. I guess I have to fix this giant hole.

  3. Create this.

[deleted] 09/27/2012

This is just stunning! Base jumping is seen in my future.

GothamKnight 09/27/2012

9/10 Would fuck it up with an ugly base again

Jabrouwer82 09/27/2012

What texture pack is that? or is it original?

LILSQUISHY 09/26/2012

Map download!!!

Allan828100 09/26/2012

What water shader is that?

TheNodes 09/26/2012

We need more of these.

daytonamike 09/26/2012

can you or someone make this into a map? thanks. Its really pretty.

derpette6767 09/26/2012

Tip: x-post to /r/minecraftwallpapers

therager74jk 09/26/2012

nice job.

i, too, would love a seed for this :)

qtrules 09/26/2012

Can we please have a world download of this?

kraydl 09/27/2012

Now I feel bad that it's scientifically impossible to generate these randomly :(

Kargaroc586 09/27/2012

Very nice. I was wondering what texture pack you used.

shaikhob 09/26/2012

Why render? Why not create?

32Dog 09/26/2012