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This doesn't look like wtf to me, it just looks awesome. My opinion.

robszombiez2 06/06/2013

Looks like it's rocking some Daedric armor.

SirMrChicken 06/06/2013


ps7825 06/06/2013

That is one metal gecko.

boomer478 06/06/2013


Zelgadis5438 06/06/2013

Khaleese! we found one of your dragons!!

Itroll4love 06/06/2013

I think people are downvoting cause they think it's a joke, but this is a real mother fucker.

Chrispat91 06/06/2013


zeeelia 06/06/2013

Satanic Leaf-Tail Repost.

Anyone seeking more info might also check here:

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BadEgg1951 06/06/2013

if this gecko was selling insurance instead of that other pussy gecko, i think i would be insured by geico

NaRcoTiCzx 06/06/2013

Most of the pictures of this thing show it as fairly brown. "The gecko occurs in a variety of colors, including hues of purple, orange, tan and yellow, but is often mottled brown"


thewarehouse 06/06/2013

Notice how even the litttle branch is making the devil horns sign.

wasnhierlos 06/06/2013

That's the coolest fucking gecko ever

IMind 06/06/2013

Dear god...

hargita88 06/06/2013

I say we hand it over to the genetic engineering department and get them to give it wings

I_AM_SPACEMAN_BOB 06/06/2013

It looks like a villain from an animated PSA from the early 90s.

"Hey kids, got a light?"

Hal_Nein_Thousand 06/06/2013

The Geico gecko's evil twin.

Carson325 06/06/2013

I just need to unsubscribe from WTF, this kind of shit is getting old

WhiteTrashTrain 06/06/2013

It looks like a Neopet

heyaliheyali 06/06/2013

Coolest. Pet. Ever.

Zziiggggyy 06/06/2013

Upvoted for Satan. All hail Lord Lucifer.

TurgidDahlia 06/06/2013

s/he belongs in /r/awww

satismo 06/06/2013

I want one. I'm off to search the Interwebz!!

DeaditeQueen 06/06/2013

Can you buy this for home??? Fuck leopard geckos I want one!!!

shaggz2dope99 06/06/2013

Now we wait for somebody to post the modified version of this thing with wings and the circle of life will continue.

Jedditor 06/06/2013

Wtf? I'd say cool as f!

Tymk23 06/06/2013


SplosionMan 06/06/2013

It's the GEICO gecko's evil twin

lemurjerky 06/06/2013

this isnt wtf ........this is cool....

Mr-Noodle- 06/06/2013

Not WTF. More Awesome

Flurryyea 06/06/2013


KapitaenBestrafung 06/06/2013

I want one

Rahaderkin 06/06/2013

That little guy is incredible.

Arunei 06/06/2013

These guys are cute!

Cephalopodic 06/06/2013

I canĀ“t imagine where the name came from. It looks perfectly sweet to me.

100thUsernameAttempt 06/06/2013

Fucking awesome!

papabearparker 06/06/2013

You all rule for keeping the up votes at 666

deedubfry 06/06/2013

This reminds me of those lizards off Avatar that if touched would have a lil' propeller come out and start spinning! Too cute!

sarahangeline4u 06/06/2013

Looks like the awesome, weird, whirly bird, geckos that showed up in Avatar for all of thirty seconds.

cyvaris 06/06/2013

Dark Treeco

Rombelteis 06/06/2013

Came for the Pokemon jokes, left disappointed :/

BabaShrikand 06/06/2013


droolonme 06/06/2013

This looks sick. In the cool way

ObsessiveLooker 06/06/2013

Cray Cray.

FoxSelwyn 06/06/2013

Devilish...if its not poisonous, what a cool pet!

deathbysnusnu7 06/06/2013

Sweet daedric armor bro!

HarryFeltersnatch 06/06/2013

Looks like Randal from Monster's Inc.

Mikailarees 06/06/2013

I have a Uroplatus Fantasticus tattooed on me!

ExoticMetamorphosis 06/06/2013

He seems like a nice guy.

lilmiss7citiez 06/06/2013

OP's comments are going over like a real lead zeppelin.

Opaque_Justice 06/06/2013

Shut up and take my money!

CheesyAbortedFetus 06/06/2013

This Gecko must love Diablo.

Sikeliotes 06/06/2013

That thing as some very evil plans in mind, look at the smirk on his badass little face

mexcellentt 06/06/2013

Baby dragon?

Josh_Green 06/06/2013

Officially my new favorite animal. Mongoose has been dethroned.

Rem0nsterr 06/06/2013

How much cooler can you get? I mean even its species; "Phantasticus"

Pokedude0809 06/06/2013

shut up and take my money

cyrollan 06/06/2013

Bullshit! I know a demon when I see one!

skipmadrid 06/06/2013

Witty meme please....

i_give_you_gum 06/06/2013

People breed all sorts of forms of leaf geckos they come in all sorts of colors it's actually very cool.

BigAppleJohnny 06/06/2013

I used to breed these guys. Loved them so much.

RabidSimian 06/06/2013

Where can i buy one?!

don_jon 06/06/2013

Not WTF. These things are beautiful and,if you have a nice terrium setup, make fabulous and personable little pets.

le_vulp 06/06/2013

Damn, this gets posted like twice a week, JEEZUS it is not even wtf.

TheCheesy 06/06/2013

10/10, would worship

Phoenixx777 06/06/2013

Yep, that's definitely Daedric armor

[deleted] 06/06/2013

My Barb got wrecked by a mortar, desecrator, waller one of those in inferno.

Raspu7in 06/06/2013

How does a cool looking lizard qualify for wtf

Jett1925 06/07/2013

I think I see this on reddit at least once a month

wellshiiit 06/06/2013

This sub is dead

monsterluis 06/06/2013

Can we get back to the real WTF's please. This sub is starting to become as homogenous as r/funny.

CalebMars 06/06/2013

"Anything brightly colored constitutes a supreme evolutionary badass"

grospoliner 06/06/2013

lets play a game! its called "how many times can this gecko make it to the front page?"

justawhitenig 06/06/2013