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Once a year, after age 30, you should slice open your scrotum so you can check your testicles for strange lumps or lesions.

rgeguypic 02/04/2013

Just sent that to everyone I know...

Vegas_James 02/04/2013

Yeh, this will stay blue..

0arussell 02/04/2013

It's kind like when you sleep with 1 leg on top of the covers...

for_me_to_post_on 02/04/2013

Whoa... that's nuts!

mog_knight 02/04/2013

He really dropped the ball on this one.

Ashley_2287 02/04/2013

Excuse me while i go die

heehee7 02/04/2013

What a lovely idea.

Clay_Statue 02/04/2013

I hope that guy enjoyed his Fournier's Gangrene.

MiloMinderbender 02/04/2013

Looks pretty much the same across the species. Interesting picture. Not found very much that I would describe as WTF on here yet, but I guess this would be to anyone who doesn't do surgery.

Chitori 02/04/2013

Why did I click on this

Moe_Strife 02/04/2013

It a repost...from spacedicks. The worst of all reposts.

culman13 02/04/2013

There is no chance in the world I'm (c)licking that.

mikey_croatia 02/04/2013

I think my balls receded.

theresacakeinmyboots 02/04/2013

I am a urology resident so I do this for a living. You'd be surprised at how quickly you go from holy shit his testicle is outside if his body to wow this is a normal testicle or look how small this structure is etc. also it is ridiculously satisfying to put a stitch into a testicle.

spursiolo 02/04/2013

Well, he has balls.

austin665 02/04/2013

Looks exactly how I expected.

Yillpv 02/04/2013

Holy ballsack

fearlessfosdick 02/04/2013

That guy's nuts.

Travesura 02/04/2013

Hey man. Your ball is showing

RoamingHoosier 02/04/2013


[deleted] 02/04/2013

what is this spacedicks?

swat_totter87 02/04/2013

He had his ball drop

audio_phile0921 02/04/2013


bronyraur 02/04/2013

Look at your ball sack. Take a sharp knife into your hand. Or a long scissor. It would be surprisingly easy to do. Just one courageous cut, and your testicle dangles free. Attainable for everyone.

nosleepatall 02/04/2013


[deleted] 02/04/2013

Why do I click this, knowing what I'll see...

Veysey 02/04/2013

Stupid motherfucker!

kingdom_of_heaven 02/04/2013

Holy motherfucking shit!!!........... So thats what my balls look like....

YourBoinLoins 02/05/2013


alexx3064 02/04/2013

It looks like he is laying an egg

WarAndRuin 02/04/2013

Well, just what it says on cover.

imrooniel 02/04/2013

I'll just see myself out now...

piccini9 02/04/2013

My balls are now safely hidden in my abdomen, thank you for your link.

Andralexis 02/04/2013

never r/all ing again seriously

tvreference 02/04/2013

Nothing to do here .__.

[deleted] 02/04/2013

See, am I the only one that thinks this is REALLY interesting?

Jakooboo 02/04/2013

Curiosity got the better of me. I wish it hadn't. My god, I wish it hadn't.

Dunmore 02/04/2013

That's not very nice.

youvegotmoxie 02/04/2013

No, no.... nonononononononononononono NO.

the_fuckin_truth 02/04/2013

I wonder if there's a video of someone cutting his testicle out, then frying and eating it. That would be original

p__z 02/04/2013

Thank you, OP, for the nicely pithy title which, as I'm an idiot, did not dissuade me from viewing the link...

sumaliquis 02/04/2013

Think I broke the worlds speed record for hitting a browser back button when that pic loaded.

Troll_Mane 02/04/2013

I read the title and saw the tag and opened this anyway and now I'm questioning my life choices. This dude's nut is the impetus for my existential crisis.

MyNamesNotTaylor 02/04/2013

well, now I know.

Anaract 02/04/2013

I would say that this is nuts, but.....

LordVeritas 02/04/2013

What pleasure could he possibly get out of that?

angc69 02/04/2013

Told myself I wouldn't open this and I haven't. BUT is it as bad as I imagine?

fuzzyshorts 02/04/2013

I wish my balls were this large. i would never abuse them....

dwohio 02/04/2013

I had a vasectomy last week and I'm sitting here with an ice pack on my crotch. I can't even imagine...

drsfmd 02/04/2013

Anyone think of how painful it would be to take hold of it, and force it back through the hole? That's all I can think now, fuck.

leThrowawayLOL15 02/05/2013

Hey, where'd you get a picture of my Ex's ballsack?

InsanityWolfie 02/04/2013