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Just let them walk in on you mid-jerk one time. Will never happen again.

TreeOfMadrigal 07/23/2012

Ah, the 'knock-knock-turn-the-handle-in-one-motion' move

me: didn't you tell me it was polite to knock before disturbing someone? mom:* i knocked...

Yeah, at that point 13yo me decided that if I didn't have any privacy nobody did, and that I was under no obligation to be any better than my parents' example.

i became a knock-knock-turn fiend. It was very liberating, and every closed ...

halcyonjm 07/23/2012

shit. I couldn't even close my door growing up. Kids these days.

JanetRenoIsHot 07/23/2012

Yeah this lasted until my dad walked in on me changing when I was a teenager and there was a nuclear meltdown. God I was a bitch back then...

danaofdoom 07/23/2012

The difference between asking permission to enter, and notifying the occupier that you're entering regardless of permission.

Hate this.

Animgator 07/23/2012

I got tired of this one day. So what I did was, I would hear the knock and the twisting of the handle and immediately proceed to whip it out. I put a stop to that "come in anyways" shit in 2 days.

anibal1223 07/23/2012

Well, duh. Can't give you time to hide stuff, for all I know, you little shits are smoking pot in there.

Or, even worse, smoking my pot in there.

Mineshaft_Gap 07/23/2012

You have a door to your room, haven't had a door to my room in at least 13 years. Being 20 and living at home without a door to your room is a bummer. Well except for all the free stuff.

MintyBalls 07/23/2012


[deleted] 07/23/2012

Hello! I am a bot who posts transcriptions of Quickmeme links for anybody who might need it.

>Title: Scumbag Parents - door-knocking

>Meme: Scumbag Parents


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qkme_transcriber 07/23/2012

my dad's way: knocking while opening the door TT

blinksc2 07/23/2012

Thoughts in order of appearance

  1. Who still lives with their parents?
  2. What kind of parents walk into a grown person's room without actually knocking and waiting?
  3. Lightbulb
  4. There are a lot more teenagers on reddit these days.

e: Lightbulb 2 Apparently the economy sucks and it's more common for 18+ people to be living at home than ever. I was entirely unaware that this was ...

ylca 07/23/2012

Someone just got caught faping.

jordan8976 07/23/2012

My father used to pull this little gag where he'd knock, and then barge in as quickly as possible after knocking. I talked to him about it, saying that it was annoying and unnecessary, but he kept doing it anyway.

So what did I do? I pull the door hinges off, and shimmed them with a little bit of cardboard, just enough so that the door rubbed against the jamb a little bit when it closed.

This ...

apullin 07/23/2012

This is why I learned to hang out with my back against the door. Even just sitting and reading, or doing homework or something.

silent_p 07/23/2012

My parents prefer to omit the knocking part and just enter. My mother learned a few weeks ago that they really should knock and wait for me to answer or tell them to come in. I had just finished a shower and was standing in my room in a towel about to get changed and I heard someone coming up the steps. I could tell it was my mother and she entered her room across the hall. I was about to get ...

nattysharp 07/23/2012

not bad at all my mom actually has just torn the door off of its hinges before in the past. fuck knocking right?

red321red321 07/23/2012

Lol your parents knock ???

saphlove 07/23/2012

TIL - I am a scumbag parent.

fireunderwater 07/23/2012

Some people just want to get scarred for life.

manly_shade_of_pink 07/23/2012

My mother did this a lot when i was in high school. Being a hormone-driven, confused, horny teen i tended to well...cough...keep my door closed. After suffering jumping at every door or creak in the house one day i decided i had had enough.

The next time my mom walked though that door, i looked her right in the eyes, kept masturbating, had the porn going loudly over my head phones, and then ...

-Jayus- 07/23/2012

I think those are my ex's parents. I don't mean the knocking habits, I mean they look EXACTLY LIKE THEM.

Cerealcomma 07/23/2012

Or just stop living with your parents...?

Aracome 07/23/2012

I'm 30 years old and my parents still do this.

InsanityZev 07/23/2012

Parent: Knocks

A few seconds pass

Me: Come in.

Parent: What were you doing?


JakeTheSage 07/23/2012


D_Dumps 07/23/2012

This actually applies to anyone who does this, not just parents.

ThatLaggyNoob 07/23/2012

The worst is when people knock while opening the door, like using the force of the knock to open it. Huge pet peeve.

TSolo315 07/23/2012

Be happy that you have your own damn room!

Chynkinese 07/23/2012


[deleted] 07/23/2012

Don't like it? Go pay for your own apartment.

darthgrizzly 07/23/2012

My mom knocks as she enters.

sekai-31 07/23/2012

Parents always seem extremely passive aggressive to me. I mean it's such a disrespect of privacy, yet it's almost like. You think I'm going to knock?! In my own fucking house? You must be joking?!!!

[deleted] 07/23/2012

Wait untill you hear them coming to your room, get naked, put a bucket on top of your head and do a helicopter (if you are a guy) in front of the mirror (computer). Rinse and repeat as necessary.

IronicIvan 07/23/2012

My dad does this every day. He's caught me smoking weed like 20 times, but never once walked in on me fapping.

Croyt 07/23/2012

Or my mum, who opens the door while simultaneously saying, "knock knock!". O_O

KBubble 07/23/2012

First world problems. I slept in the living room all my teen years till college.

saga_boy 07/23/2012

They did that, and would come in my room at 1 in the morning to check on me, until I just started having my dick out in my room. They don't come in anymore

mydogisdumb 07/23/2012

My parents have never knocked on my door, I put my own lock in the door while they were gone one weekend and every time they want to come in my room they just violently twist and shake the knob while banging until I open it. I guess it works..

Fudgcicle 07/23/2012

almost 100% of the time, I'm jerking off

artg1291 07/23/2012

My dad does this shit and it makes NO SENSE TO ME.

ape_cage 07/23/2012

Even if you are 50 and visiting, they will still do this.

allope09 07/23/2012

My dad barely even knocks. He just taps on the door with his fingertips and opens the door before I can say anything.

DeadPants182 07/23/2012

If you're masturbating, the joke is on them.

L3ftyrocks89 07/23/2012

My girlfriend's son learned very quickly to wait to be told it was ok to enter. Real quick...

missingsf 07/23/2012

My parents used to do this, but they got better for the most part. My mom pretty much never comes to my room anymore, but ever since I caught my dad masturbating, he respects my right to privacy too. However, sometimes he tries to knock so quietly that it cant be heard, and then come in claiming there was no response. I hear him about 95% of the time though.

vari-slash 07/24/2012

You kids today..... Get caught banging a girl. Then your parents will just take the whole fucking door off. No need to knock then. Ah the good ol' days.

crimpy 07/23/2012

This is where you look them straight in the eye and finish.

TomTheScouser 07/23/2012

my solution to this problem was to be naked 100% of the time i am in my room, no one barges in anymore, ever.

Arvald 07/23/2012

Why does that make them scumbags? Rude, yes, but Scumbag?

GoGoGadgetCopter 07/23/2012

Scumbag Child:

Complains about privacy

Refuses to move out (edit) Refuses to run away

brendamn 07/23/2012

No the Scumbag parents are when they close your door, and leave it an inch open.

Yoshi511 07/23/2012

Coming into teenage boys room to quickly = extreme awkwardness for many weeks afterwards = cannot unsee. Why would anyone do that?

mickeybmike 07/23/2012

Caught between trying to slip back a raging boner into your pants and closing five windows with pornographic content.

fhreih8 07/23/2012

If masturbating:

Look them straight in the eyes, and finish. Then, as you're cleaning up, ask, "Can I help you with something?" Be calm as fuck. It'll freak them out, and you will have no more privacy issues.

gbakermatson 07/23/2012

Fucking hate it

BobOneLoveMarley 07/23/2012

sounds like SOMEONE got caught masturbating

filmguy13 07/24/2012

My parents always did the open the door while still knocking on it shit...

exitthewarrior 07/23/2012

every goddamn day

Burning_Kobun 07/23/2012

My mom knocked I said "go away", she came in and sat on my legs while I was still inside of my girlfriend (we were under the blankets) a lock was installed the next day.

fistfulloframen 07/23/2012

My mom does this all the time. Drives me nuts.

mwproductions 07/23/2012

You people guys get me...words cannot describe the rage that this causes me. Solution: keep door locked at all times.

LTshrink 07/23/2012

be glad that your parents even knock.

nikky_jay 07/23/2012

The best is when they once walked in mid wank. That was awkward.

Strider-SnG 07/23/2012

Used to live with my father only, and he understood guys' needs. Never walked into my room unless strictly necessary, in which case he would knock and wait. And if I brought a girl home giving notice, he would just go meet up with some friends. Love my dad.

jajauwuwi 07/23/2012

Pffft my parents built my room without a place for a door checkmate!

catailcataclysm 07/23/2012

Protip: Fap when no one is home.

xenoah 07/23/2012

Fuck this shit so hard. I'd do the same thing to them to show them how it feels, but I don't want to be emotionally scarred from what I might see..

ItsOnlyKetchup 07/23/2012

My dad would just walk in, but not just casual and relaxed, he'd open my door and just keep walking to the middle of my room and have no clue that I was upset he didn't knock first (I had a huge room growing up). I had to tattle on him to my's funny now looking back on it. I love my dad. :)

mauimagic 07/23/2012

My scumbag mom doesnt even knock and just barges in anyway.

[deleted] 07/23/2012

Or they knock AS they're fucking opening the door.

racetothecomics 07/23/2012

thats why my door is locked no matter what even if Im just there to play a video game.

[deleted] 07/23/2012

My dad would do this. His knock opened the door, because he is an asshole meathead who feels like he has the right to control everyone.

Wasn't even his house, by the way.

RinkuTheFirst 07/23/2012

I love how that couple bears a striking resemblance to the male and female versions of trollface.

gimmedatcornbread 07/23/2012

Just lock with a key. That's what I did when I lived with my parents.

hi_i_am_new 07/23/2012

They'll wait longer the first time they catch you wanking... They might even buy you a lock for your door..

indyliberal1 07/23/2012

Catches you fapping with a noose around your neck.

wikkedwhite 07/23/2012

My mom did this to me... I was mid coitus with my gf at the time... needless to say I then switched my doorknob with the one on her office, which has a lock.

Silicosis 07/23/2012

That's why I have a water pistol within grabbing distance when I'm in the bedroom. If someone opens the door before I say they can, they get a face full of water. They're learning.

henriwashere 07/23/2012

Dad walked in on me fapping once. Never did it again.

tomakeredditsuckless 07/23/2012

I feel your pain. My mom used to burst into my room all the time too, drunk and high on meth. Usually it was to escape her insane boyfriends or to tell me how much she hated herself for being a shitty mom etc. She'd even leave the door open on her way out. But your parents are much more scumbaggy...

tophatpainter 07/23/2012

That stopped for me when then walked in on me masturbating....twice.

MikeKM 07/24/2012

For the trained fapper, this is enough time.

Steel40 07/24/2012