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That guy is really weak.

Eze-Wong 08/06/2013

I can't wait to get immersed in banging tons of video game characters.

Wait, I mean, uh... immersed in roller coasters.

Wangstation 08/06/2013

Wasn't the video on here like 3 days ago?

pirate21213 08/06/2013

If I remember correctly, the person who posted the video said his friend was drunk. Here is the video -

whalesum 08/06/2013

I just got my Rift yesterday, and it seriously fucks with your brain. Just standing in a (virtual) room gives you an actual sense of space. The roller coaster demo gives you a genuine sense of movement, I was leaning into the turns and my brain actually believes what it's seeing is real. So all these exaggerated responses to the Rift? Yeah, most of them are probably genuine.

But also... VR ...

uzimonkey 08/06/2013

Ahhh...The old "Take something that was frontpage a few days ago and turn it into a gif."

Classic karma whoring.

switchup 08/06/2013

I'm definitely not going to play a game with HUGE spiders if this is real.

insarius 08/06/2013

Give the man a god damn chair!

Zaradas 08/06/2013

I have feeling six-flags is going to plummit.....don't know why......

Drifter8 08/06/2013


[deleted] 08/06/2013

nah I just get nauseated walking around that demo house

holysocks 08/06/2013

Imagine if No Limits got Oculus Rift support. I don't think I would bother going to an actual amusement park again if I could ride things like this in a VR environment.

TittyMcFagerson 08/06/2013

Why would you be standing?

gus2144 08/06/2013

That was a very quick repost, I admire your dedication

TechWearNeil 08/06/2013


Jensway 08/06/2013

Being hammered helps too.

hoopera 08/06/2013

I actually have given this demo a go when they were showing off innovative new technology at work.

The demo is a roller-coaster going around a castle. The resolution was downright terrible (640x480) but the guy said that they were planning to upgrade to 1080p

I did actually feel weird whilst demoing this. I don't know if I would go as far as calling it motion sickness but I didn't feel great ...

Esure101 08/06/2013

I need one of these..

cellur111 08/06/2013

New torture method?

angryvideogamenerds 08/06/2013

I can't wait til a AAA first person horror games comes out with the Oculus Rift in mind.

DaveSW777 08/06/2013

My guess is when the other guy clapped, there was a large girlish scream before it.

MTL_RELLIK 08/06/2013

So will this thing work for ps3? Or ps4?

e001mek 08/06/2013

Im writing my final paper about stuff like this. this is some studies behind the influence of virtual reality and what it does with our brain: Virtual Reality Therapy

there is major success with virtual therapy against things like aracnophobia and stuff like that. sorry for my english. not my native language

Affenbein 08/06/2013

I've seen several reports of people falling to the ground because the OR is that good at convincing your brain you're on a roller coaster.

edwardmagichands 08/06/2013

I know this seems stupid but I've been looking for that game for years! WHAT'S IT CALLED!?!?!?!?!

Hyeboy12 08/06/2013

I could imagine if they "accidently" made you fall off the ride.

5PEE 08/06/2013

Why doesn't he just close his eyes...

LetMePointItOut 08/06/2013

As silly as it may seem to some, his reaction could very well be real and not faked. I'm inclined to believe it is real given that he was drunk and didn't have as much inhibition as he would have otherwise.

Further, VR technology has been used to treat the fear of acrophobia since 1995 and the Oculus Rift's vast improvement over that decades-old ...

tsudeki 08/06/2013

I won't be convinced until I put them on while playing a scene where I am falling, and it makes me actually feel like I am falling. You know, that deep pit of your stomach feeling when you just drop unexpectedly? I want it to feel like that. But I have a feeling it won't. Still totally awesome, but you still won't get the full experience of actually riding that virtual coaster.

PillowTalk420 08/06/2013

Anyone watch jontron doing this on the co-operational podcast? That was hilarious.

TheRaptorGaming 08/06/2013

Thanks for this gay video once again.

Fatchamala 08/06/2013