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[deleted] 06/12/2013

TSA, the reason why the terrorists won

jpiteira 06/12/2013

I like her. The airport always makes me wanna get drunk, talk shit, and act like a child. I don't know why, it just does.

LumenKraft 06/12/2013

They won't let her on, but the jokes on her cause they'll damn sure make her wait in line for 2 hours before they tell her she's not flying.

darkdutchess04 06/12/2013

You know your an alcoholic when......

DemLobos2006 06/12/2013

The bigger WTF would be if she just threw it away... this chick has her priorities in order.

evanset6 06/12/2013

I remember back when you could take a bottle of liquor in your carry on. Good times.

AccusationsGW 06/12/2013

double repost

kidfearless 06/12/2013

Is that Chelsea Handler?

bloomingzonda 06/12/2013

Are you from Maryland OP?

danieljerrems1 06/12/2013

They are just retards that don't even follow their own rules. They made me chug down a can of rockstar that wasn't even open then stared me down after I didn't set off the metal detector.

sayitinmygoodear 06/12/2013

You can't just waste, what, $20, $30 mid-level Vodka available everywhere?

two2teps 06/12/2013

This is so old that she has already been to treatment and fell back off the wagon.

mhall812 06/12/2013

Whatever you can do to piss of TSA. Keep up the good work.

dervalient 06/12/2013

It would be awesome to have filled it with water.

GentleJay 06/12/2013

Remember sharing is communism! Down with the communist hordes!


SunnyMuffin 06/12/2013