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I like it. Also, it serves as a guide so you know which way to aim the arrow.

SonOfProbert 06/17/2013

I like it simple and clean

sgtsheabo 06/17/2013

Very cool and simple. I like it.

imaginative2409 06/17/2013

I love this so much. I'm glad I've found somebody who shares my arrow obsession :)

leafitiger 06/18/2013

Do you also have numchuck skills?

SonofUlysses 06/17/2013

Thanks people

bowhunter3 06/17/2013

This makes me think you would draw with your left hand, 50/50 shot, was I right?

thegrandpiano 06/17/2013

I love simple lineart.

CAHooptie 06/17/2013

Warning!!! Arrow to the knee joke incomming.

momalloyd 06/17/2013

this is awesome

limetree0 06/17/2013

That's surprisingly straight. Straight line tattoos almost always look a little funky. I dig it!

MissKrueger 06/17/2013

I live 15 minutes from Brookline, nice tattoo!

gamalytical 06/17/2013

That's lovely.

kosure 06/17/2013

I like it. Reminds me of the BSA Order of the Arrow symbol - which was a high honor of mine.

cwcoleman 06/17/2013

does it help yur aim?

jp_lolo 06/18/2013

Thats cool, I like simple, symbolic tattoos that speak for who you are.

samcwarren 06/18/2013