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Those eyes make me giggle

[deleted] 09/12/2012

Again, no fucking tag warning people about the content. Lately people have been such assholes about that.

Quaternions 09/12/2012

So much nope in that picture.

[deleted] 09/12/2012

wheres the gore warning?!

peterzi 09/12/2012

They must have been skinned by a family friend, they look so surprised!

drizzt9889 09/12/2012

They left the flippers?? Those are good eatin'.

BitterDivorcedDad 09/12/2012

Cool googly eyes.

DerechteWaldschrat 09/12/2012

So a baby seal walks into a club...

Mail_Me_Yuengling 09/12/2012

Who the fuck upvotes this? these animals were probably skinned alive and left to die. How about i come in your house when your sitting with your friends rip your skin and leave you there. might just post a picture in /r/seals so they can have a laugh as well.

Edifer454 09/12/2012

Put googly eyes on anything and that shit becomes cute

funkendread 09/12/2012

Its weird, I have more feelings for those damn seals than I do for the guy who cut his dick off. /r/wtf your dehumanizing me.

wetbudha 09/12/2012

Sad. all that delicious wasted eye meat

BenHurrr 09/12/2012

Totally just clicked that without paying attention to what it was.

MechaLincoln 09/12/2012

I don't know what I was expecting. I really thought it wouldn't be...this.

LeRoy42 09/12/2012

Their eyes look like the ones on the Spongebob popsicle.

sideofthedawn 09/12/2012

Welcome to Alaska!

witakr 09/12/2012

Too much Norway for one day....

TUNGL 09/12/2012


all of the seals

niekdejong 09/12/2012

They were clubbed then skinned.

Gbaby27 09/12/2012

It's it bad that they still look cute to me?

misa_26 09/12/2012

So sad. Can the punishment fit the crime please

raspvidy 09/12/2012

The zombie apocalypse has begun. Next penguins, then polar bears, then one Antarctic researcher travels home sick... Stock up on canned goods and crossbows people.

on_the_redpill 09/12/2012

Wide eyed and bushy tailed.

Cave_Man_I_Am 09/12/2012

...Why the fuck did I click this?

itsgonnagetweird 09/12/2012

AKA The polar bear buffet.

Norse_of_60 09/12/2012

The sad part is they don't necessarily kill them first.

zstand 09/12/2012