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There are less painful ways to give the ground a hug...

stavius 07/05/2012

Didn't expect so many flips. We'll it is Olympic season after all:

2 points for starting position

3 points for take-off

2 points for style

1 point for not sticking the landing.

zombiesunlimited 07/05/2012

I'd actually consider that as freerunning, if that. Parkour is a skill which allows you to overcome most any terrain quickly and efficiently with as little energy as possible. Freerunning is flips, long, high, or deep jumps, tricks, and other show-off things for fun. However, since it's just one flip (instead of running to an edge and doing it) I'd hardly even consider it freerunning.

Let's ...

Rakqoi 07/06/2012

Yay a repost within 2 weeks! You didn't even dare to put the word "repost" in the title, which means you are claiming it for your own.

RavenoMail 07/05/2012

Practicing for the Paralympics?

UncleTedGenneric 07/06/2012

Why does he keep doing it?!

Vilavek 07/06/2012

Like the Jayhawks in the championship game.

Mrwhothefuckcares 07/06/2012

This .gif almost made the frontpage 2 weeks ago and is making another strong effort. repost it next week and I bet you might just break the top 15

iCyourFlaws 07/06/2012

i like his KU shirt

saladinbed 07/06/2012

Did this guy actually mean to do this?

bakerman92 07/05/2012

Back home we call these snow suicide jumpers.

AlphaRedditor 07/05/2012

I hear a thump in my head when he hits the ground.

TheNewRavager 07/06/2012

Can't tell if he did that on purpose or...

Alv53 07/06/2012

Acrobatics ≠ Parkour.

Eifandil 07/06/2012

AHH, I laughed way too hard at this

phsyco 07/05/2012

This video is immensely satisfying for some reason or another.

Avien 07/06/2012

Dear god, I hope the cameraman isn't a sexy woman in a swimsuit...

Joeman45 07/06/2012

Looks like he landed perfectly, to me. He wanted to land flat, right? Landing on one's feet is for suckers.

Rabble_Arouser 07/06/2012

Not sure if intentional...

[deleted] 07/06/2012

I watched that way too many times

Ilgarlando 07/06/2012

O Russia you always give us the best stuff

firebat707 07/06/2012

Perfect Double Moonsault...

JimmyofTroy 07/06/2012

Reverse this!

Ikimasen 07/06/2012

Funny repost: Reddit edition. UPVOTED!

shartled_penguin 07/06/2012

It's a snow angel because he died. In the snow.

bling_bling2000 07/06/2012

This is what I dream about when it's 100 degrees outside.

[deleted] 07/06/2012

I watched this for at least 5 minutes thinking "maybe he will eventually make the landing somehow." Nope.

turtles317 07/06/2012

oh kansas fans when will they learn.

j-awesome 07/06/2012

Am I crazy or does this look photoshopped?

Hanuman7591 07/06/2012

the ground seems awfully bouncy when he hits it... almost as if there were something soft and pliable under the snow that magically shoots up into the air when he hits the ground...

anyone have the source for this so further investigations can be completed?

NextDayAir 07/05/2012


Dumpykins 07/06/2012