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You're doing God's work son.

INtheANALSofHistory 09/02/2012

Hey! I'm from Saskatchewan :D. What city are you from?

Bobcat1531 09/02/2012

i once drove through Saskatchewan goin from Calgary to Toronto. Got pulled over by a cop in a old toyota minivan and questioned sternly. I was warned in Calgary not to drive through w. California plates.

3TREEE 09/03/2012

... Where are the front license plates?

ExplodingUnicorns 09/03/2012

I think you just lowered the mosquito population by 2%. Congrats.

PedroThePie 09/02/2012

The same is happening here in Manitoba.

neir 09/02/2012

Damn, and I thought the bugs down here in Georgia were bad. They weren't even this bad when I went to southern Alabama (where gnats become a significant part of your diet/air supply whether you like it or not.)

weaver2109 09/02/2012

I'm from Florida so I'll just say I'm sorry for our number one export and well done sir.

CluelessDude_24 09/03/2012

The glorious bugs of Saskatchewan.

Mother Nature is going to freeze their asses very soon.

dvb3000 09/03/2012

It's just now mosquito season? Pfffft. I live in Florida. It's always mosquito season!

brussels4breakfast 09/03/2012

Tisdale, fuck yeah.

uhhshlay 09/02/2012

That's a hatch man get out your fly rod.

FVBAR 09/03/2012

totally unrelated hilarious side note: origin=texas, i told my friend back in the states i was visiting my uncle in saskatchewan...she didnt believe it was a real place.

alexlistens 09/03/2012

Now I want you to go and put a little X on the side your car for every kill you have.

[deleted] 09/03/2012

Saskatchewan - how do you pronounce that?

kezzaNZ 09/03/2012

Imagine how many were carring the west nile virus! You are real hero! Carry on!

Pola06 09/03/2012

open face helmet motorbike.

Bemmer 09/03/2012

Maybe not in Saskatchewan but in the NWT, the flies have that extended development period. The locals joke that the mosquitoes grow so big your only defense is to carry a pistol and shoot them.

gkiltz 09/03/2012

That poor Mazda6... :(

pearsond 09/04/2012