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A walk, mother fucker, will we take one?

EDIT: I try to make plenty of really clever comments and receive no notice, but I make one stupid joke and get the top comment? What the fuck?

Jeroknite 07/27/2012

As the OP for Samuel L. Barkson, I might just print this out and frame it on my wall.

josephgordonreddit 07/27/2012

>Say 'woof' again. Say 'woof' again, I dare you, I double dare you motherfucker, say 'woof' one more Goddamn time!

niblot1 07/27/2012

I love how people choose to use their time.

jemsa 07/27/2012

Nick Furry

Ephemeris 07/27/2012

You earned this upvote.

GregHorse 07/27/2012

Repost. Looks the same to me.

ChronoMaster1324 07/27/2012

That is one handsome mother-fucker.

ServerGeek 07/27/2012

Just a serious question, but if there were a black celeb whose face reminded everyone much of, oh, let's say KoKo the gorilla, how many would consider photoshopping the faces to be racist and never think to post something like that? So why in turn is this OK? It's racist to only say some black people's faces share similarities with gorillas but not dogs? Is there something inherently bad about ...

Jertob 07/27/2012

Now we just need someone to do it the other way around...

Foshmarks 07/27/2012

Samuel L Barkson. I don't know why that is so important to me.

derail88 07/27/2012

The only difference I see is the eye patch.

spiteface 07/27/2012

I've had it up to here with these motherfuckin tennis balls on this motherfuckin back yard!

kulmbach 07/27/2012

He looks like a bitch from this angle.

andrewsmith1986 07/27/2012

Secretly Demoman.

MetalDragon6666 07/27/2012

I'd like to talk to you about the Pet Avengers initiative...

webrunner42 07/27/2012

This is the kind of dog I'd like guarding my home.

Peeners 07/27/2012

Is there a sign on the front of my door saying "Dead Squirrel Storage?" No, there isn't!

MaxPurdue 07/27/2012

Most Badass dog ever

FinnGamer- 07/27/2012


Yes there is, I'ma dog.

Korovitz 07/27/2012

Nick Furry?

TheLostOne3 07/27/2012

Such a bad ass mofo

zapper9595 07/27/2012

Does Samuel L. Barkson LOOK like a bitch?

myopinionstinks 07/27/2012

We certainly have a theme for Reddit today. Not hating it.

WookieGoldberg 07/27/2012

Pup Fiction.

fur-sure 07/27/2012

Is this racist? I can't tell.

P47RICK 07/27/2012

"Bark ain't no country I ever heard of!"

I_Have_Cigar 07/27/2012

I have a hard time agreeing that that white pine is 375 years old. Really the only way to tell would be to cut it and count the growth rings. I think you should go for it.

crap_wrong_post 07/27/2012

Dog Food Mother fucker! DO YOU HAVE IT!

irishamerican 07/27/2012

A treat mother fucker, Do you have one?

JDiesel 07/27/2012

Love it. The eyepatch is genius.

splurb 07/27/2012

Sorry, but I see no difference.

sinister_exaggerator 07/27/2012

Enough is enough! I have had it with these motherfucking cats on this motherfucking front page!

kelustu 07/27/2012

He kinda looks like a bitch...

porkchameleon 07/27/2012

Does he look like a bitch!?

Plastastic 07/27/2012


beefclick 07/27/2012

That would be Nick Fury's face.

libertaritard 07/27/2012

That's the best thing I've seen all day

shyandsmiley 07/27/2012

Samuel L's reaction to seeing this picture.

drn8 07/27/2012

Can I get Sam Jackson's face on Barkson's body with Katie Perry's boobs and Paula Deen's snatch?

egoisillusion 07/27/2012

This is amazing! well done.

WrathMatician 07/27/2012

So, did you? That's like, so, like cool. So, I'm impressed. So.

Gavalar 07/27/2012

this is the top thing on reddit. today's gonna suck.

mterrace 07/27/2012

...So you added an eyepatch?

Lemurrific 07/27/2012

That is amazingly awesome!

cano77 07/27/2012

I see no diversion from the original.

AmericaWolff 07/27/2012

This comments section is a huge mess.

Definitely_On_Reddit 07/27/2012

Ought to have photoshopped Barkson's face onto Jackson's body.

Derwos 07/27/2012


King_Dong11 07/27/2012

Does not look like a bitch

LiteweightPhenomenal 07/27/2012

Django Unleashed?

joedobbyn 07/27/2012

LIES, you only photoshopped in the eyepatch

ganjanamja 07/27/2012

Im tired of these mother fuckin kibbles in my mother fuckin bits

i_didyour_mom 07/27/2012

let's go for a motherfucking car ride.

Ipitythefoo 07/27/2012

Gawd, I was hoping someone would do this. Better than expected did not dissapoint.

ghostarmadillo 07/27/2012

I upvoted even before clicking on the link. I was not disappointed.

QuidditchKid793 07/27/2012

So, are you going to post it, or just post this original picture of that dog?

bdavis222 07/27/2012

So... You photoshopped an eyepatch onto Barkson?

drj8166 07/27/2012

"I've got my eye on you."

motherknowsbreasts 07/27/2012

It's even better than I imagined!

Shane_the_P 07/27/2012

"hey, sewer rat may taste like pumpkin pie but i'd never know cause i wouldn't eat the filthy motherfucker. Oh wait, yes i would i'm a dog."

MagicBowls 07/27/2012

Should have named him Samuel B. Barkson

Psst here is a little secret the B stands for bone. ;)

dont_shit_urknickers 07/27/2012

My mouth dropped when I saw this, quality photoshop 101.

LZYX 07/27/2012

A chain around the neck of a black man... oh reddit, honey, no.

KazamaSmokers 07/27/2012

brilliant. nice job jackie

Baedeker72 07/27/2012

I don't get it, all you did was but an eyepatch on him.

DG729 07/27/2012

You were destined to have karma overflow from your coffers.

[deleted] 07/27/2012

If they don't hang this picture up I don't know what they're thinking

FCOS 07/27/2012

"Does he look like a bitch!?"

alpha_alpaca 07/27/2012


afondul 07/27/2012

I like how you made it black and white to make it easier to Photoshop.

FredFredrickson 07/27/2012

treats motherfucker!!!?? Do you have them?

CheckALLtheusernames 07/27/2012

I guess you could say that Sam.... Nah, I got nothing

YaDshu 07/27/2012

Bit harsh to the dog, isn't it? Then again, Sam Jackson has put his face to everything else.

anklereddit 07/27/2012

Can we get poster-sized resolution? So want for my apartment.

zakkkkkkkkkk 07/27/2012

Awesome job!

daddyshungry 07/27/2012

predicting epic thread of pulp fiction quotes

deletecode 07/27/2012

This was posted after this other link under a different username.

DanimalHouse 07/27/2012

Best face swap yet!

IKabobI 07/27/2012

I think.. I'm.. in love with you..

fail_girl 07/27/2012

That is the stuff of nightmares...

Flaydogg 07/27/2012

Most excellent! Now how 'bout Samuel L. Barkson's face on Jackson's body?

photolouis 07/27/2012

Hmm... the only difference I see is an eye patch

coelfrier 07/27/2012

I can verify this. The linked photo does indeed appear to depict Samuel L. Jackson's face photoshopped onto Samuel Barkson's body.

Naberius 07/27/2012

You know me. It's my duty, to sniff that booty.

ManWithPlumpAss 07/27/2012

Muthafukin snakes in my doghouse!

TheChalbs 07/27/2012

A tale of two Sammys?

blessedflaws 07/27/2012

does marcellus wallace look ... like a female dog?

XtReMe98 07/27/2012

If I could upvote this multiple times I totally would

smr312 07/27/2012

So you put an eyepatch on the dog?

protomd 07/27/2012

Thank you. This is amazing!

aburntrose 07/27/2012

Needs to be posted in /r/photoshawwp

Tactical__Yak 07/27/2012

The six degrees of Samuel L Jackson

Amberleaf 07/27/2012

Reverse anyone? I mean dog face on Samuel L. Jackson.

Technolog 07/27/2012

Whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa... stop right there. Humpin' a bitch and givin' a lil butt sniff ain't even the same fuckin' thing.

bulgeinmyjeans 07/27/2012

You know what they call a doggy biscuit in France?

Nucking-Futs 07/27/2012

Yo dawg, I heard...

[deleted] 07/27/2012

This is the kind of picture you enlarge and put in a carved wood frame above your fireplace.

[deleted] 07/27/2012

I don't see the difference from your OP for Samuel L. Barkson and this, except for the eye patch of course.

RexQuincy 07/27/2012

"Does he look like a bitch?"

southparkFTW 07/27/2012

Can someone please photoshop a nightmarish almalgam of Katy Perry, Paula Deen, Samuel L. Jackson, and Samuel Barkson already? I'm getting bored with these 1:1 jobs.

bonnacon 07/27/2012

JackieBronassis - what does it feel like to win Reddit for the day? I just have to say you have made my weekend go from awesome to Freakin' Awesome with one simple photo. Thank you.

Edit: Yes, I have a life. A great one. And now it's even better!

musclerunner 07/27/2012

ya me parece un poco denigrante a veces nos pasamos de la raya con las comparaciones y esas cosas pero bueno en fin la libertad de expresion o mas decir la libertad de la ignorancia

kentany 07/27/2012

That's some repugnant shit...I left in your bathroom.

Crasho327 07/27/2012

Dog looks a little like Samuel L. Jackson, as suggested by original post.

Redditor shops actual Samuel L. Jackson's face onto dog face that already looks like Samuel L. Jackson's face.

Apparently, it's even funnier when you repeat the joke.

Xiattr 07/27/2012

Bacon, mother fucker, do dogs not know? God I suck at this.

rblue 07/27/2012