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Guy before you must have gotten the McRib.

[deleted] 01/17/2013

I know the back story of this.

The pic was shot in the bathroom of my local rowing club in Amsterdam, ASR NEREUS, not in a bathroom in Poland.. This week the new eights for the men, heavyweight and lightweight, have to do some light form of hazing.

It is a tradition that they dine on the club, piss all over the lady's dressingroom floors and put a piggs head in the toilet.

I have some proof, ...

swiffleswaffle 01/17/2013

He sure is hogging the toilet...

jetpacktuxedo 01/17/2013

I'd be shocked too, if that were my reflection.

Corporate_Bladder 01/17/2013

"'Kill the beast! Cut his throat! Spill his blood!'"

dbarefoot 01/17/2013

Polish bidet.

Damaso87 01/17/2013

Plot twist: that came UP the toilet.

Chris153 01/17/2013

Ha ha ha. He don't know how to use the severd pig head.

Blast338 01/17/2013

Hey man, I'm from Poland, and I'm pretty sure we have more than one McDonalds.

GlitterLamp 01/17/2013

Don't believe this. I've been to many McDonalds in Poland and they probably have the cleanest bathrooms in the entire country. This looks more like a truck stop bathroom.

gambiting 01/17/2013

Shitting a pig. It's the Polish version of having a cow.

portal_music 01/17/2013

Is there only 1 McDonalds in Poland?

fugged_up_shib 01/17/2013


Owone 01/17/2013

Chances are that pigs head is 29% horse meat.

DrRobin 01/17/2013

Did you pee on it? It's not like you'd get the chance twice in a lifetime

Psykes 01/17/2013

so did you poop on it? where is the picture with the pig head covered in your poop?

old_self 01/17/2013

Please check the room to see if there is a spider's web reading: "Some Pig!"

kabanaga 01/17/2013

Back story?

Dizzydubby 01/17/2013

An exemplary instance of WTF. Well done, sir!

lucewheel 01/17/2013

Reminds me of Hotline Miami.

chaindrop 01/17/2013

Polish McDonalds, where they put so much bacon on their burgers you'll shit out a pig.

Powermetalhank 01/17/2013

Its nose will tickle your butthole.

your_missing_sock 01/17/2013

And then you woke up to the sound of "I want to play a game".

frostiitute 01/17/2013

I know this was submitted in WTF, but I was not prepared for the WTFness of that pic

azz808 01/17/2013

People really need to learn to chew their food.

llama_pls 01/17/2013

There is a valid explanation for this.

One of the McDonald employees is an avid pig farmer, today upon getting to work, he realised a polish python had half eaten the body one of his pigs and left the head in the back of his truck.

The employee panics... "what will my wife say when she finds out her porky has eaten by a snake"

Getting to work early has its advantages he thinks, the employee ...

ofcoursemyhorse 01/17/2013

Jezus szmaria!!

empeee 01/17/2013

I would have shit all over it

sinat50 01/17/2013


Gruszek 01/17/2013

I hate it when people leave the toilet role tube on the floor too. Shits me.

kilbot73 01/17/2013

I think that is a double flusher.

middleofroad 01/17/2013


No one wants to go to the bathroom in a McDonalds.

Drassielle 01/17/2013

You've singlehandedly put to death my conviction that a snake was the worst possible thing you could ever find in a toilet. Congratulations.

bigcitydandy 01/17/2013

that's our newest invention: full automatic toilet. You should've sat down and wait for it to do its job

Vissy 01/17/2013

Man that poor pig, he crawled through miles of sewers to escape his inevitable and brutal death at the hands of humans, and got stuck being able to see the freedom for which he had yearned for so long.

loonytoad 01/17/2013

ah the old leave a pig head in the toilet routine


BRBaraka 01/17/2013

What a waste of a perfectly good delicious pigs head

Lavartis 01/17/2013

Well, pigs do like to roll around in shit. I guess this particular one was more civilized about it than most.

Bernardozila 01/17/2013

wait a minute...polish mcdonalds use REAL pork...lucky bastards

oakXXIII 01/17/2013

You must be a sad and lonely person to create such lies.

AmazingIsTired 01/17/2013

I read the title as "...McDonald's in Portland" and thought it was like some hippy political protest against meat and McDonald's.

cantexplainanything 01/17/2013

submitted by Jewst, go figure. :D

vintage_si 01/17/2013

Soo... did you use the toilet?

ZuFFuLuZ 01/17/2013

why the hell would you go to a McDonalds..while in Poland? eat good local food...sheesh. ;)

PoppetFFN 01/17/2013

No you didn't. And It's not McDonalds. You're a filthy reposter using an old picture you don't know anything about.

ObviousSubtlety 01/17/2013

What a waste of a perfectly good pigs head...

Ake2k 01/17/2013

Related: one of Dr. Hunter S. Thompson's greatest stories/pranks, "Sugarloaf Key: Tales of the Swine People":

> There is a huge pig's head in Lloyd Good's toilet tonight. I put it there about three hours ago, just before he walked home from the bar. The snout is poking straight up out of the family toilet and the pig's lips are glistening with Ruby ...

YellowSharkMT 01/17/2013

Now that's a poo I can't refuse!

Lochcelious 01/17/2013

if you didnt open that pigs mouth and poop in are no friend of mine

silkydoe 01/17/2013

So metal.

Hunchin 01/17/2013

God damn it, I just woke up and I've had enough of the internet for one day.

imarocketship 01/17/2013

This is definitely wtf worthy.

CrzyJek 01/17/2013

I thought the saying was "I've got a turtle's head"? Damn, I'm so confused at life right now.

The-Running-Blade 01/17/2013

Mmmm, McRib is back....

lotus2471 01/17/2013

That's disgustng. Thank god there's a pig head in the toilet to distract you.

RealDarylHall 01/17/2013

some one needs to chew their food.

AbaddonSF 01/17/2013

so the McRib is back!!??!!?

superjojo29 01/17/2013


KingPin24 01/17/2013

McDonals' in Europe has far classiest toilets after they've been refurbished recently, so this is obviously bullshit.

mishko27 01/17/2013

Now that is WTF.

raegunXD 01/17/2013

At least it wasn't a human head.

Nutzillaa 01/17/2013

i gotta stop eating while browsing wtf

takeahike0 01/17/2013

Reminds me of that dog tree.

The-Beerinator 01/17/2013

Damn, dude had a squealer.

added_chaos 01/17/2013

So that's what happened to Snowball.

MrCranberry 01/17/2013