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You lying bastard those were gummy worms

AverageNapkin 07/13/2012

Looks more like gummy worms to me, judging by the bag.

MrsRatt 07/13/2012

Why does every asshat reddit submission have to include some fake ass story in the title that is completely irrelevant to the contents. As others have pointed out, this was clearly gummy worms, and if this had happened to you you would have known that.

Instead, you decide to preface with some stupid fucking madeup story about how you and your boyfriend accidently left them in the car.

Why? Why ...

superpastaaisle 07/13/2012

And that's how Ghostbusters 2 began

CorporalYetiDick 07/13/2012

those are actually Gummy Worms.... it says so on the package.. if u get Haribo gummy bears this would have not happened

thedickthatisme 07/13/2012

In Texas, those suckers would have gone straight to sublimation.

Justascienceteacher 07/13/2012

Do you WANT ants? Because that is how you get ants.

Lord_Nuke 07/14/2012

Those are gummy worms you liar

Silverwave2 07/14/2012

Looks like you got slimed, better call the ghost busters.

The_Hammer_Q 07/13/2012

it's still good

sirus20x6 07/13/2012

So, let me get this straight....You are trying to say that YOU left a bag of gummy bears on HIS dashboard, right?

phukhoagum 07/14/2012

I hope that you like ants, because that is what you're getting.

sleepauger 07/14/2012

Are products made in different areas to compensate for heat? I'm in Australia, and that would be about 32 degrees celsius.. I've had plenty of stuff left in the car all over the place.. yeah it goes soft.. and sticks together.. but I've never had anything liquify.. looks cool though.. well cool in a hot way???

jmarg2012 07/13/2012

hollow out one of those chainsaw art bears, fill with gummy bears ??? PROFIT!

Malchron 07/13/2012

They are coming for you!

Fishyish 07/13/2012

Gummy Auschwitz.

...too soon?

jx84 07/14/2012


StrawberrieDream 07/13/2012

Let it sit until night time and magically you'll have a gummy worm

davidhartz 07/13/2012

Nice Taurus. '96? Somewhere thereabouts I'd guess.

Npakaderm 07/14/2012

Kroger. Ford Taurus.

duke-ette006 07/14/2012

Clearly the gummy bears were hiding out in the gummy worm bag because everyone knows gummy worms aren't as good as gummy bears. Well played, bears. Well played.

zackyblake 07/14/2012

Gummies clean up best with Sodium Chlorate...

op1500 07/14/2012


Leroy_J 07/14/2012

Melted gummy bears on the dash, thats really gonna up the re-sale value.

HOLYmcCOWan 07/14/2012

Just let it get really cold and they will solidify.

joe_lvsg 07/14/2012

And that's how you get ants.

ItLurksInTheDark 07/14/2012

tie a belt around your bicep, take a syringe, load it up and mainline that shit now. shit fucks you up right!

dpiper125 07/14/2012

Imagine hundreds of gummi bear faces, drifting down a river made of their own conjoined sugary flesh, crying out for a release from this earthly plane of suffering.

you pull the strip off the dashboard. A single gummi bear whispers "thank you".


Shroombie 07/14/2012

I'm skeptical about said boyfriend. Pics or it didn't happen. Preferably pg-13 ones.

mxjohnxm 07/14/2012

T1000 in Haribo trim?

KNUBBS 07/14/2012

ITT: *gummy worms

anamericandude 07/14/2012

This is how The Blob was formed...

[deleted] 07/14/2012

I know this sounds a little rude, but I find it annoying that you had to mention your boyfriend in the title. That didn't really have anything to do with the post, besides what I believe is your attempt to emphasize that you're a girl.

I'll just give you the benefit of the doubt and assume that's not the reason though, for the sake of my faith in Reddit.

Vespyna 07/14/2012

Gummi penis!

tbscotty68 07/13/2012

Did you still eat it?

Tippler13 07/13/2012

That looks delicious, OP. You should definitely eat it.

jhowa182 07/13/2012

EPIC FAIL. Have trying to clean that shit up

reazon54 07/14/2012

sooooooo fake post with no attention to detail. nice.

[deleted] 07/14/2012

good ol' gummy slab. My gf's grandmother made one of these for me in her car one hot summer.

ion8 07/13/2012

go buy a couple honey buns, lay that fucker up on your dash, go back at around lunch time and enjoy your deliciously warm honey goodness...

also, is that a for taurus?

DrRabbitt 07/13/2012

Quick! Capture it before it gets loose!

starktor 07/13/2012

Gummy lava

mbluhm36420 07/13/2012


Zus_Bielski 07/14/2012

I would drink that shit through a straw.

LogiclyLiterate 07/14/2012

fuckin bummmmer

lbridge 07/14/2012

I left a bag in my car years ago. they molded into 1 giant wad. I gave it to a buddy and he actually ate it. fun times.

Rummy9 07/14/2012


lookieausername 07/14/2012

If anyone is wondering why it's all red it's because that's..... GUMMY BEAR BLOOD DURRRrrrrR

GobbledyCrook 07/14/2012

Simple. Turn on AC, wait for melted gummy to solidify, enjoy large new gummy worm.

maddddiebear 07/14/2012

I'm gonna try this haha

[deleted] 07/14/2012

Let it cool down and you'll be able to just pull it straight up. Then you can enjoy it's gummy goodness.

ivegotamnesia 07/14/2012

Yeah, that'll really up the resale value.

Sparkdog 07/14/2012

If you arrange gummy bears on a smooth plate then microwave them, you get delicious stained glass.

TheGirlInTheCorner 07/14/2012

You gonna finish that?

TheBarta 07/14/2012

I so hope you snorted that.

AKBiking 07/14/2012

Dammit, now I want to drink gummy bears

anisenayati 07/14/2012

Mother of god, as a Canadian I can't even begin to imagine why the heat.

Rieklin 07/14/2012

Quick! Get a straw.

dtwilliams 07/14/2012

The massacre.

JTyler82 07/14/2012

Careful, it will coalesce and reconstruct like in terminator

TheLiability 07/14/2012


[deleted] 07/14/2012

Rookie mistake, I learnt this lesson leaving crayons on the back seat.

RandomThoughtsGuy 07/14/2012

Ivan Ooze!

[deleted] 07/14/2012

Your boyfriend and yourself left the bag? I picture 2 people gently placing the bag on the dashboard as if it might esplode, then running away shouting, "Now go while we still can!"

finallymadeanaccount 07/14/2012

Must have been delicious.

Who_flung_poo69 07/14/2012

mm, kroger brand gelatinous living-creature shaped food product! if you buy ten, the price drops a small to make each product sell for a round number. you LOVE round numbers! you love kroger brand gelatinous living-creature shaped food product!

explodingbarrels 07/14/2012

Is that in Kelvin or Celsius?

o40 07/14/2012

Ewwww. Kroger brand gummis are gross.

dyrnwynsk 07/14/2012

Those bears made some bad business decisions, so they had to go into liquidation. I'll show myself out.

hollander93 07/14/2012

So so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so

Pregnenolone 07/14/2012

mmm gummy river

garbonzo 07/14/2012

Subaru Forester? I think we have the same dashboard. Well, mine's not covered in a puddle of melted sugar...

HippieHippieShake 07/14/2012

Only 90? I'm surprised they melted. It's 109 in Eilat, Israel right now, that shit would melt and boil here.

[deleted] 07/14/2012

I've done this. The bag was closed though. I put it in the fridge. Then I ate the Gummy Glob. Life was sweet that day.

LittleTillyFooFoo 07/14/2012

Gah! The sticky!

MasterNyx 07/14/2012

This should be tagged NSFW

jewCEB0X 07/14/2012

this looks delicious.

Vanguards1 07/14/2012

You better have eaten that shit up

Sneerglaw 07/14/2012

No, it says "Gummi worms".

trampus1 07/14/2012

Well that was dumb.

Just_some_guy42 07/14/2012

YOU MONSTER! Oh, their just gummy worms... Carry on.

madworld 07/14/2012


CheckeredChicken 07/14/2012

I hate posts that start out with 'so'.

Biddleman 07/14/2012

That Isnt even their final form. They will assemble into a T-1000esque gummy worm overlord

gamerwithnoname 07/14/2012

That's how Ninja Turtle's are made.

xhosSTylex 07/14/2012

Gummy orgy

tronn4 07/14/2012


LauretteOB 07/14/2012


UndeadAnonymous 07/14/2012

Let it cool down and when it's solid again peel off and enjoy.

xXCONXx 07/14/2012

Had the same problem only it ended up on my girlfriend and the car seats. Arguments were had!

fab123 07/14/2012

As a minimum wage slave to Kroger, I do not pity your melted worms (which are not bears) nor your dashboard.

Lunux 07/14/2012

Oh no!! It's the THING!

Lithex 07/14/2012

This isn't even my final form.

gmharryc 07/14/2012

how are you still alive in 90 degree weather?

Babayaga20000 07/14/2012

That's almost horrific

Azozel 07/14/2012

Gummy snake!

Face_Palmer 07/14/2012

That will really up the resale value! Melted gummy worms on the dash.

BigDaddyCraw 07/14/2012

We're breaking through, SSSSLLLLIIIIMMMMMEEEEE

Fosse_The_Creator 07/14/2012

It looks like the slime river from Ghostbusters.

dgaf_about_usernames 07/14/2012

Woah woah woah, you and your boyfriend put them on the dash? I feel an individual person is responsible. And they're negligent... Unless you actually put them there together...?

ReadySetJoe 07/14/2012

You are gonna have annnnnnts.

FergyFurg 07/14/2012

it says they are gummy worms

mikey420 07/14/2012

My first thought: "Turn on the air conditioner and you can still eat that shit home girl" My inner dialogue is a strong black woman who don't need no man.

motion34 07/14/2012


ChloeDevvon 07/14/2012

I did that when I was little but with the gummy lifesavers. They were in that little tray they come in so when I got in they slid down, flipped and fell on my leg. I still have the scar.

sarah_mouse 07/14/2012

Oh my god it's third fucking impact.

KousKous 07/14/2012

So now we know: heat makes gummy worms morph into one giant, delicious gummy snake.

vobal27 07/14/2012

Is his car a Mercury Sable or Ford Taurus?

ens1 07/14/2012

They have evolved past the need of a physical form now they are just a floating subconsciousness that isn't very good at floating.

jazxfire 07/14/2012

Reminds me of the goop monster from Parasite Eve.

Choochoocazoo 07/14/2012

no!!!!!! there was a gummy creature massacre, let us honour those who have passed with a moment of silence

Kryostasis 07/14/2012

That'll lick right off

njuty 07/14/2012

"My boyfriend and I", "on his dashboard". It seems as if you were the one to leave the gummybears and tried to blame some of it on him.. ;)

litterbin 07/14/2012

I'm not the only one who thought of the T1000 right?

thecaliforniacoast 07/14/2012

Slow and painful...... poor gummies.

HornyDragonTW 07/15/2012

i came...

hAAAnh 07/14/2012

Hey a Ford Taurus

Johnlemonx 07/14/2012

I'm wondering, is it considered THAT hot when it's 90 degrees? We usually get 110 degrees and it's like meh.

mrdaterape 07/14/2012

hahahaha only 90? weak

zeauz 07/14/2012

Mercury Sable 95'

greenlalablue 07/14/2012

I don't know why... But I am oddly turned on

lifelesslies 07/13/2012

Way to go stupid.

WreckerCrew 07/14/2012

Your Dodge Neon's going to hate you, LOL.

DamienLarkspur 07/14/2012