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Oh, you're one of those dads.

My fellow former cub scouts know who I'm talking about.

MCskeptic 01/22/2013

As a former Cub Master, and current Scout Master. While this car is pretty awesome this makes me a bit sad. What happened to starting with a block of wood and having the cub scout cut, sand, and paint the car with hand tools?

skraptastic 01/22/2013

It makes me a lot sad... Go get your kid off the sofa/computer and spend a few evenings with him helping him to make this. You have the prototype all set. Now help him learn to make this himself. Even if totally screwed up, this design is a winner. Let him make it his car.

As a young scout, we all knew the cars that were made by dads. Clear down to the fact that the kids had no clue how to ...

MomentOfArt 01/22/2013

You are what's wrong with cub scouting.

papercowmoo 01/22/2013

ITT: People hating on OP because he did something nice for his son.

Olives_are_green 01/22/2013

did it reach warp speed ?

cursed_deity 01/22/2013

thats creepy as hell

aaronhowser1 01/22/2013

As an Eagle scout who never spent time with his dad before boy scouts:

This makes me sad. The son obviously didn't have much to do with this, other than maybe the most generic concept. My father was a white-collar man. He didn't know how to do any woodworking, or even know what a car should look like, in order to win. My father and I learned together how to use a band-saw, how to sand the car, ...

xsailerx 01/22/2013

As an Eagle Scout that made my Pinewood Derby cars with my dad when I was in Cub Scouts, I implore you to make the cars with your son. Have him do most of the work, or maybe even just half, but at least do it with him. It's a great father-son bonding activity.

meesebyte 01/22/2013

Judging from this thread, we are dealing with a lot of repressed anger from pinewood derbies past.

ChromaticFades 01/23/2013

I'm not going to lie to you...

This is pretty creepy.

awesomebbq 01/22/2013

Man, scout car races, good times...

JiveGingy 01/22/2013

Why is the majority of this post a bunch of cub scout snobs who are pissed that some kids dad helped him build a Pinewood Derby car? Who gives a shit if he did or didn't! That's not the point of this picture!

obamunistpig 01/22/2013

Wow. That is amazing! I wish I could make something this cool, alas, I cannot.

TurtleTorch1 01/22/2013

Really nice job. I remember pinewood derby, probably the best part of cubscouts

xMau5 01/22/2013

Very cool but i don't think it's going to go very fast.

Nonethewiserer 01/22/2013

As a former scout and 3 time pine wood Derby racer. I can say I had my dad cut the cars of my design but there every step of the way. I didn't use the power saw but I watched and learned.

TibEco 01/22/2013

You didn't use the Official Pinewood Derby kit did you?

jimthedestroyer 01/22/2013

Awesome! I assume you went with a Steve car instead of a minecart because, well lets face it, minecarts aren't all that aerodynamic.

Erin_Bear 01/22/2013

I feel like it will look awkward to ride this...

TwistedxRainbow 01/22/2013

Just because it looks sweet doesn't mean that Dad did all the work. I had a really sweet Batmobile one my first year and I would say the work was about 50/50

JRFricke 01/22/2013

Did Cub Scouts teach everyone to be a cynical asshole who criticizes others for not raising their kids the way "it's supposed to be done", because this thread certainly makes it seem like that's the case.

Ampatent 01/23/2013

I made an A1 steak sauce bottle one year and a Crest tube of toothpaste the next. Both of those my dad and I made out in his garage. Good times.

packrat13 01/22/2013

That is the coolest pine wood derby car I've ever seen! Great job on it!

Cocoa_Pebbles 01/22/2013

As an eagle scout, I wish my dad was this cool while helping me with my pinewood derby! Good luck in the big race!!!

c_diz_zle 01/22/2013

ITT: Everyone is/was a scout leader.

Calm down guys, it doesn't take a rocket scientist to figure out that this car will have some serious drag issues.

piclemaniscool 01/22/2013

This brings back the memories of cub scouts. I learned from a friend the best practices of making the car go the fastest. The secret was to have one of your rear wheels too high to even hit the ground, so the car would only travel on 3 wheels. The weights need to be placed well so the car is still balanced, and that was how I won first all the time in cub scouts. Back on topic though of most ...

xiviajikx 01/23/2013

As a lower-class Brit that lives in a city, I have no idea what's going on.

TomTheScouser 01/23/2013

ಠ_ಠ Think about where he's sitting!

[deleted] 01/23/2013


ZentrixNOR 01/23/2013

I initially upvoted this because it is pretty cool looking, but have now changed it after finding out the dad 1) took a kit that was premade to look like something and 2) did the work himself. They had some of the kits available when I was a cub scout (mid 80's) but I never got any of those. Instead Mom or Dad (depending on who took me out to get the kit that year) would make me get the regular ...

fuzzusmaximus 01/23/2013

Let us know how it does in the races.

Breyyne 01/22/2013

OP, why would you make this instead of your son doing it?

anarchir 01/22/2013

As an Eagle Scout, I can say that this is a pretty cool car design. Most of the commenters are complaining about this car, but it looks like a lot of work was put into. I always loved making pinewood derby cars and making them my own. Glad to see someone else does, too.

awana4pigfood 01/22/2013

What is that round thing?

toastyseeds 01/22/2013

So you're telling me you didn't make a pig with a saddle

And you didn't give your son a carrot on a stick to go with it.

Still cool but it's a missed opportunity.

BanditSam 01/23/2013

I made a Togepi car one year. It won best in show :)

[deleted] 01/23/2013

Maybe he meant "My son wanted a minecraft pinewood derby car this year... He helped me make this!"

Skateaton 01/23/2013

Dude, thats awesome! I remember when I made a shark for my car. I didn't win any races but i won best design.

HSHater 01/23/2013

My dad was a carpenter and could have made a kick-ass car for me. Instead, he showed me how to use his tools while he gave pointers. It took forever and looked like warmed-over shit, but it was not bad once it hit the track. I didn't win, but it was obvious which cars were dad-made and which ones were kid-made.

I came in the middle of the pack and my dad was very proud of me. I still remember ...

Edrondol 01/23/2013

I always love to see different pinewood derby cars. I was a Cub Scout, crossed over and now are and Eagle Scout. Very Good Very Good. And how did the car go? Did it win?

airsofty3 01/23/2013

I wish I could relate. I started as a Webelos at 10 1/2 and got my arrow in like 5 months. Never even heard of the derby till I had already crossed over. :(

Darthwest 01/23/2013

Then your son should have made it!!!! It always upset me and most the other kids that would always lose to the car that someones dad made instead of the child working on most of it themselves like is intended.

also thanks for making me remember these bad times from oh so many years ago OP.

StormShadow13 01/23/2013

Wow, this one post, and it's comments, has been an awesome show of all the good people out there. So many things. So many things I want to say but can't right now because I'm actually pretty tired but, dang, so much good.

bowers12 01/23/2013

Isnt this an aerodynamic nightmare?

Wait_What_Happened 01/22/2013

Your son could still make a pinewood derby car that is Minecraft themed and areodynamic if it was a nether portal. Most of the weight could be placed on the bottom center of the vehicle (long strips of lead if they still use lead). Just a thought, and the best of luck to him in the races. When I was young, I placed 2nd in the state, and the only car that beat me was purely rectangular in shape.

AlmostALawyer 01/22/2013

Damnable. Why couldn't minecraft have come out when I was in boy scouts. I had a spiderman car though. I didn't even get to race it. The winning car was basically the starter block with wheels on it. It was like the kid just stuck wheels on it and went back to playing whatever the fuck he was playing. I was pissed.

striker746 01/22/2013

that shape that the wheels are... what do you call it? it's horrible.

13thmurder 01/22/2013

can't tell if gotee or smiley face -_-

gryphdog 01/23/2013

Awesome! I miss making these. I remember once I didn't have time to make one, so I just made it a stack of dollar bills.

disneyfacts 01/23/2013

This is unbelievable!

lemywinx 01/23/2013

...was expecting a mine cart

the_wolfen 01/23/2013

Wheels?!?!?! BLASPHEMY!

okan931 01/23/2013

17 yo, almost eagle scout here! Seeing this brings back a lot of memories. I won at least once a year. I would go nuts, chanting my car's name and would cheer when it went through the finish line. Man those were some fun times.

theemswiler 01/23/2013

There is no fusion core or nuclear reactor in that right?

Marilsanya 01/23/2013

Huh... my car always looked like ~~crap~~ a kid did it.

mltcm8 01/23/2013

That looks more like a coffin. I don't see a way to steer/brake.

redstoner95 01/23/2013

Because my dad was a drunk and wasn't around another kids dad helped me and his son make cars. They were identical. At the races being the social butterfly I am walked around and saw what everyone else had brought. Turns out another kids dad brought a graphite lubricant. He hooked up my wheels with some. Needless to say the final race came down to me and my friends identical cars. I won because ...

Kl3v3rMonk3y 01/23/2013

How big is this? The photo gives me the impression that it's just the size of my thumb.

HerrMax 01/23/2013

What are those strange shapes at the feet and shoulders? I didn't know those were possible!

austinwer 01/23/2013

My dad and I made an Xwing car once. It was pretty coo. I was ably to put a Lego R2-D2 and Luke Skywalker minifigure in the top too.

PimpinPenguin96 01/23/2013

Wow. This brings back memories. Eagle Scout here. Went all the way from Cubs to Eagle (they didn't have Tiger Cubs back in the day.) My very first car was a roughly sanded silver blob that I called "Car2D2," since it was shortly after Stars Wars came out. The following year's car was a roughly sanded gold blob called "C3PGo."

Lutefisk_Mafia 01/23/2013

It looks great but I think the chin might cause a bit of drag

paidinboredom 01/23/2013

You need a banana for scale.

[deleted] 01/23/2013

Just don't put a warp speed reactor in it.

HyperShadic9189 01/23/2013

I made a pinewood derby car, I cut off a slope thing with a drill but it was so uneven and all that shit. I lubed up the wheels and won a podium placement.

Terox15 01/23/2013