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2.50 gas prices? lies, this is a picture from a while back. i don't even think Appcos are still around.

danceydancetime 07/23/2012

Its not that I hate reposts, its that I hate people who lie about their posts.

LittleRose21 07/23/2012

Oh, you shook his hand today did you, OP?

Well that's funny, because this picture was posted over 2 weeks ago to this tumblr page. (It's also probably much older than that)

Stop being a fucking liar to get karma. It's pathetic. You could have just posted the picture with a normal title.


You don't even have to look like a good person to be a good person.

drmagnanimous 07/23/2012

Did you ask if he's found the Chaos Emerald yet?

_to_the_top_ 07/23/2012

You don't have to be a good person to be a Christian.

[deleted] 07/23/2012

subby: why you lie?

eelsify 07/23/2012

I would just like to comment on that flawless Mohawk. It is glorious.

masterbruce84 07/23/2012

you can be a giant douche with or without religion and looks like there is plenty of them on either side

carpediem295 07/23/2012


$2 gas in the background    


YaDamnSkippy 07/23/2012

You don't have to hold up signs to state obvious facts.

BlairBurroughs 07/23/2012


[deleted] 07/23/2012

It's not what you call yourself that matters, but how you actually live your life.

VelikoSranje 07/23/2012


[deleted] 07/23/2012

Christians, by definition , aren't good people. They are admitted sinners.

the-fire-that-saves 07/23/2012

Yup and conversely, you don't need to be Christian to be an intolerant asshole.

tonenine 07/23/2012

I'd love a sign like that, and then punch people in the face when they come up to you. The sign never said i was a good person. Lol.

spungie 07/23/2012

One of the worst posts I've ever seen to reach this far.

PintOfGuinness 07/23/2012

Oh how ironic. Hipster punk dude teaching us all a lesson on holding signs up about how he is normal, even though he has a mohawk. (((rolls eyes))). Once upon a time people didn't give a shit what other people thought.

dogz_n_catz 07/23/2012

No you don't but dressing like a fucking freak doesn't help make your case

StormFag 07/23/2012

The irony was to prove a point. I didnt "need karma" I don't really care all about that, plus I had plenty. It was knowing by giving you a false story to believe via the subject by enclosing a quote on a sign about religion you would understand the joke behind it. Instead you were being overly nit picky about just the subject and didn't use your brain to see the parody behind it. Don't be so ...

[deleted] 07/23/2012

Judging by the amount of pixels in this picture, this picture has been copied and pasted and cropped and snipped a couple of times. Lies, you did not meet this guy. Go sit in the corner of shame.

TheInsaneDane 07/23/2012


[deleted] 07/23/2012

Is he a skinhead? I feel like I saw him praising Hitler in that 180 video that I watched half of, but maybe that hairstyle and fashion is a lot more common that I realise.

kindersunrise 07/23/2012

"Now let's kill some cops!"

Naggers123 07/23/2012

how do these guys get/keep their pointy ends all straight and even?

lividd 07/23/2012

You can also be Anthony or John.

arbiro 07/23/2012


francohab 07/23/2012

i think almost every person would agree with this.. hes simply stating the obvious

woody715 07/23/2012

No, but you have to be a tryhard to dress like that. We get it, you're "punk". How much money did you give to corporations to buy all that shit?

[deleted] 07/23/2012

You don't have to be a gay married couple to be a good person either. But you could.

blattkube 07/23/2012

looks like a fag to me

nine_eleven 07/23/2012

I am shocked something as fundamental and obvious as this needs to be written on a sign and protested. Stay strong American friends, common sense will ultimately prevail!

CanIGetaHellYeah 07/23/2012

"can...can i touch your hair?"

anxhelino1234 07/23/2012

Technically, what makes a good person is subjective. So, in some people's opinion you do have to be a Christian to be a good person. That's all it is though, opinion. In this person's opinion it's not necessary. It's still just opinion.

NotFromReddit 07/23/2012

Looks like the punk version of Robert Pattinson

InAuDible 07/23/2012

Who said Christians were "Good" people? If they are, in fact, a Christian, then they KNOW they are NOT a good person.

DaddyMonkey 07/23/2012

don't have to be one to look like a dick either

pulockerwhy 07/23/2012

I have those shoes.

Koelsch 07/23/2012

Were his hands clean and soft?

Cormophyte 07/23/2012

His left leg looks like its bent wrong.

xwakawakax 07/23/2012

lying sack of religion

iamMotherfuckerJones 07/23/2012

 >not religious

 >good person

choose one

[deleted] 07/23/2012